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  1. I have a SKAR RP 3500.1 D powering 2 4Ohm EVL 12s and I also have 2 SKAR RP 2000.1D powering 2 more EVL’s at first not much was audible in difference. After break in that changed greatly, the 2000.1D’s are more than plenty for those subs. Running single sub per amp I should of gone for the 2Ohm instead of 4Ohm but this kept me at safer levels. The 2000.1 does have enough in it to get those subs close to the limit but they are way less taxing on the power system. I dropped to 11.5 V on stock power with the 2 with the 3500.1 by itself I dropped almost to 8 but gave way better return being at 1 O
  2. Having a problem with new set up. Just installed 2 XS Power 3100 amp batteries running in parallel. Wired positive to positive and negative to negative, the main is still wired accordingly to factory grounded to block the second I’ve grounded to the chassis in the rear (96’ zj so it’s unibody). My issue is I get no output from my amps other than odd engine noise. Basically sounds as a mic was hooked up in the exhaust. Before the change all worked great and was getting 140’s. Set up includes 4 SKAR EVL 12D4’S, 1 SKAR RP 3500.1D pushing 2 and 2 SKAR RP 2000.1D one each to the other 2. I have a s
  3. Decided to upgrade to 4 12's it was a good choice as I got to start the box over. I just kind of copied some I seen on google images. I pumped up the layers to 3 front and top haven't done bracing yet was planning on beveling or what ever its called on the inside corners. I'm using a vent front middle design and shared chamber. from what I've read its about equal opinion on separate or shared chamber. So 2 subs face front and the other 2 on top inverted. I have 2 Skar RP 2000.1d's and a Skar RP 3500.1d (planning on a second RP 3500.1d) strapped to replace the RP 2000.1ds) right now my issue is
  4. I have 2 SKAR EVL 12D4S in a ported box I think net is 2.99 cu ft. per chamber. port length is around 18' I believe. I also have it wired in parallel from a pair of SKAR RP 2000.1D's going to each sub. That should be 1400 WATTs at 2 Ohms which its wired to. it sounds great except my SPL is way under par for equivalent set ups. 116.4 Db. right around 45-50 Hz I'm using 1/0 gauge power and ground running 18", 12 gauge dual line for speakers. I have a D34 Optima yellow top at 750 CCA I'm not getting much of a voltage drop and no change in idle/ 2000rpm and although short lived no change with veh
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