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  1. im going to go with this receiver for three sets of outputs. And time alignment and crossover settings. Pioneer MVH-S522BS
  2. The pioneer deh s4220bt. It has a 31 band eq built in with the built in phone app which is what im looking for. This is for a 2019 nissan versa sv.
  3. https://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/ces-custom-electric-service-40ah-lto-battery-cased-lithium-10-spot-terminals-actively-balanced/ Dimensions are 9" Tall 9" Deep, 6" wide.
  4. What year make and model do you have? Maybe i can help you look.
  5. Check your grounds thats the first thing that comes to mind with your issue.
  6. The lifespan on the lto is alot better i think.
  7. I wouldnt grind off anything from what ive read about systems like that they need to be in a certain spec resistance wise.
  8. The max size for a soundqubed 12 is 3.00 cf net so id go there tuning wise you can go to 32. You will lose just a tad of output but you wont need to recone the subwoofer anywhere near as soon.
  9. I talked to my brother and he said going with the xl's would work but youd have like 1 inch more depth than the 4's.
  10. Did you find out anything yet?
  11. I was hoping this guy would post back but the fact that he said he should be getting 6 k when the amp info says 4000 ar 2 ohms makes me wonder if hes legit.
  12. Well its getting late here im headed to bed catch you later.
  13. I am 49. But my build is on hold until next month sometime probably. I havent received my sub or lithium battery yet but i do have the amp i told you about. (The smart 5k)
  14. Its actually a reference to the tv show i liked way back called stingray but 72 is the year i was born.
  15. Im sorry bud didnt mean to step on toes. I will step aside and let you answer his question.
  16. Go with 2 big ass ports 8 inches stock length. https://www.bigass-ports.com/product-p/8vt-2.htm
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