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Found 159 results

  1. New year, new things. This is a separate build log to show the remaining fab work that The Black Nasty will under go. Here is the equipment list of what is currently in the truck for those that don't know. If you want to see the wall build and all the construction go to the build log here ---> THE BLACK NASTY REBUILD 2001 GMC Sierra Extended Cab w/Fiberglass Topper Audio (6) SoundQubed HDC4 "BNE" 15s w/8 inch Carbon caps (6) SoundQubed Q4500s with Toolmaker dual inputs (6) SoundQubed 6.5s Pro mids (3) SoundQubed 120.4s (2) SoundQubed SuperTweets Electrical (4) Mechman SMD 340a yellow alts external reg (1) Batcap 4000 (192) 3000 Farad Maxwell caps w/ACTIVE BALANCING 750 ft Stinger 1/0 250 ft Stinger 8 gauge 100 ft Stinger 4 gauge Dozens of 300 amp Stinger ANL fuse and fuse blocks (3) Dakota Digital Volt meters (2) Dakota Digital Amp temp meters (1) SMD VM-1 (1) Stinger volt meters (2) Stinger 70a power Supplies (1) Custom 8 input/output Toolmaker fuse block (1) Custom 16 input/output AMI CUSTOMS fuse block Other 200+ Sq ft of deadener 1 gallon of Spectrum deadener (3) LC-1 for amplifier RCA control Source unit Kenwood DNX9990HD Apple Ipad Mini w/DashCommand Performance Dyno Tune 268 HP/ 300 TQ Pacesetter Longtube Headers K&N CAI EGR Delete CAT Delete Flowmaster Super 44 dumped Electric fan swap Exterior Shaved tailgate Smooth metal rollpan bumper Billet Grill Euro Black Taillights Fiberglass LEER Topper This is probably the most detailed I have ever gotten into about the truck. Now on the build and fab work for 2014 season. List of things to complete, ones in BOLD are done and I will show pictures in the next few posts. Plan for 2014 Season - IPAD GAUGE CLUSTER MOD SWAP - Flush Mount SMD VM-1 in dash trim - Seal up tailgate from leaking water into the bed - A-Pillars with (2) Soft dome SoundQubed tweets per pillar (Started) - Paint and replace top part of dash Carbon flash to match. - Install Door poppers - Fab door panels to hold (6) Pro mids and (6) Supertweets per door - Fab new mounts for more 4 channel amps in bed, metal work - Install 2 more 120.4 SoundQubed 4 channels - Get custom Suede seats made There are other things I would like to get done at some point and will be added later, ideally I would like to have Apillars, dash, doors done before end of the summer. So on to the pics This is a good opener pic, my oldest daughter. How the The Black Nasty sits right now, at a local show few weekends back.
  2. FULL SOUNDQUBED BUILD !!!! Goal of the build is to do hairtricks both doors wide open and play anything!!! Owner of the van is Rich Anthony, i am building this for him and Soundqubed, this is SoundQubed's new demo vehicle!!! Now the good stuff 99 Astro Work Van (8) HDC3 18s Dual 2 (350) 12 gauge speaker wire (150) 16 gauge speaker wire (50) sheets deadener Q-mat (5) green 1/0 full spool (5) Black 1/0 full spool (8) pro mids 8s (pairs) (8) pro mids 6.5s (pairs) (14) supertweets (pairs) (8) s4-100 amps (10) 4 gauge amp kits (4) 4500 mono amps (3) JY 80 ah lithium (2) Mechman 320a Elite Alts (1) Full steel cage enclosure 4th order Plus various other goodies now on to the pics!!! triple Alt bracket Van came to me with no exhaust so this was first part to go on it. Back door handles were broke. STEEL,,,LOTS OF STEEL 1 x 2 rectangle tubing 1/8 wall thickness
  3. So I happened upon this clean blue beauty and for a price of almost half of all the others of similar year and mileage, I snatched it up. My build plans with it are to move my current system from the explorer into this since i will no longer own the explorer in a short time. The equipment being: HU- Pioneer DEH-80PRS Subs- Two SoundQubed HDS312D2's Amps- SoundQubed Q1-3500.1; AudioQue 90.4 Mids & Highs- CDT CL61A Wires- All Sky High 1/0, RCA's, 12ga speaker wire Power- Haven't decided on an alt yet, gotta contact singer, see what he's got. I don't think I'll go with anything over 300A on the alt. I'll have a D3400 under the hood, and I've got a D4700 i had bought for a cruze that I'll keep by the amps. Hopefully I can get started on transferring it all this weekend. I've got duty saturday so i'll have all day sunday to knock it out. The only things that need bought are the D3400 and the alt. I'll post pictures as i go through the install. edit: fixed the pictures
  4. SoundQubed just released the S1 series - their new budget line of amps... which is funny because I already thought their amps were pretty "budget". Unsurprisingly, this move reminded me of DD's D series amplifiers and the tech talk DD released about the differences between the DM1500 and M1d : . I am assuming similar tradeoffs are employed between the S and Q series amps and am wondering if someone can comment on them. I have attached an image of the S1-2250 from this youtube vid: . I am mainly wondering about any differences that may affect sound quality. I'm working on a build for a Fi SSD Neo 15" (1,750w rms) and currently plan on powering it with my DD M1c (1,400 rms)... but when I saw this amp it sparked some interest in selling my M1c and using that money on an S1-2250 to help me better power my new sub. I will probably make the amp swap unless someone can say the drop in sound quality out-weighs the gain in power. The SoundQubed S1-2250 dyno numbers at 12 volts... I repeat 12 volts ... are: 1,077 watt @4ohm 1,301 @2ohm 2,138 @1ohm Let me know what you think! Thanks!
  5. 02 Honda Accord. Box will be built facing in and sealed off. I am getting a SQ2200d and a hdc312, but I’m not sure if I should run two off that amp. Wired at 1ohm.
  6. Good evening y'all, Wondering if I'll pick up some SPL by swapping out my HDC3 10" (1500w rms) with 2 HDS 15's (600w rms each)? Been listening to a lot of electronic music lately as well so I want to pick up more lows. Vehicle is a 2017 F-150 XLT so I'd be taking out a rear passenger seat (rear bench has 2 sections) to accommodate a box large enough for 2 15's. Amp is a DD M1c so my sub is realistically only seeing 1,200-1,300 watts on my stock electrical. Wisdom/suggestions appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Alright SMD, I think its time! I would first like to introduce myself. My name is Wood and Im 23. Everything i own and will be done (by myself unfortunately) will be from hard work and dedication and my loyalty to the car/ car audio scene. No hand outs!! I work 50hrs a week, own my own EVRYTHING (but sometime it feel like bills own me LOL ) so YES, It will be a slow, but very progressive build. I'm enrolling back in college this coming fall to be an electrical engineer with 6yrs prior service in the Air Force Reserve as an EE on the F-16. I am a car enthusiast and music FREAK!! Now on to the Good Stuff: My Car is 2011 Nissan Altima sedan. Recently purchased in Jan. 15th Visual Plans: Tint Gloss Black Vinyl Roof Change All Lights To LED Stillen Roof Spoiler Projector Retrofit 20" TSW Snettertons Eibach Lowering Springs (Install coming soon!!) Drill & Slotted Rotors Takeda Intake Audio Plans: Sub Stage: Fi SP4 15" Powered by Rockford Fosgate T2500bdcp Mid/ Highs: Hertz HSK 165 powered by Rockford Fosgate T600-4 Sony XAV 602BT Sky High Power & Ground Wire Sky High Speaker and Remote Wire Big 3 Knu Konceptz Deadening , Audio Technix (For rear deck & trunk complete with 4 layers) 230a H/O by Mike Singer Northstar group 34 (Front Battery) , Eaton (Rear Battery)
  8. Scaifeee

    Sub Searching

    I'm in search for a decent 12" sub preferably under $150 that can handle 500 watts or more. Thinking about getting a Soundqubed HDS2 or S3. Any other suggestions?
  9. Hello, internet. I'm a college kid helping a friend of mine with a build in his Jeep. This is my 4th build, but my first posted build so go easy on me. We're all here to learn. This is meant to be a budget build that may or may not be incrementally upgraded. He's had a few Rockford Fosgate prefab setups in the past, but wanted something a bit bigger. Our equipment currently consists of: - 2x SoundQubed HDS-2.110 (600W RMS / piece) $120 / each - 1x SoundQubed Q1-1200.2 (1300W @ 14.4v) $200 used - 1x 4 gauge CCA amp wiring kit $40 used - 1x large sheet of birch plywood $50 Over the course of the past few weeks, we've agreed that an isobaric 4th order bandpass is the best solution to our problems of space, since he didn't want the size of a ported box, but thought a sealed box wouldn't play low enough. Since I'm still technically in the testing stage, I'm still not sure that a 4th order will fit the size requirements, but on paper it's looking alright so far. I'll get more details when I touch base with him tomorrow. A goal of mine was to be able to document a 4th order isobaric design and have a list of calculations that works for everyone. I apologize for no pictures in my first post, but I assure you they will be here ASAP. So, with no further ado... STEP 1: Deciding on a goal We want a fairly linear response over a wide frequency range at the expense of SPL. Sometimes less is more. My thought was that the nonlinearity I would sacrifice by going with somewhat degraded transients would be possibly smoothed out by the choice to go isobaric. Since the two drivers become acoustically paired together by the small amount of air between them, they're treated as one distinct transducer, and the mechanical parameters change to reflect that. STEP 2: Choosing the amount of ripple There are countless sources which indicate that certain "S" values correspond to certain acoustic crossovers. I decided not to go with 0.707 and exchange transient response for a wider pass band that can be smoothed out, deciding that 0.6 would be a good start for experimentation. In conclusion, S = 0.6. STEP 3: Determining the bandwidth and thereby, sensitivity To find these, you have to reference the chart I will include a link to at the bottom of this post. Firstly, you have to find the fL, or lower -3dB point. This is the lower part of the passband where the frequency response drops off rapidly (compared to sealed or ported boxes). I'll post all of the formulas I used and my work in case anyone else is interested in my results. fL = F(s) / Q(ts) * (fL factor) fL = 31.63 / 0.519 * 0.4827 fL = 29 Hz low cutoff (0 dB gain) Then we determine the high cutoff. The sealed section of the box helps reproduce the low end while the ported section acts as a filter and assists reproduction of the high end. fH = F(s) / Q(ts) * (fH factor) fH = 31.63 / 0.519 * 1.4387 fH = 87 Hz high cutoff (0 dB gain) So wow, we end up with an effective range of about 32 hz - 80 hz before cabin gain (keeping in mind that the points dictated as -3dB will be half as loud as frequencies within the passband. This suits our needs perfectly! STEP 4: Find the volume of the ported chamber I did this part in liters and then realized I was in America. Vf = (2S * Q(ts))^2 * V(as) Vf = (2(0.6) * 0.519)^2 * 56 Vf = 21.721271 liters = 0.767079446132 ft^3 = ~0.77 ft^3 STEP 5: Find the volume of the sealed chamber Vr = V(as) / ((Qbp / Q(ts) )^2 - 1) Vr = 56 / ((0.8333 / 0.519)^2 - 1) Vr = 35.4899442 liters = 1.253315551387 ft^3 = ~1.25 ft^3 STEP 6: Calculate front chamber tuning frequency fb = Qbp * (F(s) / Q(ts)) fb = 0.8333 * (31.63 / 0.519) fb = 50.784738 hz STEP 7: Calculate port dimensions Since this box will be slightly bigger than the aforementioned specifications to account for the volume taken up by the sub basket and magnet assembly, we still need a small port. After all, the bigger the port is, the longer it needs to be. There's a relatively simple equation out there that calculates the air speed at the port to determine if it needs to be bigger, but I've assumed ~4" would be appropriate. R = 5 cm (10 cm diameter) Lv = ((94250 * R^2) / (fb^2 * Vf)) - (1.595 * R) Lv = ((94250 * 5^2) / (50.784738^2 * 21.721271)) - (1.595 * 5) Lv = ((2,356,250) / (56,021.1044)) - (7.975) Lv = (42.0600419) - (7.975) Lv = 34.0850419 cm = 13.41930783465 inches long port x 3.93701 inches wide CONCLUSION OF FIRST CALCULATIONS: This is an example with one of the two SoundQubed subs in use. I will make a subsequent post where I will change these parameters for application in an isobaric setting, and make sure we document the proper way to wire the line out converter since we will not be replacing the radio. SOURCES:
  10. Charles Phillips

    Look over my 4th order specs

    Hey! I'm working on a build log for my friends box that I'm designing, and I just wanted some who's designed some of these (especially isobaric) to take a gander. I wrote my own 4th order calculator in Java and posted it before I figured out there already was one online (fail). The specs are as follows: Enclosure type: Isobaric 4th Order Bandpass Subwoofers: 2 SoundQubed HDS-2.110 600WRMS F(s): 31.63 Hz Q(ts): 0.519 V(as): 1.97 ft^3 Vf: 0.52 ft^3 Vr: 1.101 ft^3 Qbp: 0.71 S Factor: 0.7 Fb: 43.53 Hz Desired F3(L): 26.8 Hz Passband: 26.8 - 70.72 Hz Gain: 0 dB Also the port specs were kind of crazy. The minimum size was 11.24" diameter and 78.84" long. I'd like a shorter port but the only way to do that is decrease diameter which increases air speed and might cause port chuffing. Thanks a ton!!!
  11. BIGPOPPA420

    1500 watt rms sub

    Alrighty guys I am planning a trunk wall build based out of a 00 ford contour svt. I already have a 220 amp alternator dual big 3 on it, interstate batt up front, a kinetik 1200 blu and a kinetik 2400 in the back, 2 runs of 0g to the back batts (i don't drop under 13.8 usually), the amplifier is a soundstream t1.6000dl, i have 2 massive audio gtx 122 @ 2 ohm in a prefab (i know) its 1.8 per chamber at 35 hz it does pretty well for what it is but i wanna drop the amp down to .5 and i cant make a decision on what drivers i wanna get, my price range is 300 per sub (give or take) and i had quite a bit lined up but cant make a decision and I'm down to a couple now. soundqubed hdc3.1, psi lvl 2, dc level 3, massive audio hippoxl, ctsounds meso, dropin hz hotel, someone pleas persuade me into making the right decision!
  12. I want to thank you for taking the time to look at my thread. I have a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo and I've been saving and working for this for 4+ months. Here so I go. Mids & Highs: x2 NVX Audio X-Series 6.5s 2 way component speaker sets. To Connect to.. Soundqubed Q4-90 Low: x2 Soundqubed HDC3 10 To Connect to.. Soundqubed Q1-2200.2 HO Alt: Js Ultimate Alts 240a Cable: x2 Skyhigh 0 Gage OFC kits. Skyhigh 8 gage & 16 gage OFC speaker cable HU: Pioneer DEH-80PRS Battery: XS Power D6500 Sound Deadener: 121 sq feet of Skyhigh 120mil I have three boxed of this stuff but installed some:
  13. I had to SQ subs sitting around my house for the past 2 years, so I finally got another car that I can put them in. Car - Cadillac CTS Wagon Subs - 2 - Soundqubed HDS312-4 Enclosure - 4.7 ft3 @ 34hz (design stolen from Joe X lol) Headunit - Pioneer AVH-X4800BS Sub Amp - Took the Hifonics bxi2008d out of my 85 Monte Carlo while it's in the body shop I've never built a subwoofer enclosure before, but since all of my extra money is going to my Monte, I figured I'd give it a shot. I've learned that Home Depot's cuts are not straight (well mine weren't), I need to invest in a table saw, a good router with a good circle jig, and I must learn to prep better. I also ned to have ALL materials on hand before starting...ah well. I used an old ruler to make the circle cutouts...just drilled some holes in them...and I managed to fuck that up 3 times (I thought half of the diameter would give me the radius that I need to measure out from the center point...ehhhh....wrong) The headunit and bezel haven't arrived yet, so I'll add those when they come. I also need to find some matching carpet/vinyl for the enclosure. Sucks because today was a great day...and it's going back in the 40s tomorrow. The last pic is with top on but NOT SECURED. I did manage to screw/glue down the top before calling it a day. I went back and touched up some leaky areas, as the wood wasn't straight. I used titebond 3. I'm going to run the sub speaker wire straight out of the bolts or terminals.
  14. I posted this on another site, seen this question asked alot, and I get alot of PMs about it here is what I tell everyone. Here is my input on what I have found to be optimum in sound and overall performance (SPL) for both the HDC3 and HDC4. Now there are several versions of both of these subs and I have tested countless hours with both. This is my recommendation, it isn't intended to be the end all BEST but will get you really damn close All recommendations are with alum coil D1 subs. Single sub setup, simply multiply for multi sub setups, works great in my testing. HDC3 old version (Old Style basket) Stiff suspension 1k input power HDC310 - 2.0 cube net with 18 sq inch port area per cube - tune between 36-41 hz HDC312 - 3.0 cube net with 18 sq inch port area per cube - tune between 34-39 hz HDC315 - 5.0 cube net with 18 sq inch port area per cube - tune between 35-40 hz HDC318 - 6.5 cube net with 18 sq inch port area per cube - tune between 33-38 hz 2k input power HDC310 - 1.5 cube net with 17 sq inch port area per cube - tune between 36-41 hz HDC312 - 2.5 cube net with 17 sq inch port area per cube - tune between 34-39 hz HDC315 - 4.0 cube net with 17 sq inch port area per cube - tune between 35-40 hz HDC318 - 5.5 cube net with 17 sq inch port area per cube - tune between 33-38 hz HDC3 current version 1k input power HDC310 - 1.5 cube net with 17 sq inch port area per cube - tune between 36-41 hz HDC312 - 2.5 cube net with 17 sq inch port area per cube - tune between 34-39 hz HDC315 - 4.0 cube net with 17 sq inch port area per cube - tune between 35-40 hz HDC318 - 5.5 cube net with 17 sq inch port area per cube - tune between 33-38 hz 2k input power HDC310 - 1.25 cube net with 16 sq inch port area per cube - tune between 36-41 hz HDC312 - 2.25 cube net with 16 sq inch port area per cube - tune between 34-39 hz HDC315 - 3.75 cube net with 16 sq inch port area per cube - tune between 35-40 hz HDC318 - 5.25 cube net with 16 sq inch port area per cube - tune between 33-38 hz HDC4 old version (soft suspension) 2k input power HDC412 - 2.75 cube net with 18 sq inch port area per cube - tune between 34-39 hz HDC415 - 4.5 cube net with 18 sq inch port area per cube - tune between 35-40 hz HDC418 - 6.0 cube net with 18 sq inch port area per cube - tune between 33-38 hz 4k input power HDC412 - 2.25 cube net with 17 sq inch port area per cube - tune between 34-39 hz HDC415 - 3.5 cube net with 17 sq inch port area per cube - tune between 35-40 hz HDC418 - 5.25 cube net with 17 sq inch port area per cube - tune between 33-38 hz HDC4 current version (stiff suspension) 2k input power HDC412 - 3.0 cube net with 18 sq inch port area per cube - tune between 34-39 hz HDC415 - 5.0 cube net with 18 sq inch port area per cube - tune between 35-40 hz HDC418 - 6.5 cube net with 18 sq inch port area per cube - tune between 33-38 hz 4k input power HDC412 - 2.25 cube net with 17 sq inch port area per cube - tune between 34-39 hz HDC415 - 3.75 cube net with 17 sq inch port area per cube - tune between 35-40 hz HDC418 - 5.5 cube net with 17 sq inch port area per cube - tune between 33-38 hz You will notice the HDC3 and HDC4 like the same tuning based on power and suspension. I have built multiple boxes with different tuning to test how these really performed and these were from my notes on what they really like to get loud. Hope this is helpful. My recommendation on Amp match is HDC3 on budget side SQ1200, loud side SQ2200, HDC4 budget side SQ2200, loud side SQ3500.
  15. So, I will have a new build coming up soon again. It's not going to be anything fancy, probably I am waiting on recones for these as well as a couple of new baskets(anyone that knows that story, yuck). I should be picking up the amp to power them later today. I know these things will pound, our they should at least. It's difficult to get a box to FIT the damn things since they want so much air compared to most 10s. This is as big as I'm comfortable going and I'll have the power to feed these, so that won't be an issue. Let's see if anyone notices anything peculiar about the specs, particularly the port size.
  16. I have a Cadillac CTS Wagon (non V) and I have two SQ HDS312 subs that I used to have in my Magnum. The hatch area isn't as big and I don't want to use all of it with an enclosure. My hatch space is 36x24x12.5 (I'm willing to go taller with the box). Do you guys think these parameters will work?
  17. hello i need help building a box for my dual soundqubed hdc3.1 18s. i would like it to be tuned to 35hz it will be a daily in the back of an explorer. they will be ran on 2 cab 1600.1 strapped. the dimensions to play with are 34l x 41w x 22h my length and width are pretty much maxed and i can go up on the height it need. any comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated! thanka
  18. Hello, I need help on a box design for my single hdc3.1 18. I have a crescendo Bc 2000 running it and would like to tune it around 32hz for daily. It will be put in the back of a 97 mountaineer. Any suggestings will be greatly appreciated.
  19. Hi, just currently looking for an opinion on what sub I should choose. I have a friend that would sell me a good condition sundown sa 15 in a big ported box (specs unknown, sorry). It would be for $150 for the sub and box. Another friend has a soundqubed hdc.1 15 inch that he would sell to me for $200 (it is brand new, he hasn't used it yet). I currently have a rockford fosgate 1200 watt prime amp. So my question is should I look at the sundown or would the soundqubed be better and I can just build a box for it?
  20. Equipment: Sound: (4) Custom 18s (6) Supertweeters (4) 10in midrange (4) Tweeters (In the headliner) (4) 6.5in midwoofers (2) 5500s (1) 1100.4 (1) 550.2 (1) 600.6 Electrical: 6 Group 31s Quad alternator Bracket Rebuilt 250amp alt (3) 370 amp alternators SMD Temp and fan controller Suspension: Hellwig airbags Gabriel Airshocks Big Brake Kit, forgot brand YT:
  21. Don't think I can even post in for sale area, so throwing this in general. I have my 2 Sundown X18's and SQ amp, few other things I need to sell, but I have no idea where would be the best place to put them up. I'm in NorthWestern Ontario Canada so there isn't much of a market for used equipment like this. I'd like to see them get to a good home but I'm at a loss other than Ebay, who I've never used to sell anything before. Any caraudio related sale boards you guys recommend in canada?
  22. Charles Phillips

    Not Your Grandfather's Ohm Load...

    Hey! I'm trying to wire my SoundQubed Q1-1200.2 down to 0.5 Ohm. I have aftermarket watercooling going on it, so I'm not too worried about temps. The problem is that I only have one HDS-312 Dual Voice Coil @ 2 Ohm each (currently wired down to 1 Ohm final load). Does this mean if I double the amount of wire joining the two coils, I can approach 0.5 final Ohm load? Please don't just tell me not to do it. If any of us listened to that logic we wouldn't have the crazy setups that we do on here.
  23. Well. I have a 2000 GMC Sierra SLT Ext cab. No pictures right now. Just got off work. Today is my birthday... Right now I have a AudioPipe 3000.1 The older one with the pipes on the front. 1ohm. Bought it for $280 at a pawn shop in Kalamazoo, Mi. As of Right now I have 2 Kicker Comps in a box I made. With my own 2 hands.. lol.. I found 2 AudioQue now known as soundqubed 18's for $250 guess What I got ripped off. Blown. So now going to order recone kits. Which I have the money on a card. Need better details on the subs to get the right recone kit. Anyways what I need from you guys is to get some box dimensions. Wall? or just a ported box? This is where I am stuck. I need the best system in the small town I live in. I like low bass. Maybe like 29-30 hz? box on the site are for 35hz this is not low enough. No Alt. No batteries Yet..
  24. I'm really new with car audio and i need help with my first box. I hear MDF is the best material to use. My first box will be temporary and i plan to upgrade it in the future but i'm on a budget at the moment. The Enclosure will be for 2 Soundqubed Hdc318s and the current measurements will fit easily into my truck. This is what i was got using torres Height:38" Width:56" Depth:18" for the port dimensions Height: 28.5" Width 6.5" Length 25" The program says its tuned at 34.67hz with a net volume of 11.46ft3 and the port area is 16.15in2. Like i said its a temporary box and i just want it to sound decent. Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated.
  25. One of many builds I have done since I have been off the forums. First one up is Brads Tahoe!!! ICE CUBED!!! 2004 Chevy Tahoe 4x4 Custom box build with Plexi 4 HDS315s on single DD m4a wired at 1 ohm Be sure to check out my facebook page for continuous updates of builds I do locally. Test fit in the vehicle