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  1. You should be over the 135 on 4 12s and 4k. But I would say a real 2k and 2 12s is really far more than the majority want or need. Now here on bass head forums, 5k and 2 18s should do the trick
  2. I think you been drinking a little too much of the koolaid... I know a bunch of the stuff he has been accused of, most have no proof. Not backing the guy or anything. But I have had good luck with the products I have used. Not my go to brand or anything but for something cheap and decent it ain't bad. Hell a bunch of people are still buying their amps left and right. I'm on Car Audio as well, most of that skar hatred has gone away. But yea it used to be like that a year or 2 ago Anyways to the OP, we need more info as to what your budget is, how much space you want to give up, and what your goals are.
  3. Well my buddy who's in his 40s and just wanted enough is very happy. And it's been going strong for 2 years. It's not like I recommended boss or anything. Have you ever used a skar VD8? I have used the 8 and the 15 and both of them a a few years old now with no problems. I'm guessing your just buying into the skar hatred you have read and dont have a clue. Me personally, the owner called me for both of my orders to let me know they were shipped and helped me with custom box specs. Sounds like good service to me...
  4. I did a single skar VD 8 in my buddies 4 door wrangler. Used the stock sub box and made another baffle to get some more mounting depth. He was pretty happy with it. Filled in the low bass good and you could feel it a little. Sounded really good with the top on, just good enough with the top off.
  5. You think a 250 and a extra batt will do the trick? So when running the 250, is it plug and play with stock? Does it no longer fluctuate voltage like the stock does? What do you recommend I do for wiring? And what did that 250 cost if you dont mind sharing?
  6. Nice. I'm battling voltage now on my truck. Not sure how I want to go about it. Running a DD m2a so a underrated 2k at .67 LOL. Voltage hog right now. I need to figure out an alternator solution. But I'm not sure how that works with the voltage reg clamp on the ground.
  7. Bigger battery, more capacity, more amp hours. CCA doesnt do you any good as your not starting your engine with them. Your using them for capacity
  8. If your looking for a battery at Sam's, this deep cycle g31 marine is what you want https://www.samsclub.com/p/duracell-agm-deep-cycle-marine-and-rv-battery-group-size-31dtmagm/prod3590232?xid=plp_product_1_11
  9. Interesting, never knew those existed. Still I would probably just kerf it. Never had a problem with strength. I always fill the cuts with wood glue before I bend it and it ends up pretty solid. But I havent done it one large sub builds. Just a single 10 or some speaker pods.
  10. Lol I sold my wife on 4 12s for her yukon xl. Been in there about 2 years now
  11. Yea they are both pvc. Both white too. But the 1 is thinner than the sch 40. Any chance you could do 2 6"? It is easier to source 6" locally. Check plumbing supply house and definitely try to find the long radius 90. It's a longer smoother bend. Also you can flare the thinner 6" yourself. Just worried about the long skinny slot port. They work, done them before, but they are terribly inefficient.
  12. So buy a big ass port and a 90. Pretty sure BAP uses SDR 35 pipe. Not sch 40. It's much cheaper. I think my long radius 6" sdr 35 90° was like $16 at a supply house. Not bad at all. And with a very oddball shape box, it was easier to use a aero than a slot in my scenario.
  13. So why not use an 8" port on the same face as the subs and 90 it inside the box?
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