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  1. Search for triticums port calculator for port volume. And in terms of its its built right. Use the maufacturers recomendations for size then go maybe .5 cubes over if using a lower tuning. When deaigning an l shaped port remember to measure the centre line to get the length correct.
  2. Does it decrease output because smaller boxes are less efficient ?
  3. Any cooling is good cooling. Check out some youtube vids. There are lots of good ideas and work arounds to get cooling to the trunk.
  4. Yh it would work. But you wanna know exactly how much space each object takes up so you can write down your results. so work out how much space each item takes up. Do an spl test then check score. Rinse and repeat. if you use bottles filled with water it makes finding out displacement easier.
  5. I would advise getting winisd on your computer and learning to use it. It will be your best friend and you will never need to ask what sub is best for this and that ever again.
  6. Calculator is acting funny on mobile. All lower slots below watts per ft3 say ref in them no matter what you type in top slots. Will try it on pc when i get home.
  7. Was just wondering weather the specs are any good on the 15's and 18's.
  8. Hey guys, would like some opinions on this company's sub range. Im in the uk so edge a d vibe are kind of my go too. We can get sundown and alphard audio here but there kind of hard to get a hold on. http://edgecaraudio.com I was gun a go for this 18" model in the boot of my seat altea. Box design will come later on as im selling my 2 15's atm. Want low end spl from high 20hz to mid 30hz. http://edgecaraudio.com/en/subwoofers/eds18d2-e7 running a 1500 rms amp @ 1 OHM. Any advice, opinions are greatly appreciated.
  9. Still not able to get winisd to work with those subs. However. I have come to the conclusion that those subs are not suitable for the application I am after. ( loud, low bass ) they do hit pretty well dont get me wrong. Great for bump on a budget. I modelled another sub i have in mind on winisd ( one of the edge 15's, they are a european brand and im for england hence the choice. Its those or vibe really.) And it worked out great the parameters all went in great and the spl was well within expected raanges of what i had in mind. But a few questions spring to mind. How much can you realistically over size a ported sub box ? ( i feel 5.5 ft3 is a little small for 2 15's on 1000rms trying to hit 31hz) Would a bigger box help get louder lower ? ( like a 6ft3 box or 6.5ft3) This is kind of what i was trying to use winisd for.( dont know why it screws up on those rockford fosgates) All help is greatly appreciated and sorry for the long ass post.
  10. Sooooo been hoping some one would answer thanks dude. Would like to know where im at roughly with tuning. Specs ive built the box too say 31.4hz however in the car im getting roughly 38-43 ( going off my ears running frequencies on a tone generator) Wondering if i messed up the box and port tuning or if its due to cabin gain. Would like my loudest notes in the low 30s. Hope this makes sense.
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