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  1. Remember- clipping is in reference to the signal from the head unit not lack of power. But yes, you need amps to make amps!
  2. Insert Chris rock voice here “Good lord that’s a lot of pieces!” Dang!! Took a quick peak, Amazon & eBay both carry terminals!
  3. Siiiicckkk!! When are you going actually start “building”? And just curious, on the 2-1 blocks, are those posts long enough to bottom out in the amp like us taramps guys can’t do unless we get pieces from Jim’s??
  4. I just bought and installed a titan 8 pwr-s5. This model is advised to not be used under the hood, the temperature range is something like optimum up to 95*F. I never asked about CCA for starting though. Per XS, it can be run parallel with a lead acid battery for a few weeks worst case scenario, but advises to be run with AGM to reduce parasitic drains. I ran it with a lead acid for 1 night, until I found a new diehard agm local. Battery rests just over 13v, and per the spec sheet I think 13.6 is 100% charged. I love the weight of it, and the quad inputs on each side
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