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  1. Stupid question, but probably obvious answer.  When wiring (2) breakers to a single power wire, is this right?

    Front Batt > In > Out > Power Wire > Out > In > Rear Batt?

    I am assuming the rear breaker needs to be wired the same as the front right? Or does it matter?  I'm sure it does.  Don't mind my stupid question lol

    1. WalledSonic


      As a rule, just make sure if any run of wire shorted to the frame, then all paths to the batteries get broken. So yes both ends of thst run need a breaker since theres a battery on both ends

    2. PaCiFiKbAllA


      Thank you sir...I was overthinking it a like a little bitch...just needed some reassurance ? 

  2. Bout to pick up that thing called an amplifier...you know...the Wolfram Audio W-4500.1 ?


    1. Wishuponasub


      Nice. Looking forward to seeing that thing whoop some woofer ass lol.

  3. One more purchase (2x XS Power D5100) then I'll be ready for some b.b.b.b.b.b.bass! ?

  4. Just pre-ordered the Wolfram 4500.1. Uses the same board as the Twisted 3.5k. 

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    2. PaCiFiKbAllA


      Yup...I need to update my original pictures in the first few pages cause photobucket is being a bitch ? 

      Here is the link to my build:  My Build

      The SP4's are definitely built to be brutalized that is without a doubt man.  If only they made the Omega in a 12" version...that logo is fuckin sexy as hell.

    3. alex912005


      @Kyblack76 Must be something wrong with mine then.

    4. mathewyocham


      Yeah operator error. Lol.

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