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  1. Thanks AM! PM sent RobHood

  2. Aye what could you do with a 18 Rd Alpha v1 d2. Im gonna need to recone it one of these days

  3. Your awsome bro, I love your work.

  4. is job "free" time to move on to bigger and better things? we'll see

    1. EBBCO


      Get them subs out there and sell.

  5. Now selling HID kits, and LED cornering, and headlights

  6. hey if you could shoot me an email, I have a question about maybe custom building some subs.


  7. any forum i go on and begin to discuss rcone i get forevrbumpn ha, looking on a price quote for a soundstream XXX 15" i started a thread about it, it doesnt need a full recone, jus the surrond and dustcap bu everyone keep pointing in the direction to just recone it and do it right, let me know when you can man thanks

  8. seems like your inbox is FULLL, but im looking to get a recone for 12" alpine type R?? please pm me is this is possible? thnx bro.

  9. Hey bro, can you email me at This is regarding ordering some parts.

  10. Selly, I dont have any V3 JL stuff, only v1 stuff

  11. WTB 15W3-D4 recone kit asap, saw you had some available in an older thread.

  12. how much would it cost to get a 15" SUB MADE that would handle 300 rms?

  13. do you have a memphis shp dust cap the flat ones thanks