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  1. Been upgrading the garage this summer...I’m happy with how it’s turning out so far...what u think?
  2. Yup...just connect to the front. I do the same with my pair of D5100’s. Doesn’t take too long to top off.
  3. The top zone can go down to 53 degrees and the bottom zone can go to 40
  4. Took out the trash compactor that was never used and replaced it with this...
  5. Finally got around to purchasing a tool chest. Was only $99 at Lowe’s...I believe the sale is still going on. I like it so far.
  6. Remember that big chunk of foam I made on my thread a while back. Well, I finally put it to good use ?
  7. Just got these in the mail. Sparco Meca 3 Race Gloves (really comfortable, excellent quality) and a Tanaka 2” 4-Point Harness (I’m going 2DOF on my rig) so I don’t wanna get tossed around like crazy.
  8. It’s sick as fawk man...here it is in action...I can’t drive and hit the paddle shifter with one hand ?
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