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  1. Watching it, trying to do math simultaneously haha I’m like arghh?!? Battery up front is 1000cca so multiply by .7 equals 700ah? Shuriken is 80ah.
  2. I understand take RMS, divided by your volts. But that leaves a lot of play, as idle I’m 14.2, but the system can play down to 12-13. So what do you actually measure? 3000rms total, (2 1500rms 12s) divided by 13.5v equals 222amps needed. But do I Have to consider the amps are 3000w each?Then incorporate the regular vehicle usage? I was hoping a 220a alternator would suffice, but let me know your math! Maybe another rear battery as well?
  3. Stock 160a, and the big 3 done but I will be looking Into a better unit, maybe 220+?? I think I can find a 180a super easily. What I don’t know is the specifics on the whole external regulator, if it necessary to use the full potential of those extra amps?
  4. With the smd fuse block, how did you go about crimping your 1/0? That’s why I haven’t used that style fuse block yet,
  5. Right! In series was for 1 2ohm amp, & 2 2ohm subs. not 2 separate 1 ohm amps sir. 2 amps I will wire each sub to 1ohm. And the L R rca have no designation on what they control? I could just do 1 & 1!
  6. Yes I have a bass knob, here is how it’s wired- I have a PAC converter for my rca signal, the knob is after that, then the rca from the knob is into a 2-1 since the smart 3 has only 1 rca in. But how do I control the other amp? And the comment on series, was for the 2 subs. Having only 1 per amp, they’ll be 1ohm each
  7. Changed plans! Adding another smart 3 instead.... anyone have 2 amps, with a universal bass knob on the first amp? Will it control both amps?
  8. Working with 1.2Giga, and he’s a solid dude and tons of help. Narrowed it down to adding another DC 12” lvl 4 12, 1500rms. Gonna wire the 2 2ohm DVC in series, with a taramps 5000.1 2ohm amp, mounted on the rear wall behind the 40 side driver seat. Putting them in a “vented” fox acoustics box, which just has openings not actual ports, so I’m considering plugging them off. 1 run of 1/0 from front battery to (somewhere mounted) shuriken bt-80 battery. Will have dual 1/0 runs from it, into the amp, and dual grounds from the amp. I’m looking for any hints/tips/tricks from installers, I’m thinking an smd dual fuse block for the dual runs in the back. Anything else I’m missing?
  9. I’d say yes. Clean it up, and clean the box out well too. Shouldnt be any problem using light pressure just to get it cleaned off.
  10. Damn son! Imma have to look up those ratings on them evl!
  11. Was gonna recommend the DC line to you! I love my lvl 4 12”, stepping up to 2 actually. There’s a few companies who make heavy hitting 10s but I can’t say from experience who’s the best. Check out soundsolutiondsaudio..... dc also makes the 10” in an XL
  12. Just curious why be careful on the taramps? Just to get us informed. I have the smart 3, and it’s been a beast
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