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  1. YukonXL04

    port direction truck box

    Is this behind the seat in a single cab? If so then aim the port straight up
  2. YukonXL04

    07 tiburon 2 l7s need box design.

    Them kicker L7s bro... dont you know they only come in one size!? LOL JK Shark, we need maximum dimensions, and ported or sealed box?
  3. YukonXL04

    zv4 18 in a camry

    Do a little cutting on the rear speaker deck, and maybe you can fit it straight up. That's how I fit the 18 in my last acura TL
  4. 4.22 cubes isnt enough for 2 15s. About right for 1 15, but not 2. I think I used the skar VD 15 in around 2.5 cubes ported and it worked good, but that's a shallow mount 15 on a whopping 500w rms. And you dont even have enough for 2 of those. Plus you have to account for port displacement.
  5. YukonXL04

    Best 6.5 component Door speakers

    LOL pioneer A series are crap. Heard many versions of the A series over the years and never heard a good set. Pioneer D series though are pretty good. Alpine type Rs Or some silver flute 8s and vifa tweets makes for a sweet combo. I was running mine passive on a Rockford T400/4 bridged. They were awesome, but needed more power. Wanted to try them active on about 200w per channel but never did. That link is a joke. Jvc, Rockford prime, a series and pyle.... all garbage. The JBL GTOs are actually pretty nice though lol
  6. 2 layers of 3/4 should do it. So a 3 layer baffle. 1 layer the sub mounts to, and 2 more layers outside of that. 1 3/4 layer usually equals the rubber trim ring, and the surround sticks out past that. But you might need another 1/4 max if any.
  7. Man... that doesn't look like fun. And it looks very cold! I would be in a garage with the heater on hahaha. Cant wait to see what's next
  8. Seems strange. What's the specs on the box? So you hooked your amp and sub up in another vehicle and it acted the same? What about when you had the hifonics? Have you tried hooking your sub up to someone else's amp in another vehicle? Different subs and amps in your vehicle?
  9. YukonXL04

    In need of help on subwoofers

    Yea I have never heard a HCCA setup I liked for everyday music. Burping sure. But not for music. Your box for the w7s was all wrong. Either way good luck with your new setup. Please give it proper port area this time
  10. YukonXL04

    In need of help on subwoofers

    Your seriously low on port area. That's your main problem. Up your port area and you'll get more output as well. And you'll have a better box for later when you try to upgrade subs. Also any w7 I have ever used has always sounded better in a larger than jl recommended box. Your 5 cubes is probably about right. But once you increase your port area, and then increase your port length to stay with your 32hz tune, you will likely be closer to 4.5 if not 4 cubes. I would try increasing your 2- 4" ports to 2-6" or 4-4" ports.
  11. Wow... that looks great! You might be expecting too much output from 4 8s sealed. Maybe try the current subs ported? Or bigger 8s and a bigger amp.
  12. YukonXL04

    RF T2 and JBL GT5-2402BR

    That JBL 2 12 box is probably tuned really high as well. High 30s if not low 40s. That Geazy song is a higher bass note as well so that would explain part of that
  13. YukonXL04

    Need sub help

    Havent seen much for the k2xx platform when it comes to subs that fit. I refuse to use a premade box, also no shallow mounts for me. So a small seat lift and 2 big 8s ported is my game plan. Probably be fine with the sundown SD3 10s and the sub thump box though. Doubt it has enough airspace for 2 12s.
  14. YukonXL04

    DD Audio Hidef tuned subs 2000 series

    SQ build, you should look at the SI shallow mount 12. Pretty much any sub will have to be a shallow mount under these rear seats, I'm doing a 2" seat lift to fit 2 8s forward fire
  15. Well you wont be doing a 4th order... you'll be lucky to get them in a normal ported box. Most 18s want 6-7 cubes net each. So 12-14. You barely have that.