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  1. That’s a clean desktop man. And u can never go too crazy on a screen. My brother has an ultra wide screen and it looks sick.
  2. PaCiFiKbAllA

    Tough decisions on amp

    If u can work with two amps, the Wolfram 4500’s will put in the work and can both be had for under $1k when on sale. Good luck
  3. It is pretty legit man I had family over for Xmas and they loved it. I have a roller coaster game that utilizes the seat and it’s fricken awesome!
  4. Clutch isn’t needed for GT3 cars...only to engage into first gear only....paddle shifters are used. That’s why you don’t see any of my fancy footwork.
  5. it is....In the flesh! Sorry for the tight angle, I’m working with limited lighting and had my GoPro on a pub chair. Enjoy!
  6. The top zone can go down to 53 degrees and the bottom zone can go to 40
  7. Took out the trash compactor that was never used and replaced it with this...
  8. PaCiFiKbAllA

    Foreign amps

    Wolfram Audio, DD Audio, and Twisted Sounds...all Korean boards...I’ve ran them all...power houses to say the least
  9. I been wanting to shoot a video with it all in motion. I have to find a proper spot to mount my GoPro. I’ll do some test videos and throw one up soon!
  10. Definitely creative AF! Where did the rest of the stereo console go? Still got the 8-track or record player? Interesting build man.
  11. He obviously didn’t have chewing gum and a straw
  12. PaCiFiKbAllA

    Help is my amp taking 1 , 2 or 4 ohms ?

    U honestly can’t figure that out based on the pictures in these diagrams vs how you actually have it wired?
  13. PaCiFiKbAllA

    HF Viking battery charger

    I imagine it would do the job. I enjoy my XS Intellicharger HF1215...charged my batteries pretty quick. Work within your budget, no need to spend too much on chargers.
  14. PaCiFiKbAllA

    cpu choices, who wants to help?

    I have a Maximus VII Impact with the i5-4690k on 16gb of RAM and a 1080ti...blistering fast for what I need it for (mostly gaming). If you plan on keeping the 1150 board, you can either upgrade to the i5-4690k (can OC to 4.6ghz) or the i7-4790k...not many choices when it comes to 1150 cpu’s.
  15. Added two AuraSound transducers to the bottom of the pedal deck...front left/front right effects are spot on, especially those rumble strips. Installed my MotionHouse WindGenerator (those big ass looking cannons). Game changer right here!