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  1. Ahh well here's to you for thinking ahead and thinking of others. Although it looks like it hangs down 6" or 8" overall anyways. I mounted my 2 cans on the 2 furthest corners to stay out of the middle walkway and I think someone only hit their head once or twice in a couple years Haha. Are you going to stick your other 2 4" inside the boat somewhere? I'm anxious to see how it all turns out. Be sure to add the waterproof radio remote to the back of the boat, I loved having one on my last boat.
  2. So I'm not sure about the 4" on the tower, what's the reasoning for this? Those are small drivers that aren't going to have much midbass out while your wakeboarding. I built a set of 8" HLCD Eminence drivers for my boat, they worked much better than I thought and sounded phenomenal. Crystal clear while wakeboarding too. That's a really clean old supra. Cant wait to see how it turns out
  3. So... I gotta ask, what amp do you have?
  4. Well how about that! Thanks for doing this video, I would be upset if I lost 300+ watts over a simple wire swap. You need to sticky this so all the noobs will quit asking about CCA wire The same holds true for electrical, if you run aluminum instead of copper you have to upsize your wire for the same capacity.
  5. That's a badass looking box! What's the port area on the center port? I ran my 2/0 welding wire in the door channels. It just barely fit.
  6. And If i recall you weren't happy with the outcome and changed it up. All you do is throw more and more money at it until your happy... that's cool whatever works for you. But I like to pick my equipment on experience and specs and not " oh buy some team 15s, they beat" poof you have team 15s. But more power to you. All good though. I'm happy with my poor little 8s.
  7. 3 cubes sound pretty small for a 15. Most of the 15s I have used wanted between 4 and 5 cubes. But I'm also a big box guy too, cant stand a too small ported box Fi, psi, DD... all want 3-5 for most of the 15s. I dont run sundown so I dont know.
  8. Which 15s? 10 cubes is about right on for 2 15s, but small for 3 15s.
  9. Is this behind the seat in a single cab? If so then aim the port straight up
  10. Them kicker L7s bro... dont you know they only come in one size!? LOL JK Shark, we need maximum dimensions, and ported or sealed box?
  11. Do a little cutting on the rear speaker deck, and maybe you can fit it straight up. That's how I fit the 18 in my last acura TL
  12. 4.22 cubes isnt enough for 2 15s. About right for 1 15, but not 2. I think I used the skar VD 15 in around 2.5 cubes ported and it worked good, but that's a shallow mount 15 on a whopping 500w rms. And you dont even have enough for 2 of those. Plus you have to account for port displacement.
  13. LOL pioneer A series are crap. Heard many versions of the A series over the years and never heard a good set. Pioneer D series though are pretty good. Alpine type Rs Or some silver flute 8s and vifa tweets makes for a sweet combo. I was running mine passive on a Rockford T400/4 bridged. They were awesome, but needed more power. Wanted to try them active on about 200w per channel but never did. That link is a joke. Jvc, Rockford prime, a series and pyle.... all garbage. The JBL GTOs are actually pretty nice though lol
  14. 2 layers of 3/4 should do it. So a 3 layer baffle. 1 layer the sub mounts to, and 2 more layers outside of that. 1 3/4 layer usually equals the rubber trim ring, and the surround sticks out past that. But you might need another 1/4 max if any.
  15. Man... that doesn't look like fun. And it looks very cold! I would be in a garage with the heater on hahaha. Cant wait to see what's next
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