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Found 61 results

  1. Alright so lets go ahead and get right to the point, i have a 01 Toyota Camry and it has a 90 amp alternator and a stock battery, well brand new but just a regular o'reilys battery. and i did the big 3. Im planning to stick with stock alt and stock battery, so i'm stuck trying to decide what amp to go with, i have 2 skar audio ddx-12's and currently have the good old trusty (audio bahn fire amp) on them right now. I have narrowed my choices down to 3 amps, ill order in them in favoritism. 1. skar audio rp1500.1d 2. soundqubed s1-1250 3. skar audio rp1200.1d. what amp would work best with the power i have currently, and non rev matching either, just good ole idle power. All comments appreciative lol.
  2. So im starting a new budget build for my cavalier that consist of 2 soubdqubed HDS312 im trying to stay on a budget and not have to upgrade my alternator, i already have the big 3 upgrade did it with 0 gauge welding cable (that one that is really hard to flex) i have stock alt and stock battery but i will upgrade the batteries for some agm in the future more than likely one under the hood and another one in the back, right now i have only 1 hds312 on a hifonics glz1400.1d and voltage drops to like 12.5 or so but thats because i have a really shitty battery its like a tiny small one lol not even agm. now i saw a box that i liked the design of the box and i would like to make the same box design for my set up but i cant figure out how would the port go in the inside of the box or how to actually tuned the, ive made boxes before but most of the times only single subwoofer boxes was wondering if anyone knows how this design is from the inside and how would i know how to tune it to like 30 hertz for the lowz. heres the design im talking about. http://s348.photobucket.com/user/solis_pablo/media/box.jpg.html
  3. Don't think I can even post in for sale area, so throwing this in general. I have my 2 Sundown X18's and SQ amp, few other things I need to sell, but I have no idea where would be the best place to put them up. I'm in NorthWestern Ontario Canada so there isn't much of a market for used equipment like this. I'd like to see them get to a good home but I'm at a loss other than Ebay, who I've never used to sell anything before. Any caraudio related sale boards you guys recommend in canada?
  4. My baby, 03 sonoma ext cab. Got 2 older AQ sd212s now in a crap prefab box. Wanna step my bass up a bit. Got a guy working on a box and install for me. Live in bfe western pa. Hard to find Bassheads that know anything. SO.......really wanting to do 4 hds312's behind the seat, but dont think I can without walling it. I'm not opposed to hds310's if thatll keep the box below the back of the seats. Anyone done this? Is threre enogh cf behind the seats for 4 12s? Just thought you guys might have some input thatll make my life a little easier. So thanks in advance! Chris in podunk pa
  5. i plan on getting 2 more hdc3 10's and want to make a new box for all three two of them will be in the box normal and the middle one will be inverted i have created a box in torres box calculator just wondering if it looks about right and will sound good ..... <a href="http://s1255.photobucket.com/user/Dracanse1178/media/3Hdc310s_zpsc8278d87.png.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1255.photobucket.com/albums/hh623/Dracanse1178/3Hdc310s_zpsc8278d87.png" border="0" alt=" photo 3Hdc310s_zpsc8278d87.png"/></a>
  6. I designed a box for a Soundqubed HDC3 18 that will fit in the back of my Mazda pick up. It will be running off a Cadence 2500.1 (1200rms) with stock electrical but will be doing the big 3 very soon. Opinions? Here are the specs: 7.98Ft^3 Net Volume 32.74Hz tuning W- 50in D- 18in H- 23in Port- H- 16.5in W-6.75in Length- 23in 14in^2 of port area per foot Driver displacement is included w/ bracing
  7. I've have my soundqubed hdc315 d2 hooked up to 12awg cca wire using wire nuts, which I know isn't preferred but I can't find 8awg butt connectors anywhere, and I don't have a terminal on my box. How do I wire this properly to 1ohm at the amp? Also powering my sub I have a soundqubed sq2200.2 and I'm wondering if while I have my sub out if I should hook up some 8awg ofc wire? Or will there be no difference in supplying the power to the sub? Thank you.
  8. 02 Honda Accord. Box will be built facing in and sealed off. I am getting a SQ2200d and a hdc312, but I’m not sure if I should run two off that amp. Wired at 1ohm.
  9. Hey guys, so here's the run down: I've got a Soundqubed 1200 pushing two Sundown SA-12's @1ohm. I've been having issues recently, and I'm looking for someone more experienced to tell me where to start looking for problems with the setup. 1. When I installed the amp, plugging in both RCA's put the amp in protect. I didn't have time to open the head unit (it's my stock Ford head unit) and my old amplifiers a JL Slash 500/1 and then an Alpine 500W both had no problem with the RCA connections. This amp seemed to. 2. My voltages are rock solid at 14.4v because of my 120A alternator, so it's most likely not that. 3. I've been running just one RCA input and that works fine as far as I can tell. The amp loses power under heavy load at random intervals. It does NOT go into protect, just shuts off. Pulling the inline 120A fuse from the 4 gauge going to the amp and placing it back in will turn the amp back on, until it decides to shut off again. I almost always have to pull the fuse or let it sit a long time to get it to turn back on. The protection light does not turn on. 4. I originally had an 80A fuse in but after doing the math I upgraded to a 100A because the current I want to be passing through should be fine on 100A. Figuring the amp was putting out more than rated (haven't tested this) I grabbed a 120A fuse to match the 3x40A fuse setup on the amp itself. None of these fuses actually LOOK blown though. And I don't think they are, so that leads me to believe it's something else. 5. Everything plays completely clean before it shuts off. Where should I start looking for problems? Any help is appreciated, thanks guys.
  10. I have a 85 Monte Carlo SS that I'm trying to do a trunk build for. I already have 2 SQ subs, but I think I'm having issues seeing how they will fit. This is just a rough mock up process, as I haven't even sounddeadened the trunk yet, let alone an enclosure built, but I'm just thinking ahead. Here is the area I have to work with: 12 3/4 H 41 3/4 L 21 3/4 D I can get enough volume (I think), but with a height of maybe 12 3/4 max, can I even fit the cutout diameter on the face? I assume I could go subs up, port back, but I really wanted the subs facing back. The sub frame floor is 1/2 birch, the supports are 3 3/4, and the false floor that the box will sit on is 1/2 birch. The side panels are 1/2 and the "lifting" part will be 1/2 as well.
  11. Alright SMD, I think its time! I would first like to introduce myself. My name is Wood and Im 23. Everything i own and will be done (by myself unfortunately) will be from hard work and dedication and my loyalty to the car/ car audio scene. No hand outs!! I work 50hrs a week, own my own EVRYTHING (but sometime it feel like bills own me LOL ) so YES, It will be a slow, but very progressive build. I'm enrolling back in college this coming fall to be an electrical engineer with 6yrs prior service in the Air Force Reserve as an EE on the F-16. I am a car enthusiast and music FREAK!! Now on to the Good Stuff: My Car is 2011 Nissan Altima sedan. Recently purchased in Jan. 15th Visual Plans: Tint Gloss Black Vinyl Roof Change All Lights To LED Stillen Roof Spoiler Projector Retrofit 20" TSW Snettertons Eibach Lowering Springs (Install coming soon!!) Drill & Slotted Rotors Takeda Intake Audio Plans: Sub Stage: Fi SP4 15" Powered by Rockford Fosgate T2500bdcp Mid/ Highs: Hertz HSK 165 powered by Rockford Fosgate T600-4 Sony XAV 602BT Sky High Power & Ground Wire Sky High Speaker and Remote Wire Big 3 Knu Konceptz Deadening , Audio Technix (For rear deck & trunk complete with 4 layers) 230a H/O by Mike Singer Northstar group 34 (Front Battery) , Eaton (Rear Battery)
  12. I am new here and have lots of questions for you all. Some of these questions are probably very stupid and I should already know the answers...but I don't, so take it easy on me please. I had been running the same system for the past 5 years in my old vehicle, and I want to change it up. Old vehicle R.I.P, "new" vehicle= 2004 Ford Escape (3.0 v6 if it matters) Here's the plan... Stock alternator, Optima yellow top, big 3 upgrade, SoundQubed HDS315, SoundQubed Q1-1200, sub up-port back... Now the questions: 1. Will I be alright with this, or will I NEED a high output alternator and/or additional battery? ...will have lots more questions based on this answer 2. I should I wire from 2 ohm to 1 ohm...correct? 3. Can I run 0 gauge wire? 4. Anyone have a contact for box design?
  13. I have a 16 ram 2500 mega cab diesel that I want to shake up. im a newb and am open to advice. this is my plan guys. 2 hdc4 12s on a4500 at 1ohm, 370amp alternator is already on its way to me, 2 d31 batts. enclosure 4.5 cubes after port and displacement, roughly 72 square inches of port to 40hz. I don't compete im just a bass head if you will. subs will be behind the back seat with the port out the top. I just like loud obnoxious bass. please give me some feedback of what you guys think about this build and if anyone has done a mega cab build before please let me know how it went and what you chose to go with. sorry if im missing anything
  14. anyone ever built a wall behind the rear seat of a 96-99 4 door tahoe . Trying to figure if its possible to to do a proper wall in the rear with either 4,6, or 8 15s if any one knows if this is possible please chime in I'm pretty certain that a 4 sub wall can be achieved behind the rear seat but not sure about six or eight . Subs of choice are soundqubed hds315
  15. So I happened upon this clean blue beauty and for a price of almost half of all the others of similar year and mileage, I snatched it up. My build plans with it are to move my current system from the explorer into this since i will no longer own the explorer in a short time. The equipment being: HU- Pioneer DEH-80PRS Subs- Two SoundQubed HDS312D2's Amps- SoundQubed Q1-3500.1; AudioQue 90.4 Mids & Highs- CDT CL61A Wires- All Sky High 1/0, RCA's, 12ga speaker wire Power- Haven't decided on an alt yet, gotta contact singer, see what he's got. I don't think I'll go with anything over 300A on the alt. I'll have a D3400 under the hood, and I've got a D4700 i had bought for a cruze that I'll keep by the amps. Hopefully I can get started on transferring it all this weekend. I've got duty saturday so i'll have all day sunday to knock it out. The only things that need bought are the D3400 and the alt. I'll post pictures as i go through the install. edit: fixed the pictures
  16. building a box for my 2 hds212's and the site recommends 4-5 cubic feet for 2 12s. to my understanding this is net before port and woofer displacement? and for tuning it do i use the gross box volume for the port area or do i use the net? if anyone has any ideas my max dimensions a 36wx18hx20d if maybe someone could chime. im using torres and winisd for frequency response. plus what is a good tuning to stick around for the hds200s? from what i read they like 33-38 but does anyone have any experience with these?
  17. Wylie carving pumpkins the other night my friend told me I should put one of my SQ 8's in a pumpkin. So the next day I went out and got a pumpkin to make my new "box". And since I have nothing else to do right now I figured I would put it up one here. Step 1: get a pumpkin with a flattish side to mount the sub on. Step 2: cut a hole out for the sub. Step 3: scoop out all those insides, but save the seeds bc those must be roasted and eaten. Step 4: file down to get the best fit and mount the sub in the "box". And there it is, the Halloween bass pumpkin. It is roughly .75 cuft and sounds great! Video will be up later today of it playing off of a MB Quart amp. Hope everybody have a happy Halloween!
  18. I'm on a major budget and can't go any higher in price. But I have a Mazda B4000 extended cab truck and I'm going to power either set up on 1200 watts. Which would be louder and hit the lows nice? I have up to 10FT*3 of box space to play with
  19. (2) re audio xxx 6.5" midbass (2) soundqubed proaudio 6.5" midrange (2) crescendo silk dome 1" tweeters I got some soundqubed 6.5" real cheap on black friday so I took some stuff thats been laying around and made it into a soundbar I currently live somewhere were no outside work is possible so I had to use a jigsaw in my buddies backyard to cut this. Real amateur but Im happy with the results. I HATE bare boxes so I had to paint it black. I like black paint because it is harder to see through tint for those creepers. I plan on mounting this box to my current sub box in my SUV with the speakers firing towards me for now. Im getting a new vehicle soon so I didnt want to do anything too permanent. I was sharing this with a few people in PM and I wasnt going to post this publicly but Im not on planet earth right now. first soundqubed hooked me up with some free shit, when I ordered it added on "$0.00 black friday bundle" I guess this is it. Pretty cool but digital designs gave me a lanyard, decal, and TWO beer holders.... lol jp I wanted to use my friends nice dewalt jigsaw but he loaned it out already so I went to harbor freight and bought this $20 it worked better than my old craftsman honestly I dont have the crescendo tweeter crossovers so I used these instead the tweets have their own wires coming out the back of the box the four 6.5" are wired @1ohm with a single wire coming out the back it will be bridged on a skar lp80.4 for 240 watts I secured all wires inside the box to avoid noise and any pulling with music what I really like about this project is even if I pull my system for whatever reason I can always hook this thing up to my computer stereo receiver inhome anyways sorry this isnt some big professional grade build log but I thought Id share with us little jigsaw guys!
  20. I recently ordered a soundqubed HDC 3.15 D1, (thanks to helpful recommendations from members here), and am hung up on which amp to order. I was warned a 2000 watt amp would require full electrical upgrades. I believe I'm currently running the stock 117 amp alternator (will confirm that soon) in my 98 jeep cherokee with a gm-d8604 amp to four coax speakers. I will be upgrading my battery cables and alternator cables to 1 awg soon. If I went with the q1-2200.2 what would be the best but cheapest way to power that? I've looked into h.o. alternators but I'm not sure. Additional batteries? I know the HDC 3.15 can take more but how much power would the q1-1200.2 require and what minimum electrical upgrades would I need for that? Any other amp suggestions for the HDC 3,15 with minimal electrical upgrades needed? Thanks for all the help, I'm trying to search for box plans myself, but any advice on that is welcome too.
  21. I have an 04 cadillac seville, fair sized trunk space. Looking to get a custom box made for 2 HDS312s, but not sure what to make the specs. How should I tune the box? I've heard 32 hertz because I listen to mostly rap, but looking for more opinions! Pics of the specs for boxes would be appreciated! Thanks guys
  22. I want to thank you for taking the time to look at my thread. I have a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo and I've been saving and working for this for 4+ months. Here so I go. Mids & Highs: x2 NVX Audio X-Series 6.5s 2 way component speaker sets. To Connect to.. Soundqubed Q4-90 Low: x2 Soundqubed HDC3 10 To Connect to.. Soundqubed Q1-2200.2 HO Alt: Js Ultimate Alts 240a Cable: x2 Skyhigh 0 Gage OFC kits. Skyhigh 8 gage & 16 gage OFC speaker cable HU: Pioneer DEH-80PRS Battery: XS Power D6500 Sound Deadener: 121 sq feet of Skyhigh 120mil I have three boxed of this stuff but installed some:
  23. Hi i need help for a box design for the Soundqubed HDC3 10 inch. Here are the recommended specs for it. HDC310 - 1.5 cube net with 17 sq inch port area per cube - tune between 36-41 hz I am going to be putting it in a Subaru BRZ so trunk space is limited to about 13 inches height. I will be running 1200 RMS to it. If you guys could help me out that would be great!
  24. Here is my build log. The vehicle is a 98 GMC ext cab K1500, with the 3rd door. This build was supposed to be 1 Sundown X 15 on 1 SQ 2200 until SSA had a pretty awesome deal when the zv4's first came out that i couldn't pass up. I already order the 2200 thinking I was getting an X so the ZV4 is going to be a little under powered. On to the pics.. The Truck. 182k and still going strong She's no pavement Princess First day I got her Next to the Wife's Sd-2 8" A Picture of all the Original Equipment Singer 250 vs Stock Installed with XS Power D3400 Started with the false floor connected to the original seat belt bolts. I wanted a low end monster so I Built a box that was 4.2 cubes net tuned to 26hz. It easily played 20hz and fell off after about 37hz. The lows were pretty awesome for a single sub. In the truck
  25. So as I turn up the volume about 15 percent or so, the sub stops playing completely, leaving only my door speakers playing. So I check the amp light and its still green, not red. I turned the car off and restarted, the amp turned on, again green light but no sound. What could be the problem? This happened as I was playing the VM Audio ECW120 Encore 12". I thought I fried the sub because I was playing it at 90-95% volume for about 2 minutes, so I got a new SoundQubed HDC3 15" D2 Copper 1500W RMS. Played it at 15% volume and same thing. So I rewired everything all the grounds positives and speaker wires, changed the remote wire and rewired the audio battery all to double check loose wires. All fuses are good too. Still same thing. The amp is a Rockville RXD-M4 its a class D monoblock high power amplifier with 6,000 watts peak output, 3,000 watts RMS output and 1500 watts CEA-2006 rated power. The gain is set to about 75 percent. Is it a fried amp? What could be the problem here?
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