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  2. Sequoia_Bass

    .4 volt voltage drop

    I will order some offset adapters! and what i don't get is that my voltage doesn't get very low before the amps cut out, roughly 11.4 volts or so. But i'll reduce gains until i upgrade electrical. After i do grounds i'll see if that helps any. Now that i remember, my friend borrowed one of my AB ph4000s and it would also make the subs pop, but his voltage stayed above 12volts
  3. Sequoia_Bass

    .4 volt voltage drop

    I have 2 4/0 ofc positive wire runs each one is 17 feet long each fused at 150 amps(for now until i get new alts) i have 4 american bass ph4000mds each one wired a 1 ohm, i have 2 bus bars one for positive and one for grounds. running 4 gauge from the buss bars to the amps. The amps only have 4 gauge inputs and i tried 1/0 adapters but the positive and negative terminals on the amp are side by side and the adapters would touch so i don't use them. I currently have all gains at 8oclock position, i know this isn't a volume knob but since i only have 240 amp alt and stock battery i keep all gains down. otherwise id have to keep radio low for it not to overpower alt,wich would result in quiet mids and highs. im running 4 gauge grounds straight to car floor not to buss bar for now. i still need to buy a tool to cut hole in car for the 4/0 wiring thats when i will switch over to buss bars and frame grounding. but currently i get a .4 volt drop from back without any load... and the amps(or amp) will cut out at "high" volume. one(or maybe multiple) of the subs. will make a poping noise simuaneounsly when the amps cut off. i think one of the amps might have bad cap?
  4. I'm about to switch my grounds to 4/0 grounding to the frame. But for now i am using the cars floor as my ground and i'm getting a .4 volt drop compared to my battery voltage. My amps cut out at high volume i'm assuming because of the grounds. Will i see improvement when i switch over to the 4/o wires? and does bad grounding cause amp problems like i mentioned?
  5. Sequoia_Bass

    Custom Dual alternator bracket?

    Thank you guys for input, I am unconfident i will be able to design or even try to make a alt bracket, but i will try. The only way to access the alt is under car Mechman said that i can send i my current 240 amp alt and have them convert it to 320 amp for $125(plus shipping there and back) but that is only 80 amp difference. I want to do it, but for one my car will be out of commission for a bit, and if i get dual alt bracket i will need to purchase a 320 amp alt with in turn is more $$$. I might upgrade alt, and during the time i am getting alt made, i will work on bracket+ saving up for second 320 amp alt, but unsure if this is wise choice Sorry my thought trail is unorganized, perks of being a teen haha
  6. Hello fellow Bassheads, my current system build is in progress, but am having trouble. I have (4) 15s, each one on a American Bass Ph4000MD. I also have a rockford fosgate 150x2 on the midshipmen's and highs. I am unable to reach full potential with them because my electrical is lacking. I have a Mechman 240A alt and a auto zone Durlast battery(group 24). In theory i should be drawing over 580 amps of power, but i suspect it to be less then, due to impedance rise. Still that is a big draw. I usually like to keep my system around 8/10 way up. and then full tilt on some songs or when demoing my questions are. Could someone fabricate dual alternator bracket for me (wich i would pay to have shipped to me) or is there any super high amp alternators out there? Or do i need to buy and build a massive battery bank. P.S i have a 2006 toyota sequoia and the engine bay is fairly tight, i believe it is possible to fit another alt right next to current one but will be tight.
  7. Sequoia_Bass

    Toyota Sequoia Wall Build

    System has been on half power. Have 4/0 wiring in. Need to seal off top, add more layers to sides, need to move grounds to frame. And need to get dual alternator. My car doesn't flex very much, with is good for sq but doesn't help to show system over video. But check out my instagram at sequoia_bass for a short clip.
  8. Sequoia_Bass

    Toyota Sequoia Wall Build

    Well it's been along time since i've updated yall, Sub wiring is mounted not plugged into amps yet. sealing off wall, Tonight i just bought the 4/0 power and ground wiring. I should be on half power within 2 weeks(full power once i get dul alternator setup)
  9. My unexperienced self, just played music to test it, i didn't think about the unconsistency that music has, i will retest using a few different tones, and then update you guys.
  10. Sequoia_Bass

    Toyota Sequoia Wall Build

    You should do the wall! And i painted it black just cause it looked better then plain wood, still not sure on final colors, i'm thinking chalkboard paint in the front so people can leave a instsgram tag or sc or youtube tag or just sign their name, idk i thought it would be unique. and then have normal paint on the other sides.
  11. I'm sorry to get back to you guys so late, i tried measuring the voltages but all of them came under .2 volts, i tried flipping from ac to dc measurming and also tried flipping positive and negative on the rca just incase it was reversed, but all of it failed, but yet my mids and highs are just as loud when i plug it into my amp( gain a tad below halfway)
  12. I do have a DMM, i will check the rca outputs either tonight or tomorrow, and get back to you guys
  13. You think it's time to buy new headunit?
  14. I am having signal issues, I have 1 sub wired parelell with 1 amp, there is cancelation between the rca's somehow, when i plug red rca from headunit to amp it is louder then plugging both in, also white rca from headunit gives no signal, but will reduce volume when plugged int with white one. This is first time this has happened to me, i took out my old system and have been building new one and this happened. using same amps, same subs, same settings same grounds and same power wire and everything is same except box. also i tried other rca cables to make sure the ones i am using wernt just shorting out, also my mids and high amps both rca outputs work just fine for them, and when both plugged in it is louder. Does anyone have suggestions?
  15. Sequoia_Bass

    Toyota Sequoia Wall Build

    Re did terminals, subs are wired perfect to terms, amps still having problems, found out i have signal issues, not sure if my rca's have broken during the process of getting box in, or my headunit is acting up, or if amps are acting up. I wired subs to house amp and they played perfectly, will update you guys on this issue. *P.S ordered 3rd amp! and will be ordering 4th and last one this weekend!