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  1. My unexperienced self, just played music to test it, i didn't think about the unconsistency that music has, i will retest using a few different tones, and then update you guys.
  2. wall build

    You should do the wall! And i painted it black just cause it looked better then plain wood, still not sure on final colors, i'm thinking chalkboard paint in the front so people can leave a instsgram tag or sc or youtube tag or just sign their name, idk i thought it would be unique. and then have normal paint on the other sides.
  3. I'm sorry to get back to you guys so late, i tried measuring the voltages but all of them came under .2 volts, i tried flipping from ac to dc measurming and also tried flipping positive and negative on the rca just incase it was reversed, but all of it failed, but yet my mids and highs are just as loud when i plug it into my amp( gain a tad below halfway)
  4. I do have a DMM, i will check the rca outputs either tonight or tomorrow, and get back to you guys
  5. You think it's time to buy new headunit?
  6. I am having signal issues, I have 1 sub wired parelell with 1 amp, there is cancelation between the rca's somehow, when i plug red rca from headunit to amp it is louder then plugging both in, also white rca from headunit gives no signal, but will reduce volume when plugged int with white one. This is first time this has happened to me, i took out my old system and have been building new one and this happened. using same amps, same subs, same settings same grounds and same power wire and everything is same except box. also i tried other rca cables to make sure the ones i am using wernt just shorting out, also my mids and high amps both rca outputs work just fine for them, and when both plugged in it is louder. Does anyone have suggestions?
  7. wall build

    Re did terminals, subs are wired perfect to terms, amps still having problems, found out i have signal issues, not sure if my rca's have broken during the process of getting box in, or my headunit is acting up, or if amps are acting up. I wired subs to house amp and they played perfectly, will update you guys on this issue. *P.S ordered 3rd amp! and will be ordering 4th and last one this weekend!
  8. wall build

    Got 3 subs mounted, got amps mounted and port mounted. My wiring terminals are too close together and are shorting out. even though my actually wire terminals have heatshrink, i'm going to mount a peice of wood and redo terminals. might try to just loosen bolts and rearange wires, not sure yet. But the build is prgressing
  9. wall build

    I have port done! Will be trying to get box into car tomorrow!
  10. wall build

    I am currently stuck on the project, i'm going to use slot port instead of aero because my local stores do not carry anything above 12 inch. And it's very expensive to have it shipped. I'm deciding on a 10incb wide x 24 inch high port. that gives me 240Sq port area. currently my box is 19.2 cubic feet with subs and braces only thing left is port. is it possible for me to have the port far enough into my box (leaving rest of port outside of box) to reduce my box to exactly 18 cubic feet? And if that works, andmy box is 18 cubic feet how long does my 10x24 inch port need to be to tune it to 32hz! i've tried different calculators but they all give me differen numbers so it would be much appreciated if someone helped me.
  11. wall build

    Well i've gotten alot of the box done, just threw some paint on to see how it would look. not sure what color i'll actually do. I ordered the 4th sub and 3 new gaskets (lost my old ones) Next step is special ordering sono tube from home depot since then only stock 12 inch. I know i built this box outside of car. but i'll be using fiberglass and resin to seal it off. Friday i'm going to hopefully order the last 2 AB ph4000s. still not sure i i'll be running 4 seperate amp kits or using bus bars for power distributor and then run seperate grounds. Progress is slow but it's coming along!
  12. wall build

  13. wall build

    My newbie self is going to learn how to post pics then i'll update you guys! :-)...... learned how! it's not much to look at, but it's something haha
  14. wall build

    Everything is double layed except front and back wich are triple layered. I have glued and screwed the top,bottom, and side pieces together. I still need to add 14 2x4x36inch braces inside the box. after displacment the box will be exactly 16 cubic feet net with subs and port and all bracing! It's a slow process for sure, but the journy to build the system is just as enjoyable as finishing it in my opinion!! hopefully the picture correctly posts.