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  1. Hooked up the IRAD, seems to work great! I remember now what I didn’t like about the lc2i, the bass is cut off at 33hz. I decided to order one of the wavtech LOC and try it. It also has more sensing options than the lc2i, so I probably won’t need the IRAD with it. I tried taking a couple of videos, but they turned out super crappy. I will try again.
  2. I just bought a Wāvtech IRAD. If it works it will be quicker and easier to use it for the remote, then track down a factory one and remove panels to get to it.
  3. Turns out it was a super simple fix. amp got changed from master to slave. it works now and sound pretty impressive for 3 8" subs. Not quite as loud as the 2 12" subs in the last BMW, but cleaner. I will try to get some video of it playing. I have to do some adjustments on my Gains, and tie into an accessory wire so I don't have to manually disconnect the LOC to turn it and the amp off.
  4. Quick update, I turned off the GTO and put a jumper wire from 12v+ to the remote on the LOC, it comes on and works as it should. I found out I have another problem. not sure what it is yet. I have zero power coming out of the amp. amp is on, and LOC is putting out voltage, but nothing coming out of the amp. I don't have time right now to dig further, I will try to do so on my lunch break.
  5. here are a couple of pictures of the battery. I made the ground wire on the right side about 2 inches too short to go on the left side of the battery. it works on the right side, I just wanted it on the other side. I might cut the power cable going to the other battery shorter, I already had one this length so I used it. I just set the Circuit breaker on top of the other battery. I will probably zip tie these in place after I get everything working.
  6. After a couple more hours of reading, it looks like audio control says the GTO feature just doesn’t work with some cars. I am pretty sure that is my problem. I am going to bypass it tomorrow and hook the remote straight to +12v and see if it works like that. If it does, then I will know the GTO doesn’t work in this car.
  7. I got everything hooked up, I will post pics later. I ran into a problem though. My amp didn’t power on. I checked my LOC and no power light. The LOC is providing the remote turn on for the amp. I checked power to the LOC and it is good. After about an hour of testing and verifying it is hooked up correctly, I cranked the volume way up on the radio. This turns everything on, but the power light on the LOC goes on and off with the bass. What I have concluded is the sensitivity on the LOC is not high enough to come on with the radio. I am using a audio control LC2i. I don’t see anything in the m
  8. Generally speaking volume is volume. How much Volume are you going to gain though with the odd shape? sometimes it just isn't worth it for something like 0.2 ft^3.
  9. Nothing too exciting, but a couple more pictures. First I am going to install the 2nd battery in this location. Just have the Ground cable laying here for now. Next I installed a harness that connects to my stock harness and has speaker, and power and ground connections to my LOC. I was going to make a bracket and find a place to mount the LOC, then I decided to just put some extra strong Velcro on it and set it on top of my factory amp. If this doesn't work I will do something different later.
  10. Thanks. The image dynamics don’t have a pole vent in the back like the Vfl subs do. They have vents around the coils that force air around the coil. The magnets are around 1.5 inches I think from the bottoms of the box. I didn’t measure since it didn’t matter with these
  11. I forgot to take pictures today, but I installed my LOC, and made a tray for my extra battery. I also attached the ground cable for my 2nd battery, and cut the ground cable going to the amp. Also ran the rca’s from the LOC to the amp. I will try to get some pictures tomorrow.
  12. Thanks! I am really wanting to hear what they sound like, even outside of the car. I just don't have a good way to test them. Best I could do is grab a couple of extra car batteries and hook an amp and radio up to them so I could play something on them. That would actually be about the same effort as hooking them up in the car. I have to wait on that because when I pulled the stuff out of the other BMW I left my battery cables and amp wiring in it. I figured I wouldn't be ready to hook anything up until the weather was nicer...
  13. Subs wired and screwed down.
  14. The other 2 IDQ8's finally arrived today. I will try to get them set in the box and post a couple of pictures later tonight.
  15. I have wanted to do a B2 build for a while, just don’t have anything to put them in at the moment. Heck I couldn’t even use my VFL 8”s yet, and I have had them setting new in the box for a year now. I was eyeing that smaller riot 3200 amp for my idq 8’s. Nice power small amp. But I really don’t need a amp. Just kind of want to buy one you know
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