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  1. No, but thats a good idea. I mean like this where the entire ported box is open. (Hopefully pics work) these are the same subs I'm getting for the same vehicle this box went in.. https://imgur.com/gallery/rL4D5
  2. So I've seen on a lot of 4th order enclosures the ported section of the box is basically just missing one side and it's almost as if the entire box itself is the port? How does that work with box size, and how do I find tuning for that? Just wondering it's been driving me crazy. Any answers are appreciated!
  3. Need help with a 4th order design

    Yeah I figured that's how it works. I change my mind on equipment so often that i figured I'd have changed my mind by the time someone replied lol!
  4. Need help with a 4th order design

    Yeah, I already know all of that info I was just trying to find a guy first lol. Thinking 8 sundown E 10s in a 3:1 bandpass. Taramps 8k for power. 39.5 wide 34 deep 34 tall. (22 tall to the seat line)
  5. Wanting a 4th order for my jeep. Need some help with designing, or just a design in general. Anyone interested? EXPERIENCED DESIGNERS ONLY. I will be metering with this build. I tend to change my mind a lot but I have finally decided on what I want LOL
  6. Upgrading again! Comments?

    going for brazillian 8ks so i really wont need THAT much electrical. Im sticking to one alt because it will be difficult to do multiple on my vehicle. but im thinking 8 or more group 31s
  7. Upgrading again! Comments?

    that it does, might spring for that. i dont know.
  8. Time for a big build in my 98 ZJ Grand cherokee. Thinking 8 DC level 3 12s in a 10 cube box tuned to 34hz on a taramps 8k. Comments concerns suggestions or questions?
  9. The Alphard Audio Hannibal FX30D2 popped up for sale and the specs seemed pretty good so I bought one. If I like it I'm buying 2 or 3 more for the Jeep. Anyone seen or heard one in person?
  10. Would using a twisted sounds 1.8k change anything? If it does I'll pick a different amp.
  11. You're the best man!!! Thanks!!!
  12. Yep I had read they are all garbage! Also, I'm blessed with a stock 150a alt on this Jeep even though I'm gonna replace it. I'm wanting to eventually run 4 12s.
  13. Thanks man! Max dims 39 wide 30 deep and 28tall. If that's not enough let me know but that's where I'd like it to be if possible