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  1. Hey guys, a couple of you saw my center console build back in December. Well I decided to go bigger. I’m going to remove the bench seat in the back of my truck and do a dual 12” ported box and then add 4 mids. But I need help with the box build. I have no clue how to design a box build or where to find someone to designs and give me dimensions. Anyone on here willing to help or design one for me?
  2. Damn, I knew sealed wasn't as loud but that's a pretty big difference. I appreciate you showing me that! You live and you learn!! I think this will be my last sealed box lol. But that's okay, just happy to be learning some new things!!
  3. I will agree with you on having a box designed no argument there. And I've never had a sealed box and was like hmmmm i might like this. The other major problem is the box is built to exactly 1.75 Cubes as skar recommends. But i was so in the moment i forgot to account for the sub displacement. Which is why its around 1.5 now. I'm going to retune tomorrow with a -5 and -10 DB tone and see what i come up with. I read the photo you sent. I've been tuning a little below the clipping line to be "safe" but i guess if you think about it as long as you aren't driving around playing a test tone for 30 min and having it clip the entire time I should be good right? I also did some research on the LPF and SSF so I'm going to adjust those tomorrow as well. Thanks for your help man.
  4. I suppose I should also add that when watching the subwoofer move. It flexes A TON. Like it should. So maybe the box is too small and maybe I should have gone ported? I’m gunna take this as “it’s working how it should” I mean again it was just a budget build. I will say I do love the setup. I guess I just like more bass LOL. All in all I’m happy with it. Gave me alot to learn for the next build! Thanks for the help. If anyone needs help with a PC lmk lol. Something I’m actually knowledgeable in
  5. I think I’m just gunna stick to the PC building forums cuz damn I look like an idiot on this one. No. Turns out it was wired right. He said he thought he did it wrong. Pulled the sun out and it was wired right. Idk if I should feel stuck or just feel like this is the power the sun gives. I’m gunna try the rca splitter. Even though I doubt that’s gunna do anything. Maybe I’ll use a different test tone. At this point. I’m gunna try those last too things and if that’s all she makes then that’s all she makes. Maybe the problem is the test tune is so much louder than the music. Or maybe I need a bigger amp. I think I’ll just call it good for now. Tired of feeling like my sub is under powered when in all reality it’s probably sounds just how a 12 inch sub in a sealed box should lol
  6. I found the issue. I had my dumbass friend help me wire things. And he wanted to run the speaker wire for the subs. So turns out I’m wire to 4 ohm load instead of the 1 ohm I’m supposed to be running. Makes sense. According to scar and a 4 ohm final load I’m only pushing 550 watts. Literally half my sub rated rms lol.
  7. I'm aware the box is a bit small for what is recommended. Ran into a could hiccups when building so that's what I had to run with. The truck is an 03 Silverado extended cab. I took out the Center console and built a center console and built the box inside. The sub fires facing the rear. The biggest problems is when i set the gain using an O scope. I use a 40 htz test tone and its loud!! Maybe even a little too loud for me. But then when I go and play a couple bass heavy songs its just meh. I feel like something is wrong with my tuning maybe? My biggest worry is to the blow the sub. I love bass and I'm a college student. I can only afford so much. I just don't get when it slams while tuning and then switch to a song and its not even close to what it was.
  8. When I set the gain with the test 40 htz test tone it was pretty loud. But then when it translated over to music I wanna say its about half of what it sounded like with the test tone. Maybe I will try using a splitter and see what the difference is. The test tone i used is from YouTube music, and that's the streaming service I use for all of my music. Not sure if that matters.
  9. Hey guys, recently got my small sub setup put in. Its a Skar EVL 12 with a Skar RP1500D AMP. Box is close to 1.5 cubes sealed. I got an oscilloscope and tuned gain for clipping. No bass boost is on the amp or the HU. And i feel extremely underwhelmed. The sub is in an open cab truck and I feel like it should be hitting much harder than it is. The only thing i was thinking it could be is I have the Sony XAV AX3000 head unit. The back end only has 1 "sub" RCA port. So I ran the other rca into a "rear" port on the head unit. Do you think this is the problem or is the sub and amp combo kind of just meh? It was more of a budget build I'm just feeling like it should be putting out much more. Anything helps. Here's a pic for reference.
  10. Okay thanks, that's not in the plans for a while I don't think. But I was able to tune the gain but have the HU volume set to 30 instead of 37 so I'm guessing we should be slamming tomorrow. I used the exact same 40htz test tone and the gain went up a pretty decent amount. I was quite surprised to say the least. It was only 7 Degrees when I tuned it and my fingers were shaking. Didn't have the man power to test it out much besides with the truck doors wide open. Ill post an update tomorrow. I wish I did some more documentation of the build but I got super busy and eager to get it in so that just didn't happen. But I'm guessing this thread will close here until I do some Mids. Thanks for the support and tips from my 2 followers lol.
  11. Okay perfect, thanks for your help. Last question I guess is, to wire a 4 channels I need another power wire coming off the battery correct? I don’t want to tap into the existing 4 gauge I have running right?
  12. Yes I’m very careful. I usually see a clip and then turn it down To a clean wave. And then down some more. When I go to 34 or 35 I LOVE the bass. But my door speakers want to cry. I’m thinking about getting a small 4 channel to power the doors but I wanna wait till I do big 3 and alternator upgrade.
  13. Here’s 2 quick pictures to show the completed build. Not factory perfection but I’m very happy with it.
  14. I guess maybe what I’m asking is. I like my door volume at around 24-28. When tuning with the o scope. It I set the volume to 28 and have that be my max before clip. Will I be able to turn the gain up on the sub? Or is that not how it works. My thought process is…. If I’m turning the HU volume down almost 10 clicks while turning. I should be able to set the gain higher. Am I wrong?
  15. I like the bass at 75. But I haven’t gotten far enough yet with my doors. They are just “decent” after market doors running off of the amp on my HU. I don’t have a 4 Chanel for them
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