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  1. The cubic feet is after the port but not the subs with the subs factored in ill have 5.84 cf net. The subs are recommended up to 2.75 cf each but they will see 2.92 cf per sub. Im having the sub box made out of 3/4 birch at 84 bucks for one sheet...thank goodness thats all i need. Ps .... i was thinking ahead to modifications for more spl and I realized that since im using a 8 inch port i can replace the port with a 8 inch homemade sonotube port with a custom flare using fiberglass like my brother did on his big crx build that can be sanded gradually and add tenths of a db at a time. Im also not having the box carpeted so i could use the duct tape trick on the box to gain tenths of a db too. (it has to do with improving airflow from what we can tell. I could also fiberglass the inside of the box for better airflow and little bits of db too but my brother says after a few years as a daily box anyway that stuff breaks down.
  2. I ordered a custom box today 14.5 high 29.5 wide 27.5 deep internal 6.80 cubic feet and an 8 inch aero port .64 = 6.16 before the subs. This is for two 12's.
  3. I ordered my second ces lithium 40 ah and i decided im going to put in my taramps smart 5k to be ready for burps at spl shows. I also have to run 2 runs of zero guage now to keep up with the current demands.
  4. I decided im going to start small and use what I have. I have two soundqubed hdx 3 12's and im going to put it in 4.00 cf net tuned to 36 hz with a 8 inch aero port i have. They are d1 ohm so ill wire it to 1 ohm and put the sub on a taramps smart 3k at the 1 ohms. I also already have a 40 ah lithium battery ill throw in there. All i have to do now is have the box built and run my stinger zero guage power wire.
  5. Looking to compete with this using my taramps smart 5k. Ive seen one of these do 145 db in a trunk car in a daily set up. Anything 15 wise out there better than this for daily and spl use? My car is a 2019 nissan versa sv and im going to have 80 ah of lithium battery with the stock 100 amp alternator.
  6. I think i can squeeze the 12 in and i want a broad range frequency wise so i might sacrifice some spl.
  7. actually ill probably have to go with a hippo xl104 10". That would be better for space considerations and not to mention shock value on demos. It only handles 2000 rms though so ill have to dial back the amp gain.
  8. In case anyones wondering why a choice between an 18 or a 15 its because the u 18 take a small box and the 15 does too but it goes up to 7 cubic feet for the 18.
  9. I was thinking of going with a sundown u 15 or 18 or a sundown x series v2 15. Which would be louder in a 2019 nissan versa sv on 3k power wise?
  10. https://www.skaraudio.com/products/rp-1200-1d-car-amplifier
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