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  1. Thanks. I was hoping to work on the car today, but crappy weather. Maybe tomorrow...
  2. Sorry have not had anytime to work on it. I hate that everything is just sitting there waiting on me. As soon as the weather permits, have to do valve cover gaskets, upper timing chain cover gaskets, and upper and lower control arms on the car. Then I can move back to the box.
  3. Almost no time to work on the box yet. I did get this done today.
  4. Yeah it is a little time consuming. I spent about 45 mins tracing them out and rough cutting them. I figure it is going to take another 45 mins to run them on the router and attach them to each other. I am going to use the method Mark demonstrated. glue and nail each to the bottom of the one just cut as you go. this make since to me.
  5. I got home from work tonight about an hour early. I decided to take advantage of that time. nothing exciting, but here are the parts traced out on the boards. and here they are rough cut with the jigsaw. I needed 12. I will still need one 1/2 inch, but I am out of that size mdf. that’s all for tonight.
  6. Smart corners came in the mail today. I wont get a chance to try them out for a few days. they look nice though. I have everything I need to finish the box except time. Swapped at work so no lunch breaks for now.
  7. Yeah that was basically it. I did have a 90 turn in mine though and the port ran along the back wall of the box. just the end of the port that was open had a matching angle to the front of the box. I know what you mean about not wanting to tune higher. I wish my 12"s were tuned at 28. It is right around 30 or 31 now. I might not notice if it were lower, but I keep thinking I would, so that is enough to make me wish I has done it
  8. I designed a box once, (I didn't build it though just want to put that out there) but I mirrored the port slant from the front of the box to the back of the port. so both the top and bottom of the port were the same length the whole port. if that makes since. I am not sure if you can do that in your situation, but It tested good in a simulation.
  9. I feel ya. I wanted more than 2 12"s originally in my car. I thought about 3-4 12"s or 2 15"s, but I wanted to keep as much trunk space as possible. In the end do to how I need to position the box, It fills the whole trunk up anyway. Oh well. Sounds good at least It would be nice if you can find a way to use all 3 of those.
  10. Sounds like you go a plan. I look forward to seeing this progress. Please take pics
  11. I understand. I bought some cca wire when I was using the 6 channel PPI amp for my subs. I didn’t realize when I bought it was was getting cca. It worked ok but did start to get corrosion on the ends. I swapped it out once I saw that.
  12. Sorry. Didn’t realize you had CCA. I personally don’t like it, but some people do.
  13. Personally I would do a dual run of 0 gauge over a single run of 00. Especially since it sounds like you already have a single run. A dual run of 0 will allow more current flow than a single 00, and be cheaper. Just my .02
  14. I might not not end up buying it. Since I am super happy with my amp anyway. $600 seemed like a good deal. And it is white. I didn’t remember but I am now realizing I kind of like the looks of white amps. I did think about painting my synergy white would be cheaper than $600
  15. I would also be running it at 2 ohms vs .5 ohms. Looks like it does 3500 at 2 ohms
  16. Ok thanks. He is asking $600 obo. I know i don’t need the amp. Mine isn’t as powerful and already more than the subs are rated. I would have to keep that AT 7000.1 way down, but it would look pretty nice
  17. So I found a 7000.1 local for sale. Are these good amps? What is a good price. Guys says it is a 9.5 out of 10. I don’t need it, but the white beast would look nice with my white PPI amp...
  18. Yeah I know kerfs do work, but another thing I was worried about was the edge showing through in the kerf. some times you can see the lines through the kerf. It might not show under the vinyl, but then again it might. I almost bought these before anyway, so this time I decided to give them a try. Might need to build 2 boxes and sell one if it performs well. That way I can recover the cost of building the 1st one
  19. Box put on semi hold. I decided to get some of the smart corners from mobile solutions instead of doing the kerf. I didn’t want to take the time to strengthen the kerfed board. And I figured I would use these in the future. Now I have to wait for them to come in. Also ordered the vinyl and carpet. I will do the cuts for the subs his weekend if I have time. Hopefully next week the stuff will be here and I can start building.
  20. I have the small WFO 2.1D It puts out way more than my subs are rated. I am keeping the gain down a little on it, but it is a great Amp. All of this makes me wish I could do a big build again. 6-8 12"s like the old days. I would have to buy an SUV or something just for this purpose. And before I spent money on that, I would just Quit my 2nd job so I could have more time for what is important. Not working 16 hours a day. I should also mention, I got mine from Tyler at GP car audio. I got it for around $320 Because he felt sorry for me and wanted to give me a good deal. I had purcha
  21. LOL you sound like me. I know my Synergy will put out over 3k at .5 I would bet that the WFO 3.1D would do it easy. It is more money though. Big D tests it @.8 on the dyno and it does 6733 watts. Dyno is different than speakers, but you know that already. I want one, and I want on of their 5K amps, and I don't even have anything to hook it up to
  22. Beggars can't be choosers. I would think Full range would be fine as long as he has the xover set. I know there are a few reasons why full range amps are not the best choice for subs, but I would think it would be ok. Have you seen that taramps smart 3k? I was looking at it as an option too. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B083LJGQ9J/?coliid=I1QBHA0P7SRQ3B&colid=U3DQLZ3BGPOV&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
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