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  1. Calrider76

    20 year old beast Kicker Amp Dyno Test

    Nice video again Big D, thanks. Love the clean sound of the old A/B current munchers!
  2. Calrider76

    Any subs with a 5.25" mounting depth?

    I used to have 2 fosgate p3 shallow 12s in my Chevy crew cab in a sealed box and they did the job pretty well.
  3. The cool part Steve it will be pretty easy to do any kind of upgrade! I’m sure he’ll be happy no matter what.
  4. Because it goes to 11.....nuff said! Great video Big D, thanks again
  5. Yeah, honestly it seems by the test it makes dirty power. Not exactly what I would want for SQ or longevity.
  6. Thanks again Big D, interesting numbers on that one.
  7. Calrider76

    lanzar Opti 700x2

    Thanks for the test! I’m an old school Lanzar fan myself nice to see some class A/B big watts out there.
  8. I also have a 2014SE with the JBL factory set up and would like to upgrade while retaining the stock HU. Seems like the factory door speakers are an odd size plus it has some center dash speaker? Please post picks! Can’t wait to see how it checks out.
  9. Hopefully this isn’t a dumb question, why would you need to run a ground all the way back to the added batteries? If the big 3 is done couldn’t a shorter ground to the chassis be ran?
  10. Calrider76

    Recommendation for a new sub?

    Pride would be sick!!!! Wish I could get some but it would require me to serious change everything to run he power they deserve.