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  1. im mostly just interested in the motor force aspect of them. im trying to compare them to a standard DD Z. i got quoted a long time ago, but i could take a 2nd quote to see if the price has changed.
  2. topic. looking to compare with some other neo subs. apologies if this is "confidential info" or whatever. thanks again in advance
  3. my son was just born ~1 month ago. so this kind of thing strikes very close to myself. i would make that officer choke on his own teeth.
  4. trying this calc, but im confused on the square port ratio part...?
  5. like i said im bad with computers LOL and im not positive on how to download it.... :fail:
  6. i currently have a box thats 4.2 cubes with ~55 sq inches of port my 15" DC XL M2 is unloading. obviously going to make a new box. since i have a mac, i cant download torres but, i want an enclosure thats tuned to 28-30 hz (for decaf music, ground & pound, etc.) with a larger port width (dont know why i like large L ports) all i have to work with, is RE's box calc, and i know thats shit. i've talked with a friend, and he said to ask here about doing box calculations by hand, and to ask for the formula(?) so if anyone knows that, i'd appreciate it. any help is appreciated
  7. Hell yeah. Lol. Two external hd's along with a flash and the phone? Damn. Lots of copies... Definitely true but not all of us can afford online storage. I know it's not that expensive (like $12 a month or something) but still. Most of us spend all we got on car audio. only problem i've ever had with it: the song names will start with like this 01 Decaf Homicide 01 Decaf juicebox etc. etc. its annoying as fuck, but ill never lose my decaf
  8. im in the exact same freaking situation aside from the anger issues. i also work at a pizza shop, my manager is still a teenager, and has no immediate "higher ups" in store he thinks that because he is on salary now, that he can come and go as he pleases, (which ends up being ~20-30 hrs a week) and tells us (the "team") if we dont stay late, he will fire us. he takes money out of the till to go gambling, makes poor decisions, and makes schedules up to 3 days late. i didnt work this monday, tuesday, or wednesday because he didnt make the schedule. i've also had to act as assistant manager the past 2 days (i've been employed there 3 weeks -.-) i also will be staying, purely for the fact that i have a damn good chance of being promoted to assistant manager, and that shit looks great on future resumes. if your able to do the same as that, i'd say stay, or tell your district manager about the issues your manager is having, and let them deal with it.
  9. what i thought was weird was when she says: "got my other bitch fuckin with my other bitch" BAHAHA
  10. level 6 recone in D2 with red CF cone and red CF dustcap + red logo to 55304? gracias mi amigo!!
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