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  1. I second the CST. Keep in mind a 6” lift and bigger tires will make it feel like a dog unless you re-gear and that’s about $1000 for each end. Pinion angles will all be corrected with the lift blocks which are slightly tapered to adjust for that. Some required an exhaust mod on the front near the driveshaft for clearances. If you can always go uniball, ball joints hate lifts and big tires from my experience.
  2. In case anyone was wondering, I was able to get in touch with Mr Steve Mantz of Zed Audio in New Berry Park, CA and he does repairs on amps. He has a web page at zedaudiocorp.com , I personally am super stoked to have him repair my goods as he is a legend in the audio field. Hope this helps out.
  3. I’ve emailed them and am about ready to ship 3 old school amps to them, just curious if you have already or have heard any feedback since posting? I’m in Socal and have 3 Lanzars one of which is a 50c. Really hope they can do me right and give me back the reliable (so I think) amps that they used to be.
  4. I know this is an older thread, but also have some battery questions? Anyone have any experience with the smaller (hc600) batteries? I would like to install 2 of them as I have an older Toyota extra cab and they would nicely under the rear seats in the little storage spaces. Running old school Lanzar 50c and 200 opti’s class A/B. I have done big 3 and alternator upgrade already. Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated.
  5. Amperage hog I’m sure as will be class A/B right? Thing is legit!! I’m sure super clean power aswell!
  6. Another great vid Big D, thanks for the time effort. Can’t imagine that thing will last but for $75 what can you really expect?
  7. You still have to cut the bulk head of the bed and leave room for it to flex as the bed and cab can’t be welded together and seems to me that puts a lot of strain on the cab wall. Could work though. If you do a proper blow through you only need holes for ports like Soundman did not the entire cab wall. Just my 2 pennies...
  8. Awesome stuff as always Big D, looking forward to your final recap vid on these. Thanks. So far looks like Orion FTW!
  9. That seems odd as the 17/18s are the same or so I thought.....curious to see about this also.
  10. Nice video again Big D, thanks. Love the clean sound of the old A/B current munchers!
  11. I used to have 2 fosgate p3 shallow 12s in my Chevy crew cab in a sealed box and they did the job pretty well.
  12. The cool part Steve it will be pretty easy to do any kind of upgrade! I’m sure he’ll be happy no matter what.
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