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  1. I will sell you an upgrade kit for that alt. As long as the alt you wish to upgrade is a full oem unit, all you need to do is swap a new stator in and put a small pulley on for better idle output. pm me and we can go from there. or you can email us alternators. it will be cheap. but you wont have any support for building it and no warranty as we cant control what you do with the parts. The knowledge ad support is half of what you pay for when you get a high output alt. But if you want to take on all that by yourself, i can help you. I like to see people learn
  2. Been a while since i have been on here, nice to see some familiar names :)

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      Hey poop face!!! Wish you where on here more often. Know your busy,  and thanks for always  ALWAYS picking up the phone for a chat,.. hope your doing well bro. 

  3. hey kessel, nice build! Glad you got the alt in! If you could call me to explain some of this install I would appreciate it so we can further modify the design to get it so customers do not have to mod at all I would appreciate it. Luckily nothing too major had to be done. Also the regulator we installed is a constant set point of 14.2-14.4v. modifying the stock wiring will do nothing for you. give us a call and we can help finalize everything and make sure everything is good to go. I will email you. Glad to see you are happy with it so far!
  4. looks good so far man. I havent been on in a while. This place has changed quite a bit, but still feels the same in some regards tuned in
  5. love this build glad you got to check it out steve, adam, wyatt and the utah crew are some cool dudes. looks brutal
  6. higher voltage = less amperage for same power. means cooler wire, cooler amps, more efficinet amps, less clipping happier subs
  7. dudeeeee your build is sweet, this build is literally insane man. i hear it may get pretty loud, in for vids.
  8. What was said is correct. Electricity flows from highest potential to lowest potential. Alternators are essentially stupid, they only know one thing, hold regulator set voltage. things have been done with pcm and such to try to make them smarter but basic laws of electronics still apply. When load is applied to system, it will exceed the instantaneous amperage of the alternator since the alt is putting out only what was needed to run car and such, The voltage will drop down to a buffer, aka bats super caps. once voltage drop (keep in mind this is all happening in fractions of a second, which is reason why it takes a good meter to measure this voltage drop), then once voltage drops, alt realizes oh, we need to make power, regulator throws all it got at the rotor to generate a high magnetic field to get more out the alt. if alt can keep up with system, then youll get back yup to charging voltage of 13-14.xx + if it cant keep up youll stay at battery voltage. thats why caps are awesome, becausde they allow you to hold higher charging and they react to loads instantly for all practical calculations. but at the end of the day bats caps, alts all need to be sized correctly to the system
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