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  1. When you got a sim rig like mine, you gotta make sure your strapped! ....but seriously, that’s my Aimtrak LightGun w/ Recoil for my MAME arcade shooters...like Lucas Barton said, “it’s so bad”
  2. My SSF on my Wolfram 4500 is turned all the way down. I can consistently average 143dbs from 26-30hz...while not earth shattering, my SP4v2 can take what I give it without ever bottoming out...I’ve tried many times. The SP4 is meant for them low lows and plays musically from rap to Decaf.
  3. You bumped an almost 6 year thread to tell us you have the same exact issue and that you can’t figure it out
  4. Infinity Reference 7541a....I had one back in the day...loud as fawk. 111 watts RMS per channel.
  5. Yup...just connect to the front. I do the same with my pair of D5100’s. Doesn’t take too long to top off.
  6. That’s a clean desktop man. And u can never go too crazy on a screen. My brother has an ultra wide screen and it looks sick.
  7. If u can work with two amps, the Wolfram 4500’s will put in the work and can both be had for under $1k when on sale. Good luck ?
  8. It is pretty legit man ? I had family over for Xmas and they loved it. I have a roller coaster game that utilizes the seat and it’s fricken awesome!
  9. Clutch isn’t needed for GT3 cars...only to engage into first gear only....paddle shifters are used. That’s why you don’t see any of my fancy footwork.
  10. Well...here it is....In the flesh! Sorry for the tight angle, I’m working with limited lighting and had my GoPro on a pub chair. Enjoy!
  11. The top zone can go down to 53 degrees and the bottom zone can go to 40
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