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  1. but as long as you get wire that can carry the load that your amp will draw. and since your changing out that wire i would recommend reading up on the big 3 upgrade so maybe you can get that done if its in your budget
  2. Maybe this will helpπ=SL75_QL70&keywords=quick+connect+plugs I would say solder the rca's if your trying to save money. If not just get new ones.
  3. Your truck looks sick on those rims! Bad ass build too! I love seeing nnbs tahoe builds.
  4. Clean ass build man!! I just barley saw this yesterday. In for more vids/pics!
  5. Drive over there and pop him in the ear hole. Whisper in his other one thats for karkovLol good idea
  7. Curious to see what resting voltage you get. Any updates dolarbilz?
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