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  1. gonna be alot fuel burned from now on just havin fun and dont forget if you forget somthing at the store = good exuse to go drive again lol only thing sucks is they mufed up the drivers side filter some to bad couldnt rotate sucks it hits the radiator fill look like
  2. not sure what that is just wanna set charge voltage to 15.3-15.4 on 2 alts with one jumper harness trying for 14.4-14.5 charge voltage under load shouldnt be a prob just figured i would ask mechman
  3. yea but when im running 15.3-15.4 2 alts and 6 odessy 31 batts i dont drop under 14.5 with the one with all knobs right lol just hat spending more $$ preaty sure it will work fine but alot $$ to fuck it up lol
  4. i have a 99 chevy 240 alt and the smal under hood voltage jumper but i have 2 now and can i tap into the same jumper to increase the voltage with out another $100 i dont have
  5. was wondering i have 2 240amp 03 chevy alts from you and one the harness jumper voltage adjuster was wondering can i tap into the smae adjuster for the second alt really dont wanna spend another $100 thks

  6. putting dual 03 gm 240 alts and using the voltage adjust the under hood with tiny screw was wondering can i tap it into the second alt to up both voltage i realy dont whant to spend another $100 on a adjuster
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