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  1. Remember- clipping is in reference to the signal from the head unit not lack of power. But yes, you need amps to make amps!
  2. Do you have a video of it doing that? Taramps have clip monitors, and upon startup they do the same thing-the lights of power, clip and protect
  3. I have a duralast agm under the hood, and also a pwr-s5 in the back. Per XS, these are perfectly comparable. If I remember correctly, the agm rests something like 12.8. The lithium, rests 13.2. Together with the truck off she sits at 12.8. Idles 14.4-.6. I can always verify those numbers before I get called out in them but no problems whatsoever running them in parallel, no isolator.
  4. Fuse for the wire rating, not necessarily any amp you’re running. I have always run a 300 on my 1/0 ofc wire, and try to use smd fuse blocks and smd fuses, since they’re pretty decent quality. Can find them on eBay
  5. And as far as clamping, I only say I have cause I wanted to know my actually output. You buy a product, so you should verify it’s output right? That’s where I’m at
  6. Then from there I added an 80ah agm shuriken battery, then swapped that out for a lithium. Duralast agm battery went up front, alternator rebuilt to a 326a unit, and she powers the 5000 taramps well!! Still can clip, but that’s due to a shitty signal from the head unit which I’m working on fixing now. Then add a mechman alternator, and hopefully step up to an md8k to compensate for impedance rise. It all takes time and money, just have some sort of plan to help guide the build!
  7. So I also had a smart 3, like I said they’re beasts!! Clip monitor, and setting it up to 2000rms or so will be easy. But when I ran it, I had a stock 160a alternator, and a 80ah lead acid battery up front. 1/0 OFC wire, and good grounds. Big 3 done as well with 1/0. I could pull voltage down (I have a meter tied into the power & ground of the amp wires) to almost 10v on bass boosted songs! The truck would go into battery protect mode. I didn’t do it often, really just once. So look into electrical upgrades, a quality battery up front, and a quality reserve battery in front of the amp if yo
  8. Sooooo..... did you clamp it
  9. So I’m not sure if you want help or just want to create posts. I gave you the exact instructions on how to do this. Google “clamping amplifier output” and you’ll see the exact step by step I gave you. What is our disconnect here?
  10. Ships from California! Seller has a 97% rating.
  11. All smart 3s do yes. You’re over thinking the price. A smart 3 shouldn’t be any more than 305ish. Search eBay. Look for brand new, probably 290 shipped
  12. I’d say now you know not to look on Walmart.com, eBay has reputable dealers, Amazon and any Google search. I bought my 2 smart 3 from big Jeff online, they hooked me up with my lithium battery as well
  13. Different dealers are gonna have it priced differently, just the same as you’d see other products.
  14. Yes max, and minimum. Not 16 minimum. It’s a beast and comes with a monitor, those are like $40.
  15. There isn’t a minimum supply of 16 required where did you read that? I think it needs to read dc
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