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  1. My question is if I install a GPS tracker on my bike and it gets stolen and is put in someones garage and the police ask that person if they can look to see if it is really there and the person who owns the garage says "no" do the cops need a warrant to perform a search? Even though my tracker shows it is in there. I'm going to install one regardless of the answer I just want to know what to plan for.
  2. Violence is never the answer, but the passion is there and that is what really counts. They just need to find a way to channel all that energy.
  3. Beyond the pain trying to get it to fit and bolt up you're gonna have to figure out how to make your computer compatible with it. I'm not sure how but with basic logic and ohms law im sure you can come up with some cheater signals to throw into the sensor circuits so the computer thinks everythings ok.
  4. Wow dude lol just wow. That was amazing, I really enjoyed and connected while reading those two. heres one i just wrote its short. Shifty eyed and shifty minded I stay quiet like a moment of silence. Never hurt no one never caused no pain but they stray from my way like I'm clinically insane
  5. Using psychological sociology they take the interests of the human race and make it compatible in a mathematical equation to determine what steps need to be taken to keep the population in an uneducated situation. Can you feel me reversing your negative and positive thoughts about different images like the Nazis did the Swastika?
  6. I don't think we started from nothing, energy is always present and it cannot be created or destroyed. Life is still present because we evolve and adapt to the different forms of energy we are presented with. I think of time as a gear inside of a clock that turns with other gears like energy and as time being a gear (or in two dimensional form, a cirlce) it is infinite but it repeats. and as time and energy turn it creates what is known as evolution, which brings us to the big bang. The big bang is nothing but a reaction of energy that was created from something that was already present.
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