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  1. I know this is an old thread. But i just got my Noco charger a little while ago and finally getting it hooked up. Wondering what charging mode do you use to charge you batteries?
  2. That's true. I currently have 1 stinger voltmeter going into one of my bass amps reading the voltage. I figured that'd be the best source directly into the inputs of the all or would the leads going to the back batteries be sufficient? What other source would you suggested to measure, something up front weather alt or battery to see the difference front to back. I was also thinking about doing one voltage an one output like I labeled this thread but not sure yet. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. Looking to install a SMD VM- & OM-1. Looking for some feedback on them an what's the best source for the volt meter?
  4. It's going to be from my starter to the battery so should be anymore than 6ft I'd guess an I'll have to find out the amperage pull that starter will pull. Yes I'm actually currently doing that along with adding ground to the factory strap an frame an direct power wire from alt to battery
  5. Alright. Sounds like I'll be going that route. An yes ground also. I havent looked at the ground yet but is that usually a short rub do you know?
  6. Upgrade to ofc or the cca would be okay? I'm guessing ofc
  7. I need to ether run a new an longer power wire from my starter to the battery or extended the wire to the battery. I'm sure the best way is to run a new wire but looking to see the feed back on extending it. It looks to be 8g wire(factory wire), should I keep that gauge or upgrade to 4g. Also would cca wire be sufficient or definitely ofc wire. If it is alright to extend what's the best way to extend it. Thanks
  8. Pretty open budget. I was looking at ether sky high car audio cable , knukonceptz or smd rcas.
  9. Need to replace my old rcas with some new ones. I've mine in for quite sometime an wonder what ones are the best out there or most popular ones used. Need to replace them all bass and sound amps.
  10. I know there's a bunch of forums out there about this topic but still would like to hear all the feedback and maybe some new info. I'm currently getting ready to rewire my whole system an also the big 3 and such under the hood. I've already bought knukoncepz kca cca 1/0 awg wire and also 8 awg for subs. I stumbled on some reviews on Johnathan prices (certified basshead) wire an some commented on when they changed to ofc from cca they gained almost 1.5 volts an more power output. So it has me thinking now. What's your thoughts and opinions!?
  11. What's the best way to secure the terminals to the frame. Ive seen a threaded drill bit be used before.
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