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  1. It will see 40+ I believe its only partially a high xmax sub its low end monster that can handle tons of power and efficient. More cone control towards peak xmax where other subs start to lose cone control. Xmax is what these can be modded for though
  2. Stevil I've been waiting 13 months for results from these lol. I never heard these in his system just 22-27-32 hz burps at half volume which was doing shirt tricks violently. Will needs to get in here and comment. I couldn't make it to the show myself or I would have posted Vid immediately. The xmax is 28mm one way but actual stroke side view is impressive. Definitely larger spiders needed
  3. Yes Perry thats the basics. If this gets off the ground, they will eventually look alot more appealing like this picture
  4. PM Will or me I will be building the smaller model in 10"-15" 1000rms. We have a machinist, and parts all ready to go. The big ones, 3500-5000rms if we actually decide to build these will have a month build time due to machining process and getting the motors shipped. The biggest issue is weight. The small ones alone will be 45lbs and use 2" coils. the 3" coil model starts at about 80lbs, and we have a model we will be messing with soon that is in the 110-120lbs each subwoofer- Not really a high demand woofer. The ones he has are 80/85lbs each
  5. Wont get into details other than, think of a See Saw thats the basic idea of it. Any further info and I gotta kill you
  6. Whoever says there is patents being stepped on is wrong. These have been in the works in multiple designs since 2006. These were built 13 months ago for last years Autorama, but Will couldn't make it, so these were put away in the corner of the garage for a whole year, dust, spiders etc. The last 3 years we have tried multiple configurations to stay away from other patents. Even from the design shown, there are alot of improvements. This was the largest paired prototypes we built, and were not meant to last longer than some testing and to get some T/S and out put numbers, rebuild -redesign/start over again. Will being the bass head he is, loving big houses, big dogs, big subs, big amps, loving low numbers and high power, this concept going extreme in his ride matched his whole fortay- so perfect match! Bringing them to Autorama was to stir some shit and even get some pre orders if anyone is interested. The extreme model is going to be made in all aluminum basket, some lighter and stronger parts. The benefits of this design are a Dual linear Drive design, meaning there is two separate coils. One goes one way, one goes the other- like the old tree saws of the 1800s early 1900s two guys pushing and pulling on a 10ft saw to cut a massive redwood down. This helps with controlling motor force alot. When a typical motor/coil design loses motor strength at peak excursion and even gets sloppy, this sub has full control. Benefits are accurate brutal low end bass. Another benefit which may be obvious is cooling.The coils radiate heat away from the winding's That flower piece on the back serves two purposes, one happens to be a heat sink. So power handling is increased quite a bit After 6-7 years of being in the garage proto testing, it would be nice to get this design off and running if there is interest
  7. Great install Steve. When I swung by the other day you looked hella busy with that stuff drying, I wish I got to take a good look at the F but was just delivering a $20k pressure washer for my work lol. Oh well, another time. Bad ass wiring job from the batteries to the trunk lid man
  8. I just heard the same thing. Our country has been allowing those stated above to go to school here at our Best up to date school, and they go back home to share the knowledge. Fuk that! You learn here you live here and should be a citizen of our country.
  9. China is a scary adversary. They have a better stealth fighter than our f22, they have stollen alot of technology and there technology is as advanced as ours, more soldiers who will fight to the death, a growing navy, hell more subs than the us navy does now. Allies with desperate N Korea- "feed us and we will fight with you" Iran sells oil to china and Russia the 3 are business partners. Russia said they have irans back once before. Russia has I think double the nukes we have. I don't think war is a big fear but I do think if those four countries team up and say to the usa "step the fuck back" we should listen. As for those 12 Iranians saved, iran can care less. Edited for DROID errors lol As far as our technology goes yes we have a great anti missle system better spy satellite systems. But fighter wise jets ships tanks we are equal to maybe half step beyond the 3 spiders countries
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