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  1. For the install kit (unless you already have it) I love to use sky high car audio. They have pre-packaged wiring kits, and their OFC 4ga is only $80 now I believe. Have used this kit, and their 8ga kit!
  2. We had spoke about my space restrictions. I don’t think I could add anything to these lvl 4 to make them beefier, and I’m still trying got find someone with an xl series to test fit!
  3. That’s awesome! I keep trying to decide what I need. But I hate the thought of wiring down, and burning up a board. So I think a smart 5, and have the ability to run 1 ohm in the future, orrrrr if someone has legit proof it can do .5, then it’s a win win at 2 ohm as well. I just don’t have the electrical or space for that matter for an 8k. I am considering another titan 8 s5 and that’d give me my reserve.
  4. Get those amps in yet?? I’m still over here like smart 5 or bass 8??
  5. The rear seat is a 60/40. Be super sick to take out the 40 and do a dual sub setup. One at the bottom at a 45*, then the other facing straight forward
  6. Are you gonna try feeding it 5k? I hope I can get louder!
  7. So you’re going 1 smart 5?? What are you powering??
  8. Haha found them for $509 shipped! They accept 2/0, but I think I’d run my dual 1/0 into it. Hope that’d be alright. I do need that mechman
  9. I feel that smart 5 would do better than the 8000. Do you agree?
  10. Copy. Get the correct signal, and increase power slightly and see what I can do!
  11. Tuned to 34hz, but port area is an unknown.
  12. I will be yes. Spoke to a few people, they say that new smart 5 @ .5 is the winner. Rising to 1.8-2, is have 5000w to play with. As far as the driver, They make a single sub channel, and a sub front rear channel, so that’d drive my 4 channel as well. Id have to try to measure these sir, idk if I could even get the correct measurements
  13. Considering the smart 5 @ .5 but nobody has any research on it. What are thoughts on md8000.1 2ohm model, turned down? Bigger amp, lower power output making it more efficient
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