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  1. looks good so far man. I havent been on in a while. This place has changed quite a bit, but still feels the same in some regards tuned in
  2. love this build glad you got to check it out steve, adam, wyatt and the utah crew are some cool dudes. looks brutal
  3. with that unit good luck getting a bracket to work with your car. You have a rear mount on your alternator. im sure you could get something to work but it would be difficult. Plus the one in link is a SMALL case, they arent as good as the large cases which are much more expensive. But it will be better than your stock if you can make it fit.
  4. they are going to be on the level and expense of dc power but once again youll be getting the latest technology and hairpin alternators compared to a slot wound universal. only con to hairpin is the cost.
  5. The technology you are getting with the dc power is years ahead of what other companies are offering in the slot wound universal styles. You wont be disappointed with the DC Power and I highly recommend US Alternators. I run one myself. Did you call mechman and see what they can do?
  6. Your car stock case is small and is made by a manufacturer with limited parts to build from that "fit". You cant pack 100 pounds in a 5 pound bag. Both DC Power and US Alternators will make a custom billet case which is larger than your stock one which can house more power reliably. Thats the only way to get a bigger output. You already found the solution but are unwilling to pay for the most important part of the electrical system that not only runs the stereo but also the car! save your self the universal headache and just put up the money and buy a plug and play bolt on billet alternator from DC Power or US Alternators Mechman from my experience doesnt do the elantra in a billet version. They do have billet alts but only for the more common applications.
  7. finally loud glad you went with 4 15s b pillar. i hate to say i told you so but i understand you like a challenge. now to get your electrical right so you can get the 15k in and wreck the car
  8. ctek 7002. that is all you need for those size batteries. although i am sure the xs power charger may be nice, ctek oems for many companies such as northstar, BMW, mercedes etc. Thier chargers (7002 and up) have a 7 step charging process including a reconditioning mode. it can be had for under 100 dollars. try that. it may be able to desulphate the plates enough for battery use. but letting batteries sit in a discharged state and abused is never a good thing.
  9. what happened wouldnt be ok anywhere. lol even in legal states.
  10. Anyone hear about SEMA cutting a bunch of companies and cars from the show just 24 days away?

    1. Karkov


      i want to hear more.

    2. Kyblack76


      What the fuck? What is the reason?

    3. Bump4life


      Idk reason... I saw it on Instagram, seeking more info

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