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  1. Same thing, connected to my car’s battery...
  2. I tried using my phone, so with RCAs connected, still the same, music is playing without problem, but that noise is permanent, like I said. I’m gonna hook this amp to my car’s battery and head unit and see if it’s the same.
  3. Yeah, I tried this amp in my house using a PC power supply so yeah, haven’t put it in my car yet. Weird thing is that it only has this loud white noise when it’s put on 2 channels... Could be damaged mosfets or it’s not fixable?
  4. Hi guys. I got this amp, unfortunately when I use it on 2 channels, it has white noise even with the gain all the way down, RCAs disconnected, only the speakers connected. It is a permanent white noise, doesn’t matter if I am playing something or not. It’s present on 3 channels and 4 channels as well but it’s really quieter. Amplifier: https://imgur.com/a/amN7JSW White noise sound:
  5. What about RF T212D4? Is it bad 'cause it has a 4" voice coil instead of a 3" or what?
  6. I had it in my car, had the same problem, it had that alternator whine and when pressing the brake it would make that pop sound through speakers...now that I have it in my house I’m using a PC power supply (it is not the problem, I powered couple of amps with it). Clearly has something blown.
  7. Anyone can tell me what's wrong with this amp? It does this even with the RCAs disconnected...
  8. Nothing changed. I tried The Weeknd - The hills, damn the bass is so quiet that it looks like I have the volume and gain very low. I don’t know what’s wrong but it’s pissing me off. That song was supposed to hit hard, at least that’s what I remember from my JBL GT5-2402BR.
  9. This is the box: https://imgur.com/a/tSlrq8l Also, the Xmax of this Rockford Fosgate is 19mm compared to 14mm that JBL sub has, not so big difference, right?
  10. No. It’s a custom enclosure, also, the RF is old, it has been broken in ages ago, lol... Like I said now I’m using a much more powerful amp, a MTX XThunder X1000D. That sub has 2 x 275w RMS subs. Could it be because it has 2 subs instead of one, lol?
  11. Hi guys. I replaced my JBL subwoofer with a T212D4. I had this JBL GT5-2402BR hooked up to a JBL GTO-501EZ amp, was hitting really hard on this G-Eazy - Lotta That song. Now I got this RF T212D4 hooked up to MTX XThunder X1000D amp, same HU, bass is really weak, not feeling it on same song...really disappointed. Supposed to hit harder since it is 1000w RMS instead of 550w RMS that JBL is... Everything is set right on that MTX amp...it is wired at 2 ohms. Edit: on other songs hits hard af, for example: Chase & Status - Novelist
  12. Having the same problem, BUT the problem doesn’t go away even with a pair of RCA’s connected to my phone, I can still hear that popping when I press the brake + alternator whine when revving...very frustrating. Could it be the alternator diodes? ‘Cause the guy from where I got the amp told me that it doesn’t have any problem and I should try powering it on a friend’s car.
  13. On the stereo I have the LPF set to off, so it'll use the amp's LPF. The LPF on the amp is all the way up (200Hz)...
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