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  1. Im an idiot you said amps. whoops. I mean... I say go Brazilian all day long. The "typical" name brands like RF sell great amps but you pay WAY more for the watts you're getting. Brazilian will get you the most watts for your buck. Soundigital is the best Brazilian amp but you could get a nice taramps in your price range!
  2. In a case where the cross sectional area of the port is equal to the side of the enclosure how would you tune said enclosure where the Vb value of the box would effectively become 0? such as 4th/6th orders where the entire secondary chamber is open, or bass tubes. I would very much appreciate just getting the equation needed. I like doing all of my enclosure math by hand. Would I treat it somewhat like a transmission line in it of that the length of the port is the quarter wave distance of a given frequency amplifying said frequency?
  3. https://photos.app.goo.gl/s827FAMTTWQnvFuo7 SounDigital 5K arrived today courtesy of Andrew, owner of Adire Audio. Great guy, great transaction experience. https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZHJwhHPEk2hDNykq8 ^^ mids and highs test on low power. That’s one of my doors, so 4 unlawful sounds 8s and 4 unlawful sounds tweets on a Zeus 1000.4 the team had lying around. Pretty good for low power! Just needed to hear them to stay motivated on the cosmetics!
  4. Doing some sanding and filling on the drivers side door today. Missing a few parts still on the passenger but they are in the mail. Just picked up a Northstar group 31 for a crazy deal ($100) and still in warranty! Got a line on another used one for a similar price so hopping on that for sure. Will be getting all my wires and my alternator from GP soon. They are local so will probably just pick up what I need to get going faster! 5K will be here monday.
  5. Hey guys. Taking suggestions on power for my mids and highs. Got 4 Unlawful Sounds 8s in each door (300 RMS) and 4 Unlawful Sounds super tweeters in each door (~100-150 watts) was planning on doing a stetsom 2000.4 on the tweeters and then a taramps 3k per door. But if anyone has a better idea please chime in. Would like to keep left and right on separate channels and have the tweeters on a different amp(s) than the mids.
  6. First layer of glass on the doors. Not bad for my first time but a lot of cleaning to do on them! Soundigital 5k is in the mail right now headed my way. Build is coming together. Door update photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/UAGx8QmtJNkrzfMm8
  7. Waiting on my fiberglass and resin to come in. Anything I should know about sunflash before I use it? this will be my first go around with fiberglass
  8. https://photos.app.goo.gl/j89H53VA2FtfPsRf8 progress on the door panels today! Just waiting on my roll of fiberglass I ordered to show up!
  9. Just thought I'd make a post detailing all of the performance work done to the car. Corksport Stage 2 Rear Motor Mount Corksport Passenger Motor Mount Corksport Transmission Mount Corksport High Pressure Fuel Pump Corksport Short Shifter COBB Intake COBB Acessport V3 (Tuned) GPlus Turbo Inlet Pipe CPe EGR Delete JDM PROSPORT Front Mount intercooler Custom 3" Catless Exhaust with Turbo XS Muffler 10" Wide 17" Rims, Unknown brand but made in Italy so would assume they are OZ 255/40/17 Bridgestone Potenza RE-11s YellowSpeed Coilovers
  10. Down to picking between the Soundigital EVO5000 or the Alphard Apocalypse AAB4800 amp wise. Not sure which way to go they're both nice amps. Alphard is a little bit more.
  11. Starting the build log for my 2008 Mazdaspeed 3. A lot of parts are arriving so I figure now is a good time to start. Right now I've got in hand 8 Unlawful Sounds 8" mids, 6 Unlawful Sounds super tweeters, Pioneer AVH4200NEX, 15" B2 XM15, and a Alphard Machete 80.4. Still coming are sub amps (Undecided), 2 more super tweeters to complete the set of 8, a machete 150.4, Team GP Alternator, and enough NorthStar power to keep the lights on! Starting the work on the custom panels possibly tonight. Will update with pictures as work progresses. Installed 4 of the mid in very temporary locations and I am very happy with them. Unlawful makes a good product. Seem to be the exact same as the B2 rage series.
  12. Well I wanted to. But it made more sense to tune higher. He had said it was 35hz but it looks more along the lines of 37 to me.
  13. Yeah sure. Ill post imgur links in just a minute
  14. Output and Demoing. It was originally supposed to be 30hz because the original goal was to be a hairtricker, but with the size of that port the box didn't have enough clearance to the hatch to mature a wave. So we opted to tune to where I got quite a bit of cabin gain instead
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