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  1. Would using a twisted sounds 1.8k change anything? If it does I'll pick a different amp.
  2. You're the best man!!! Thanks!!!
  3. Yep I had read they are all garbage! Also, I'm blessed with a stock 150a alt on this Jeep even though I'm gonna replace it. I'm wanting to eventually run 4 12s.
  4. Thanks man! Max dims 39 wide 30 deep and 28tall. If that's not enough let me know but that's where I'd like it to be if possible
  5. If I end up hating the output and it's not for me I'm capable of designing a standard ported box. But I've always wanted to give a 6th a try
  6. The 30-34 is all I really give a shit about.
  7. Like 30-34ish powerfully and decent-ish from 28-60
  8. I really want the high output at a small band somewhere in the lows. I'll still listen to music on it, but I was to have those few frequencies in demo music that will kill. Also this is a temporary box for while I buy my other two 12s and I've always wanted to try a 6th. No power decided as of yet. Probably going to try to find a nice 2500
  9. Yeah those are all definitely on the list. Also some 30x9.50r15 tires, new rims (nothing gaudy) supercharger, forged internals, cams, maybe a stroke?
  10. I just managed to pick up a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 5.9l V8. I love it! It's crazy clean and cared for for a vehicle from 1998. Anyone have any good mod ideas for that magnum 360? Besides exhaust and intake. I've already decided on all 3" exhaust with an aero turbine AT3030 muffler
  11. I want to put two lethal injection 12s in the back of my grand Cherokee in a 6th order. Anyone available to help? I have absolutely zero experience with 6th orders.
  12. I find octo ports pretty interesting and might put one in the new build rather than the aero. How do you calculate length for octo ports at various tuning? I can't seem to find a calculator for it.
  13. Yes, i looked and they are sealed AGM batteries. Still waiting for exact distributor cost.