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  1. why one octave above? does it hurt score if its less than an octave between tune?
  2. the rear is 2-6 inch tubes not flared at 24.5 inches and the front is at 12 by 12 square at 2.5 inches. i was thinking maybe my box rise just lines up at those higher frequencies??
  3. So ive run out of ideas. i have a single Sundown Zv.5 18 in a cpillar wall. this is all in the back of my honda pilot and my rear chamber is 8 cubic feet tuned to 26 Hz and my top side is 14 cubic feet tuned to 45 Hz. for some reason i cannot get it to play above 35Hz at a high volume. it just fall right off and dosnt get any louder after 35. anyone know about 6th orders and can help?
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