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  1. lol ill travel across the country and deliver it to you
  2. lol 487 is some discount.... but i respect your determination
  3. adding an external active crossover such as on the amp, HU or processor unit wouldnt hurt anything and may possibly do nothing. Adding an external passive crossover would change the frequency of the crossover. That could possibly blow up the tweeters depending on what it changes to. You can set the amp to full or highpass
  4. probably the HU. try grounding one of the RCA's to the chassis of the HU. You can even test this while the unit is on and playing to see if it fixes the problem. Google pioneer pico fuse if you wanted more info on that particular problem. If that doesnt fix it use an RCa to 3.5mm and an external source to see if you get the same issues off a phone or other device. If so then its the amp if not its the HU or RCA connections
  5. RF used to sell parts like that directly idk if they still do
  6. the 2 ohm would work as the rest of the sub is the same. The only compatibility issues would be with your amp
  7. probably supply and demand. The demand wasn't there to continue making them. You also have to remember the rise of the korean knock of amps happened between when the T3k/4k were initially introduced and when the mini amps were introduced.
  8. the last year they were in "production" would have been 2004
  9. Just as an FYI i tried running a set of HX2 8s as midbass and well it sounded pretty shitty. They had the freq responce for it on paper but nah no bueno. The drivers "midbass" drivers blew the subs out of the water.... even though i loved those subs. the basket on those punch HX2's are sex
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