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  1. On my drive to KY my front passenger wheel bearing decided to blow the fuck up. Drove 900 miles and half-way through the West Virginia mountains it started making noise when turning towards the left. Must of drove about 400 miles once it started making noise. It came and went so I wasn't that concerned but I knew my situation was going to worsen, just not sure how soon. Got south of the Louisville area to my town and off the highway, only 5 miles from home. That wheel started clunking around and grinding real bad. Jacked up the truck in a parking lot and went to check the wheel and I was able to move that bitch like nothing. The only thing keeping it in place was the brake caliper, like no joke. I said fuck it, and decide to drive it the last 5 miles to the house. Drove it at no more than 10 mph and made it to house miraculously. I really thought I was going to be one of those people on the side of the road with a missing wheel looking all sad and shit. Check out the pic of what was left.
  2. Actually that's a full tower, Cooler Master HAF 932. Does a good job with airflow using 3 220mm fans and it's quiet. My cpu cooler and video card are way noisier. Best thing I did for my home sound was pickup a good sound card. The eClaro card sounds night and day better. Before that card I used sound blasters and digital outputs but the analog connection on the eClaro has so much more depth and life to sound. It's great for fps games, can tell the direction of sounds and all games become that more immersive.
  3. Done dicking around with this setup for now. Added on a Epicenter and replaced the stock 33hz subsonic filter in it with a 25hz chip. Works really good with metal and old rap. I have the sweep down around 30hz and the width almost all the way down to nothing. Picked up a Spl-lab mini bass meter and hardwired it to a relay. Was playing around in the driveway and was doing 145 before pissing off my neighbors and had to stop. Pretty simple and handy to use. Got a great black friday deal on it. Hopefully this truck makes the trip to KY from MA. New England is brutal on vehicles and shits starting to rust bad. Gonna redo just about everything in the spring now that I got a taste for this stuff. Gonna be able to put this truck in the garage and work on it without needing it as a daily driver. I had already planned on doubling alternator/battery power and upgrading to 4 15's and new amps. Now just milling the idea of selling off my Orions and switching to DC Audio.
  4. Looking to buy my own battery charger and came across the Viking 2/8/15 Amp battery charger at Harbor Freight. https://www.harborfreight.com/2815-amp-automatic-microprocessor-controlled-battery-charger-63299.html Looks decent as far as the paper specs go but anyone have any real world experiences with it? Looking at the xs intellicharger is $200 and a noco is $100, can this $50 charger do what the more expensive ones do as good?
  5. You def will get a small bump in performance going to the i7, you may even be able to notice it. I would only do it if you could get the i7 chip cheap. Otherwise you'd be better off investing into some current or last gen tech. A quick look on ebay and I found a i7- 4770 going for $130.
  6. No one mentioned the $uicideboy$ yet. For a good laugh check out Kirblagoop.
  7. Looking to match up the red that's used on Orion hcca subs to paint some trim pieces. Could I just go to Home Depot and have them mix it up? Not much experience with paints, anyone ever have any luck with this?
  8. I never bother with those settings on Kenwoods. Just leave it in standard and forget about it.
  9. Actually came across the AudioControl Epicenter and that has a swapable subsonic filter chip. Costs twice as much as the Soundstream BX-15 so just not sure if worth it.
  10. Looking into these, anyone have experience? Trying to enhance bass in rock and metal. There seems to be a few different models that do the same thing. Just not sure which one to get now. Seems like the BX-20Z might be the best one. Any thoughts on these would be greatly appreciated. BX-20Z BX-10X BX-12 BX-10
  11. You gonna have to run two separate amps and gain match if you want those d2's at 1 ohm. You need 2 dual 4 ohms if you wanna do 1 ohm with 1 amp.
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