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  1. not the whole video but a run down of the match and its not one of them dam cartoons animations they have now... http://sports.espn.go.com/extra/mma/news/story?id=5352613
  2. i dont have current pictures atm, but i have a memphis 300/4 that has been siting in the rear of my van for well over a year now that i have no desire to reuse since i gave up on the audio. its used and has scratches now but operates flawlessly, i will take pics and forward them to you if youre interrsted just send me a email to [email protected] and i will sent the pics from my phone to your email (the only way i know how to get the pics off my phone ) but im asking 125 for the amp and thats shipped so basicly 100 for the amp and then shipping and paypal or will trade for a ipod touch any gb size
  3. i just signed away for 5 years on a 2004 dodge ram 1500 slt. quad cab silver outside and black inside has the magnum v8 auto with 43000 miles and a extra 100000 mile warr. for 13k. so im stoked i have a car worth more than my radio now lol :hairtrick:
  4. any use for a memphis audio 300.4 m-class
  5. dam that sucks.... its just horrable that they only got you on the little shit and not the meth
  6. you havent learned how to work walmart then. show your ass like a fat ass women does when she's there and you will get it for the price you were shown on the net. thats just how they work, if they can dick you around a while they will if you go in with a pissy tone they will do what is needed to get you out of the store, and if that fails ask to speak to the manager and their boss one of them will make you happy
  7. im selling my memphis mojo 2500 for 450... might work a little with ya on price if youre interrested
  8. scrool down and you will see the finished front of the wall, and how the box is blue and atop the box is black then the balck roof. ,.,,,,.... that was done to seal off the top and same was done on the sides of the wall... then further down you will see 2x4's going from the top of the box to the roof of the van to help brack and hold the box down. and then back filled with expandafoam... that was done to finish the seal off, but remember to properly lag/carrage bolt the box to the floor of the car last thing you want is to have it land on your neck in a accadent. http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/ind...=7757&st=40
  9. give me a minute ill get the links to my build of my wall and it shows somewhat (you should get the idea) .....
  10. lol hes awsome, was watching cmt this am and seen his new video ,... fucking funny as hell.... http://www.cmt.com/videos/rodney-carringto...-only-one.jhtml
  11. if i could sell this monster i could basicly have my new place finished enough so i could move in already and begin rebuilding my system by the middle of june..... price drop.... 440 shipped in the lower 48 pm for out of country
  12. well i finaly broke down and pulled the mojo from the van and have my forsale pictures. it was bought last year in may a few days before sbn o8 and has been taken care of since. not abused. i do have both end caps *unlike many other folks* and orignal box and fuse/holder, and yes i used the orignal fuse and holder and never poped the fuse. i ran it on 15.4volts in the van. it works flawlessly 10 out of 10, it was installed in the rear of a work van and does have a few scratches and the emblom "M" has a scratch across it, does not look terriable or beat to hell and back just normal wear and tear on the outside i would rate it a easy 9 out of 10 on looks. my price includes shipping in the lower 48 states and will ship to canada for extra and same goes to other countries. i accept paypal and postal mo. only and cash for local pick up ofcourse. i am not looking for trades unless you live in fla. and want to trade a gun or two for it then im game for that trade other wise i need the cash to finish my house so i can move in and then rebuild my system again. i dont have the specs. check them out at memphiscaraudio.com ,,.,...,... it does 600 watts at 4ohm........ asking $475 shipped with paypal fees
  13. or better yet i can hook you up with 4 memphis pr 15's and a memphis m-class 300.4 your 4 tweeters, 4 sets of 6.5 coaxals, and 2 componnets... i have it all and i can do good priceing shipped.... hit me up if interrested in any of it.... the mids/highs are all memphis pr line...
  14. dont be a quiter , qutiers are loosers... just put audio last and if you can put 10 a week back in a short time you will have money for a sub ect,. raceing can take you somewhere,. audio just takes your money and dont give it back unless you know retarted locals who will pay what you paid for something lol...
  15. i googled your problem and came with this..... http://www.askthebuilder.com/QA_Lights_Dim..._Comes_On.shtml Air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, furnaces, etc. that have large motors require enormous amounts of power when the motor first starts to spin up to speed. I am talking huge amounts of energy. Once the motor is spinning, the energy requirement drops way down. This instantaneous need for motor shaft speed is what causes that momentary dimming of your lights. AC units come equipped with start-up capacitors. These give the motor an electric boost when it first starts up. But over time, these capacitors can get weak and become ineffective. Eventually the power draw can become so enormous, the actual circuit breakers protecting the wiring to the units can pop from the current. Your air conditioning system may also be overcharged with too much refrigerant. When this happens it puts lots of stress on the compressor and in turn the motor when it tries to get the compressor engine moving. Relocating the pole would do little to solve the problem. I would ask your AC service man to look to see if your AC unit is overcharged or if it needs new start-up capacitors. Tim -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I received this email on 12/05/05: DEAR TIM: The answers to this problem can also be that the conductors pulled in by the homeowner are too small to prevent the voltage drop being created over 200 feet. The problem could also be with additional homes having been added to the high voltage lines. That will also cause the dips. If surges get serious enough it can affect modern day electronics.
  16. i would have to say that you need more amperage , it prob has something to do with the amount of power coming in from the main line thru the meeter. you may only have 100 amp service and might need to upgrade to 200 amp service to have everything powerd properly... to test out my theroy , turn off everything in the house (water heater as well) and turn on one light and then turn on the ac and see if the 1 light dims if it doesnt then that means the 60 amps of power for the ac is being deliverd and the 5 amps for the light.... but then turn on the water heater and 1 light then turn the ac on and see if you get the diming.... im certian it has to do with amperage aval from the meeter to the main house just like our cars we have audio and draw too much amperage we get diming.
  17. lol widdle babies class of 09 .... damit.... i cant belive ive been out of school 9 years... but becareful what ever you do, if youre on school grounds and get caught they can fuck up your night and prevent you from finishng school... cant graduate if they expell you?.....
  18. kids and their desire to act like adults..... god i 'member them ole days of drinking at school during and after then sleeping in class ... http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/public/style_emoticons/default/01nocomment8so.gif
  19. why couldnt it be biten off? its like a finger without a bone. you must be a youngin , or the bobbits would have came to mind... lorane bobbit choped off her ole mans cock then threw it out a moveing car window... and did it all while he was sleeping,.... had it reattaced and has since been in a porno... but im not buying the story the car was launched a pole, from a parked position, impossible and common scense would tell you that, but the cock bite throws your way of seeing things out the window... unless the car on the pole was the other car
  20. that was some wild moves, never seen stuff like that before..
  21. working on a new home for myself and daughter, been useing a monster generator, got all dam elec redone insulation sheet rock done and mud/tape.... i call gulf power tonight to find out about haveing the power turned on, and since the previous people had a avg bill of 150 a month i have to pay a goddam 300 dollar deposit to get the elec turned on. so now instead of haveing money to finish the place so i can move in i have to drop 300 to have the power turned on.... and stay where im at another month and pay 2 power bills (the main one isnt but 50-80 a month) but fuck that 300 deposit thats crazy esp since they have 150 already for where im at now..... goddam volutres... and what chapps my ass the most is when i move out of here the people that move in shouldnt have but a 100 deposit since i make my bill cheap each month... its bullshit and im going to the main office tommrow and show my ass and get it turned on with no deposit or a lesser (150 or less) made over a few payment... bet i wont make it happen lol....
  22. and FIY that rf 15k on eaby while back was legit , i gave him so much hell he got his own pics of it ,. hell i even thing steve got in on rather it was the read deal or not due to the ser. number of the one for sale and steve knowing what ones he had
  23. prob. wasnt too bad if he made is own ups lables. ive recived batts before and the pople who list them at the proper weight pay 60-130 to shipp the ones who lie about weight pay25-30 last time i figured it it cost aprox 1.03 to ship a battery per pound
  24. how do us advanced members ban? please tell me, im bored and since youre haveing a bad night i will help make it a little better and give ya more to rant about
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