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  1. And keep in mind you have to get the enclosure into the trunk unless you plan on building it in the car. I've seen a lot of boxes built that didn't take the trunk opening into account. It's a small but important detail lol
  2. On Torres its right in that miscellaneous section with "woofer" and "bracing". Missed that your "common port walls" figure was empty too so that will give you a little more airspace (assuming you're running the port along the enclosure wall) as will moving to 3/4" material. I didn't see woofer displacement on the Skar website but found one site that gave it as 0.15cu/ft per woofer. You may want to confirm that number though. I don't imagine it's far off though my X15 is 0.2 and it's a fair bit bigger.
  3. Only thing I see is that you haven't accounted for driver displacement or bracing which will chew up a little space and raise your tunning up a bit. If you wanted to lower your tune a touch you could go to a 4.5" port and still be in spec at 90".
  4. Welcome to the forum. I'm working on getting my 2016 GT set up too. I was just in contact with https://apexhighoutputalternators.com/ and they have 3 models available for my CX5. Would be worth contacting him about yours. Not sure if the electrical changed from the 2016 to 2017 model. Good luck with the build I haven't seen a lot of these with systems in them.
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