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  1. I am thinking about making the speakers inset with the grills closer to being flush, instead of a press fit cover to hide them completely. How much clearance should I allow around for the fiberglass and vinyl? Thanks
  2. Well I hit a snag. I have the outer circle cut out for my dome mid, but I was looking at cutting the center out of it, and it isn’t going to happen. I don’t have any type of shield or way to protect my fingers. I would have to have my fingers about 1/8-1/4 inch from the bit. One slip and it would be a bad day. I am going to have something either laser cut, or 3D printed to fit the speakers. Not a big deal, just means I won’t get a chance to fiberglass until I get something.
  3. Sorry I didn’t get much time to work on it over the weekend. Here is what I managed to do. wood profile cut out. After I got the first one, I used it as a template to flush trim another with the router. Now I can start placing the speakers and aiming them. after I got the angle set how I wanted I started making braces to hold it in place. That is all the further I got. I did buy some fiberglass and resin. I cut out a mount for the dome mid but don’t have a picture yet, or have it placed.
  4. Some of you might have been reading my other post in the mids and highs section. I got the help there picking out my speakers. It didn't make sense to keep posting in that thread for the door panel build since that was started to find the speakers. this thread will focus on the build. So let's get it started with a few pics. I will update as I get a chance to work on it. Nothing too exciting. just pictures of the rough cut board clamped to the door panel. I clamped it on because I am going to turn it over and match drill the holes in the same location the factory pocket gets mounted. I think you can just make out the pencil line drawn on the board marking the profile of the shape. I hope to work on it some tonight after work.
  5. yeah it is hard to tell from those pics. Both speakers are aimed towards listeners. Overall shape and design still might change. I have cut the board base for the first panel. Now I will start mocking something up as I get a chance. I was going to start a new thread that focuses on the build of the panel. Not sure the best place to put the new thread though. Any recommendations?
  6. Thanks. I am not sure which way I will go. I also might do contrasting colors one of the parts might be black. There is already black and gray both on the door panel.
  7. Ok looking at my proposed design, and thinking about it, I realize something keeps looking off to me. I think it is the concept of using the speaker cover with a design like i posted. I think it would look better without the cover. However I don't want to leave the cover off, since I have 2 kids that ride in the car. The speakers might get damaged. I had another idea. it would look something like this. this one has an inset and would use a press fit panel to cover the speakers. kind of hard to see in the view. And here it is with the cover.
  8. Here is a picture for reference for the placement of the door panel vs where the seat is. sorry it is a bad quality. But it should give a good idea how the proposed speaker will set in the car.
  9. I would still almost prefer to pay someone to build these. Not that I think I can't do it, but realistically it might be 6 months before I do much with them due to weather. It would be nice to just have them made and fasten them to my door panel. I could then just swap door panels in 30 mins or so. Obviously someone local would be best I could just give them the extra door panels so they would have them to use for a template. Anyway if someone is interested in doing them, send me a PM with a rough price and I will definitely think about it.
  10. Never mind. I think the port is not going to fit very easily. It would need to be an oval shape and probably too small. thanks for the idea, I did enjoy playing around with it in the model.
  11. Just curious if anyone would have a recommendation for a ported box Volvo for these ct sounds mids, and recommend port size and length. I would like to play with the idea I little in the 3D model. If I did go with a 3D printed version the port would be simple to print if I can fit it in there.
  12. Thanks! Yeah I check the clearances. it isn't going to stick out any further than then stock pocket does or at least that is the plan. It is in front of the seat so no issue there. I was planning on making the panel fasten on using the same holes as the stock pocet does. I am planning on sealing under it with silicone or something like that. the Ct sounds will have the air space from this panel and the empty pocket in the back of the panel which is fairly large. I think the 2 spaces combines will give a good air space for the speaker. The Mid won't actually be open in the back. It will have a small hole for the wires, but will be sealed. that is the plan at least. I found a 3d printer I was thinking about using. going to have to wait to purchase it. I figured even if it is printed I might have to re-enforce it some. If I fiberglass, what I am hoping to do is stretch a knit cloth over it and smooth it out. I will put the resin on that. then on the back side I will add the fiberglass and resin. that way the front won't require as much sanding and body filler. especially if I wrap it. I will play around with it some. going to be in the 20's (F) here for the next few days and I don't have a heated space to work in, so not sure what I will get done tonight after work. maybe not much.... As far the ported enclosure that is an interesting thought....
  13. Here is what I think I am going to try for. I was thinking about using a 3d printer since I have the 3d models for the part. I don't think I am going to wait that long before I start on something. I am probably going to start fabbing it tonight. See how far I get. I may end up starting over a few times. I will probably start a new thread on building the door pod, since it has gotten away from picking out the speakers. I already go the help with that. Thanks to everyone for the help!
  14. Just a quick update. All factory speakers replaced. 2 kenwood coaxials in the rear doors. The primus infinity components in the front doors. Sound is way better then it was before. I am still planning on adding the ct sounds components and the kappa 20mx. Might be a while though.
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