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  1. Whatup! Couple of my boys on my record label entered Funk Volume Records "Don't Fu[n]k Up Our Beats Contest IV" and I'm helping out by sharing their submission. Please take a minute and vote via Facebook. It uses a contest app but you don't have to share anything on your feed. Keep an eye out for DCA, I've produced some sick beats for them with some sexy low basslines which I will share here for free in upcoming weeks! Thanks in advance! Their Entry. Contest Link. (Also in info on YouTube link) https://apps.faceboo...ntries/42901007 Spread the word!! Voting ends on the 12th! You can vote once a day. ANT BUB Records
  2. Off to work. I want this sold when I get back. GO YANKEES! Text with questions. -Ant
  3. For Sale: Dual Sensor Term-LAB USB Measurement System with 2 SPL Sensors and Case. Includes: Black heavy duty case 2) TERMLAB SPL Sensors USB Hub 20' USB Cable Term-LAB CD Software w/ activation key I bought this setup every intent of running my own shows and just being able to test and tune whenever I wished. Plans change, people change and as much as it hurts me to sell, this could be in a better home at the moment. It has been used ONCE after I first bought it and has been sitting safely snug in the case in my closet since than. Use this system to dial in your system PERFECTLY. Find your peak tone and reach your vehicles true and loudest potential. Practice your Bass Race runs, nail the start - find the perfect song. The possibilites with this system are endless. Show up the neighborhood kid the right way, no more who is louder to the ear. Get him on the meter, afterall, you now have 2 sensors. Put these to use the way they deserve! The pictures : SOLD
  4. suburban ant

    Any Hope?

    I've grown tired with the look of my truck. Its an Infiniti QX4 with the factory privacy glass. When I first got it I threw 5% all around and 15% upfront and all it did was bring out the mirror. I fucken hate it. I've always hated mirror tint and it pisses me off that I have to have it cause of my glass. Can I tint on the outside to try and get it to black? My truck is black and I'd really love it all blacked out.
  5. f;n hilarious had to share. http://videos.streetfire.net/video/Driver-...ring_157239.htm
  6. livin the life brotha. that may have been my fav vid of yours. i play everyone of those tracks too, fucken classics.
  7. This man is right, I was excited as all hell to try Absinthe after it finally became legal/available over here. Me and my buddy hit the bar and got 2 shots of Lucid. He was stationed over in Germany so knew all about the spoon, sugar, and fire technique but when we asked the bartender she was clueless. So more or less it was just another shot, one of these days i'll pick up a bottle and try n scoup up a spoon like the one shown and do it up the right way.
  8. concept ccd2400a, was a lil beast of an amp, has a few blown mosfets.
  9. hunch punch* deff lots of fruits, watermelon, oranges, grapes, strawberries, just throw it all in.. its a great drunken snack and bitches love it.
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