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  1. Dc audio 9.0k it’s in like new condition. And works perfect. Kept the voltage high when it was in my Tahoe.. $1500 edit: no shipping, pick up in Lancaster California.. I might be able to meet half way depending on how far you are.
  2. I love the weight of it too. And yes it can be paralleled with a regular lead acid battery. I called xs power the other day and they told me it can be parallel but I forgot to ask them if it can be used under the hood. If it can’t be used under the hood then I’ll just leave my d3400 and use this for the back. It will save me from having so much weight in the back.. two xp3000s and a d3100 are heavy as shit lol.
  3. Anybody planning on switching out there xp series or D series for these? Can this be used under the hood? Any info or thoughts on this batt would be appreciated.
  4. I've been getting ads on mobile for a while now too. I thought it would fix itself/get fixed one day and it never has.
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