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  1. Looks like the SSF is turned all the way to 60....that will be part of your problem
  2. Burnt coil on a YOLO = one expensive fuck up
  3. The DD M3b is 3800 watts...I owned one before..can definitely push the SP4...but the OP may wanna go bigger as the v2 needs 3500 watts just to get that ass moving
  4. If you go with Pioneer again, get the Carrozzeria DEH-P01.
  5. Been upgrading the garage this summer...I’m happy with how it’s turning out so far...what u think?
  6. I used 2” SPAX screws...the gold ones that require a star bit. Never had an issue with screws backing out....but that may be due to the slight angle my sub sits at.
  7. Need an opinion. If you have a 4k screen, let me know how these scanlines look. Go full screen and 4k quality. I revamped my ReShade settings and want to know how they look. Thanks!
  8. that brown plug is where the ELD would be located. It’s the 3 pin brown one directly in the center. On my 2001 Civic EX, the plug is identical on the bottom of the fuse box.
  9. When you got a sim rig like mine, you gotta make sure your strapped! ....but seriously, that’s my Aimtrak LightGun w/ Recoil for my MAME arcade shooters...like Lucas Barton said, “it’s so bad”
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