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  1. lol ill travel across the country and deliver it to you
  2. lol 487 is some discount.... but i respect your determination
  3. Hey Guys, I have a wireing cover for the T40001BD amplifier. Its brand new without the badge so it can be used for any of the same size amps. Included is the Cover and badge. I have some spare screws for it but i would need to look for them so they may or may not be included. I have no idea how much ive paid for this but as my car and the amp in it were stolen to never be found again i dont have much of a use for the cover. The box is rather large so keep that in mind for shipping costs.
  4. have you even looked at the lights yet? This isn't a miracle going to fix all product but you can use it to reseal lights you take apart. From what you stated you dont really need to take apart the lights. Before one can recommend a product to fix the problem you have to find out what it is first. If the lights are holding enough water you have to drain them then at some point it looks like the seal is just fine. So how does the water get in the lights to begin with?
  5. Just sent you a PM second skin if you could take a look for me
  6. i used basically the same thing to seal my headlights. just remember you need to bake them after
  7. using it as a gasket to seal something would work well but ya if it needs to be removalbe then you may want to look else where. My whole thing was just with the product sticking to wood. Most people make boxes out of wood and most of those are MDF. If MDF is one or both of the surfaces that need to be sealed then this may not be the best solution for that specifically. Metal and plastic is really what you would focus using this on. I havent tried this with this particular butyl but you can remove butyl with heat. just how well and how possible it is to re use it is debatable
  8. I wouldnt use to seal boxes personally to be honest. I wish this product came out a little sooner because this is exactly what i needed to reseal my lights after doing a retrofit. I basiclly spent double the money for a inferior butyl product that im using now. a couple good uses off the top of my head: sealing tail or headlights after custom modifications resealing the stock guard on the door after installing speakers, crossovers & tweeters any plastic or metal installation of speakers and tweeters can be used in conjunction with Damplifier to seal larger gaps in sheet metal (example in my old car the front firing subs had alot of acoustic cancellation and needed an air tight seal between the cabin and trunk. In between the rear deck and the trunk there were several largeish holes in the sheet metal that when covered with only damplifier wasnt very stable as is much less with 150db of pressure once everything would be complete. Since this was before this product was out what i ended up doing was basiclly getting a sheet of damp pro peeling off the foil layer and putting the butly into a ball. then rolling ball into the desired rope shape to then be shoved in the corner of the trunk and covered with damp pro)
  9. damn that sucks they normally keep parts like that for a while. I've called RF corp directly and never had issues getting replacement parts even on discontinued equipment.
  10. right i see that but it says backorder so they will presumably have them again in the future as long as RF is still making them which im sure they are. unless sonic isnt able to get them anymore which is possible. i personally wouldn't send my working New fosgate amp to a non authorized 3rd party reseller to try to fix a basically cosmetic issue. If they arent authorized to sell the shit what makes you believe they can repair it?
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