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  1. it a gp car audio subwoofer enclosure and im going to be putting two stereo integrity sql 12's in 1.55 cubic feet per sub tuned to 35 hz. also couls someone model the subs in .91 sealed ve the proposed ported box.
  2. yes you would probably get decent out put that way to if thats how your car is laid out.
  3. My 2 cents.....generally tuning up higher like you are really doesnt gain you as much loudness as you think. This is why tuning lower is more preferable in the big picture. If you really want both a bandpass style box is what you can aim for if you have the room.
  4. If it were me id do the 8's for better low end extension...plus the 8's have alot more xmax.
  5. two stereo integrity sql 12's ported to 34 hz with 1.50 cf each or one DS18 EXL-XXB15.2D 3.50 cf tuned to 34 hz.....was wondering if someone could model them in a box program to see the difference. Both restricted to 2000 rms.
  6. This is for spl purposes and its going in a 2019 nissan versa sv. So far im looking at an american bass godfather 15.
  7. i have a soundstream dtr1 3400d that will do .35 with good electrical on ebay.
  8. Are you saying 25.3 with 50 square inches? if so thats great because i needed to shrink down to get it in my trunk.
  9. This goes right along with Triticum Agricolam's port calculations since im essentially at 3.00 cf (3.11 after all displacements). From my calculations that should put me at about 21ms air velocity.
  10. I asked my brother who used to be sponsored by dc audio and he said 50 isnt enough port area but i asked him if 75 would be enough and he said yes so thats what im going with.
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