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  1. I love the weight of it too. And yes it can be paralleled with a regular lead acid battery. I called xs power the other day and they told me it can be parallel but I forgot to ask them if it can be used under the hood. If it can’t be used under the hood then I’ll just leave my d3400 and use this for the back. It will save me from having so much weight in the back.. two xp3000s and a d3100 are heavy as shit lol.
  2. Anybody planning on switching out there xp series or D series for these? Can this be used under the hood? Any info or thoughts on this batt would be appreciated.
  3. I've been getting ads on mobile for a while now too. I thought it would fix itself/get fixed one day and it never has.
  4. Curious to see what resting voltage you get. Any updates dolarbilz?
  5. Oops wasn't thinking I'll swap it .Why wasn't you happy? Well I bought 3 new xs batts. One D3400 and two xp3000. All three rest at 13.1-13.2. I had two older xs batts that rest at 12.6-12.7. I always charged them with my hf1215. I was going to connect them all in parallel but I wanted to see if I could bring the older ones to rest at the same voltage as the new ones because I didn't want the old ones to bring down the voltage on the new ones. So I got the pcs30 and put the old batts on recovery mode. I only got them to rest at about 12.8. I don't know if the older xs batts just had a lower set resting voltage or what because since I got them they always rested at about 12.7v and my new ones rest at 13.1-13.2 out the box.
  6. Isn't that battery temp sensor wire supposed to go on the batt negative? I wasn't too happy when I used the recovery mode on mine. But maybe I was expecting to much out of it
  7. Couldn't have said it better myself. Thanks for the rca's ken! I received them today.
  8. Fuck yea! I LOVE SMD! I have learned so much and am still learning a lot because of this website.
  9. It looks like he's walking a little green robot lol.. I'm on mobile too lol
  10. Each coil should read the impedance of your subs or really close to it. So for 2ohm dvc subs each coil should read about 2ohms. And check resistance of your leads also and minus that from the reading you get from your coils.
  11. Sorry I can't see sigs on mobile. If you have dual 2s in series then 4.5 seems like they're ok. Also you want to touch the leads of your dmm together and see how much resistance your leads have and then minus that from the reading. But yea I would make sure every wire is good inside also.
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