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  1. YukonXL04

    Need new box design for HCCA 15's

    Why are you making the box only 48" wide? If I recall you have like 56 to work with. I had 2 15s in my old sierra. 2000 ext cab. Did subs forward, port to the side. Worked good for me
  2. YukonXL04

    Sundown Silverado box

    I dont know what school you went to, but 2 x8's wouldn't touch my high school. Not that SD3 10s would either though. In my school, it was me and 2 other people that held down the top 3. A crew cab ram with no back seat with 4 diamond D6 12s on like 4k, me with 2 15s on 2500, and my buddy with 4 w3 10s in a single cab on 2k. All custom boxes. Everyone else was a bunch of prefab boxes with L5s or some old school rockfords.
  3. Pro box is going to be a similar boat. Tuned too high and probably not enough port area. Current box looks more like a burp box, huge port, and fairly short. The current box you could add a few boards and make the port smaller. Or see if you can extend the port to take up some of the extra internal space and tune it lower
  4. YukonXL04

    Obsidian Audio 18 Enclosure Assistance

    You wouldn't happen to be in texas would you? I'm selling my DD 9518... What vehicle are you working with?
  5. YukonXL04

    pics of new box build for Silverado

    Yea that limits you quite a bit. If you can stomach the price the stereo integrity bmk5 is a pretty sweet shallow mount. Or maybe the newer JL or Rockford shallows. Heard good thing about them as well. I have 2 young boys, so they are the only ones in the back seat and their in booster seats lol. So I'm not real worried about their comfort. Havent heard the F8Ls either, thinking they might be a little better than SA8, dont like the price of the X8 so I'm looking towards the SSA. Hows the SA8 compared to the little RE shallow?
  6. YukonXL04

    pics of new box build for Silverado

    Nice. Not bad for a diy. You might be able to find a better shallow 10 to put in there. Maybe a sd3? I'll be building on myself in a couple months for 2 or 3 SSA F8Ls on 2k. But I'm also going to lift the rear seat 1.5"
  7. YukonXL04

    Blew the wolf somehow

    This is probably your problem. Have read about it on numerous occasions. Never personally had a problem with it and I pretty much only run pioneer head units
  8. YukonXL04

    The Six Pack

    Your going to want bracing in the middle of the port.
  9. That's awesome! Thanks alot for your videos! We all really appreciate them! I have a DD m2a I would love for you to test if your interested let me know! Havent seen a dyno on it before.
  10. Damn that sucks! Glad no audio was stolen. Couple broken windows to replace, but glad they didnt slash the seats or anything like that. A couple months ago a buddy of mine got jumped by 5 guys in downtown Houston, they stole everything in his pockets and stole his car. So I will be staying away from that downtown for sure...
  11. YukonXL04

    Why 2+ ports??

    When it comes to multiple ports, I try to keep it to 2 max. Unless the design just wont allow for 1 or 2 bigger ones, some kind of dimensional restraint. However on that box I think he could have easily gone with 1 or 2 slot ports.
  12. It's been doing that to me for atleast a couple weeks. Like everyone else said, just hit refresh and it loads fine. Just annoying if your scrolling through a 100 page build log...
  13. Boy you are way limited on port area right now... that thing must make all kinds of chuffing sounds. You should be using atleast a 6" aero right now. You might try that before building a whole new box.
  14. YukonXL04

    Noob here. Looking for a little help.

    LOL oh my.... toilet flanges, havent seen that one before. Since you havent sealed and glued everything yet, those pieces moving around are probably what your hearing. Honestly you need to start that box over from scratch. While your at it, run the ports out each side, those trucks like side firing ports. Calculating round airspace, (RxRx3.14) x length but your 4" pipe is probably 4.5" OD so 2.25x2.25x3.14
  15. YukonXL04

    sundown audio x6.5 box help

    And welcome to the world of compromise... lol it sucks... I havent run the numbers, but a 2" is bound to be too small. Anytime your port length is only 10" for a mid 30s tune, it's too low on port area. Now you get to figure out how to fit a 25" long port in a 20" wide box. That's usually how box making goes unfortunately.