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  1. You ever weight the box or an estimate? I'd gues like a 1000lbs for jsut the box or damn close. Gotta be well over that with that amp rack???
  2. LMAO I love you bro! Suffering is growth lmao " but i figured making it more complicated and stressful was more fun and entertaining"
  3. Now with those 90 adapters they really look like Pipes going into brass fittings. Def looks even cleaner too. Didnt realize you had spacers/adapters to the front woofers till now either, still looks good though keeping with the black and white theme.
  4. Jesus Christ thats TOUGH! Gately FTW, buffed that shit right out for ya! Wires look fucking sick inside it as well, the black and white is so clean with the clear. Mirrors gonna be sick! You werent kidding when you said the motors were close, once that little trim is added they will be PERFECTLY space with just a cunt hair between them lol. MINT
  5. Gonna look nutty all done up. you going to light it up with LEDs too I'm guessing like the rack? Happy Anniversary too brother, 26 years thats a stretch to be proud of! Enjoy it and congrats!
  6. Def watched it! So dope hes an older dude too, I figured he was gonna be a bit younger like your boy at the plastic place but nope! Hes an young kid trapped in an old mans body like us doing car modding stuff still. Turbo sounds nice and the drop was cleeean!
  7. Perfect drop. That car particularly has some ridiculous wheel gap from the factory. A much needed drop is what the doctor ordered.
  8. Yea I wasnt sure if you doing acryllic box. Def classier too with them mounted normally, acryllic will show off the baskets and color scheme. Where is the 2.5" of space you need thats missing? The width just not enough for something your trying to do? Seems you got the height and depth you could use.
  9. ooooooooooooo weeeee! Those 2 pics are HOT! Those 12s look so good. If shit was mine i'd do half inverted. The baskets match so good but so do the cones for the build scheme. Its like either way you cant go wrong so why not do both LOL! Big dawg shit @meade916
  10. Where can you get those control boards for the LEDs and amps? Just love the color scheme on this setup. Copper and white with the black. When I do my install this spring I want to do white and black wire just like your doing and white and copper SMD distribution and a XL2 fuse block for the front and rear. Forget where but once I saw the copper and white on your fuse blocks I knew it was the way to go. Maybe I'll get to it sooner if we get these $2000 stimulus checks lol.
  11. I love it. Those little wire management pieces are trick and cleeeeeeean. So cool how when acrylic is scuffed up it "absorbs" the light and glows solid color. I can hardly wait for the video to see all the intricate stuff! Man its gotta take soooo long taking all these pictures and video. I just take pics of my stuff and it takes forever!
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