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  1. i was trying not to be confusing, i'm sorry. i was just looking for some direction with my mids. i have 6x8s in the front doors, 6x9s in the rear. if i add two 6.5s to each front door for more output, should i remove the 6x8s? understand that i just don't understand how 4+ channels work yet. i'm not looking for any miracles, i just want to know if i could do anything with the 6x8s and 6x9s or if i should just phase them out.
  2. sorry if my formatting was weird. it isn't a comp setup, but it's my first build and i want to go over a lot of different options for the experience and to learn more about building a good system. i plan on adding more bass, and i want my mids to be louder. running the 6x8 off the deck was just an idea so i'd have output from them plus room on the amp to push the crescendos. the final impedance and load of multiple speakers is confusing the hell out of me.
  3. hello, i'm a bit confused on the wiring for mid/highs amps. i have a crescendo s4 4 channel: 2ohm: 220w x4 4ohm: 140w x4. i have two infinity kappa 6x8 2ohm 100 RMS and two 6x9 2ohm 110 RMS. does 220 RMS per channel give me enough space to run four 50 RMS or two 100 RMS midrange speakers at 2ohm x4? i'm planning on adding a pair of 6.5 to the rear and two pairs to the front in addition to the stock location speakers. since they're mixed, would it be smart to run the 6x8s off of the deck? no specific speakers in mind, but maybe some crescendo PWX 150 RMS and 80 RMS super tweeters. the front channels would each be pushing 300 RMS @ 2ohm with two PWX 4ohm in each door, right? a second amp for the speakers isn't out of the question.
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