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  1. bigger wire mean less resistance , meaning more power is capable of being produced...more power means more amp draw meanign the alt will work a little harder
  2. i agree with that cause those damn D&D pipes can be damn loud and its fine yea it is bullshit when im on the road talking to soemone on my cellphone with my windows up and a guy about 50 feet in front of me has his bike going so loud that i cant even hear my cell phone even if i turn it up to its loudest setting on the speakerphone
  3. haaha i me and my friend (on different occasions) got pulled over and when they were like "where you the one with the loud bassy music" me and him have turned off out subs from the H/U and said "no sir my subs done even work. i blew my amp the only thing i get is vocals." and he said turn it up so i /he did and no bass haha me and my friend got off scotch free. thilly cops and their ignorance for sub control
  4. yea the yellow top keeps my voltage up pretty good. once i put the kinetic in (tomorrow) that should help as well
  5. http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/forums/in...php?topic=634.0 add yourself here and i will put you on the list
  6. im sticking with the T1s just going to Dual 4s
  7. i didnt know you started one. i thought off topic would be more popular...i hardly ever tread on the PC section. if you wanna delete it or move it here do what you gotta do!!!
  8. i have an exhaust system...its flo pro, sounds and performs great. i doubt it but would a cold air intake really do anything for me? and explain more about the programmer please
  9. Any suggestions for the forum should be posted here. heres a suggestion from me. on the topics we should get polls so we can vote on things.
  10. r kelly said someone reminds him or a jeep and ludacris talked about area codes....i think chicken noodle soup is ok
  11. haha WOW i meant to put that but i totally forgot. i have a 2000 Dodge Dakota V8 4.7L 4WD
  12. DD will kill that mojo!!! didnt even think of that
  13. Any upgrades i can do to my engine just to improve HP...im not talking supercharged turbo or anything like that but just small, kinda cheap upgrades to give me little boosts.
  14. i got a lot of help from you guys THANKS A LOT!!! :^
  15. funny thing is i never even seen what the game is like...just heard about it. haha do you have a link to a trailer? im too lazy to look one up...i may do it later when i get home
  16. thats like saying did you see the video where jenna jameson got f*cked....haha
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