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  1. It's because theres too much power to the tweeters and the crossovers are protecting them from failure.
  2. Well to start off here, my project is a 1986 Chevy Suburban. I picked this thing up and didn't really know what I wanted to do with it. Should I do a super clean build in it? demo build? showcase build? The options are endless but I've always wanted to build something original and loud. Once I got into this vehicle and really started digging in, I found quite a bit of problems with the floor. Some rust issues but nothing on the overall body that was too bad. Most of it was in the floor pan, which is quite common for this year but the overall body was in decent shape. There was a lot of past work on this vehicle and given all of it's wiring woes I wasn't sure I'd ever really trust it to drive down the road or be worthy of becoming a show truck. I decided to make it a demo vehicle, not built for strict spl but for fun. Something where I can showcase B2's product line in a platform that's a bit different and make it memorable. Some love it and some hate it. Some say how could you do that to a square body and some can't wait to see it get done. Floor will be fully steel to the B pillar with a full steel firewall and 7/8" thick plexi window. Full steel dash, full steel cage and probably 9-12 15's on 40-60k worth of power. I've never done a build log like this, but have always wanted to so here we go! (Also I am in no way a welder, and I know my shop is a disaster!) So here she was as I got it: This is kinda the idea for a box, but I'm up in the air. Have to deal with the tubs as well, so my options are a bit limited due to space. Looks pretty clean on the outside but she's got some issues deep down. The wiring on this vehicle is beyond a joke.. but we will get to that later. She's got a 5.7L 350 TBI swap from a 94 Silverado based on what I can find. The ECM and wiring was very poorly done here and left me with no choice other than to pull it all out and fix it. I can't even describe how bad the wiring is, a lot of it I couldn't even bring myself to take pictures of, just needed to get it out and start over. I also found that the harness for the ECM was cut in the middle at some point, and just twisted back together and taped. Like who does that? So out with it and time to get into fixing it. This was extremely painstaking to find out what goes where, what's been modified and who knows what else. So this wiring is ongoing, I'll get some progress updates on it later as it's still not completely done. Stripped the whole interior out. Air Suspension: I replaced the front and rear bags. Added two compressors, a new tank and managed to salvage the valves that were in use on this before hand. Don't have any pics of it yet but I'll get to them. The window: This is where it was to start with. She's got some rust in the lower corners and I had to CUT the dash out. On these models they are welded to the window/firewall frame. I've never built a SPL windshield before. I had some ideas to go off of and decided just to go for it. I know I wanted a split setup and not just a straight tank looking windows. After a lot of thought I decided to just go with something like this. Spotted her up and started moving forward. Made some side bars and got it mocked up a bit more. The goal here is to have two pieces of plexi that are flat, as getting it rounded or curved so to speak would take a miracle. The outer bars taper in a bit, and I did this so I had ample room to make some epic A pillar pods. There's almost no room from factory to put anything in the A pillar without it sticking WAY out. The sides will be welded flush with some sheet metal to clean it up. Started cutting out the floor. Oh boy this has been fun. Just as a side reference. Chevy didn't want this to come out lol and it really didn't want to. It's a major pain in the ass but well it is what it is.
  3. Do you have any definition of "sounds terrible"? Give me something to work with here. I've sold this set to literally hundreds of people and not had anyone come back with type of comment. Let's figure this out. I have a set in my GMC and I couldn't love them more. Been all over the country and nobody has said anything bad about them when shown. Had tons of positive feedback so if you'd like to suggest something please do, I'll appreciate all the input as possible.
  4. I'm running a Alpine Restyle kit. I209GM that does everything.
  5. Well I know that I'm a bit biased, but I have had the prototype in my Trailblazer running my pillars for over a year. I also have a new one installed in my 2018 GMC Sierra and they have been the best 4 channel amp I've ever owned. Amazing sound and a load of flexibility. Mike Schwitz has two in his Golf. We brought it to Knowledgefest Indy and demo'd all day. Everyone said they love it. Jeffery Hald is building his ride in Texas with them. Has been testing, so far he has no complaints. Kendrick Rodgers and Christopher Pate are using them in the upcoming Insomnia rebuild at Mobile Toys in Texas. We worked on this project for almost a year to get it to where it needed to be. The power supply alone had multiple revisions to meet our needs both mechanically and visually. Below is revision 3 I believe. We did a fair amount of testing and then moved on to revision 3: Once the power supply was where it needed to be in both looks and performance we set forth the current lineup of them. There are no cooling fans present on this amplifier. It utilizes it's heatsink to full effect. Generally a cooling fan in a SQ vehicle is frowned upon. If you have any questions about the amp be sure to let me know. They are up for sale for $900 shipped with 2 pairs of RCA's right now, which is a killer deal for an amplifier of this quality.
  6. Well one thing is for sure, we ship amps and they show up undamaged every time!
  7. She was on display at Kfest Indy, sneaky sneaky.
  8. Thank you for the kind words! We do our best to offer an experience from start to finish with integrity and honesty. Our products usually speak for themselves. I'm glad to hear you had a lot of success with yours, and if you ever need anything feel free to reach out at any time.
  9. So this project has been in the works for a while now, and is about ready to see the light of day. We have been testing our prototype extensively and so far, it's outperforming our expectations. Our goal was to have a full range amplifier capable of 6,000 watts per channel @ 1 ohm in a two channel configuration. Well you can say we've got about 30-40% more power on this monster than we ever expected. Want an amp that has a massive amount of adaptability? This design can serve about any purpose, and is capable of subsonic to 17 kHz frequencies. Get ready for some MASSIVE European style pro audio builds to really start becoming more present here in the states. Our customers over there have been begging for a monster, and B2 is delivering once again. This amplifier strides forward with it's own proprietary component design, as we will never imitate, but always innovate! 2017 brought us "The Raven", now 2018 brings "The Swan". Stay tuned as I'm sure this will be a trend setter!
  10. This is a full bridge amplifier, done the B2 way. This amplifier is built in Korea and features a MASSIVE heat sink in comparison of it's competition. It also has at least double the capacitance as well. We don't build amplifiers to catch fire, or blow up. We build amplifiers to last, and to outperform the competition in power, quality, and reliability. This bad boy has been tested to the tilt, and it's honestly one of the most stable full bridge amps on the market today, with a board design and heat sink that is proprietary to B2 Audio.
  11. So the MA 6000. This project was started a while back and is our latest entry into the MA line. We were aiming for a slightly more budget friendly amp to sit just around where the Zero.7r was. Although the Z.7R was and is a FANTASTIC amplifier, it's very costly. It's costly to produce and for $1500 it was a bit much for most. The MA6k puts out more power and is more cost effective for the end user. So far testing on this new platform has been amazing. http://b2audiostore.com/ma-6000-1-mono-amplifier/
  12. Awesome, wait no.... Amazing.... eh still not right, oh I got it.... Sweet Like Danish! Astonishing results from an awesome amp. Thanks @meade916
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