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  1. I really like the build but one thing really concerns me, the baffle. Why did you build the baffle sooo thick and then the leave the part you screw into only 3/4" ? I say this because when using heavy subwoofers they can rip the screws through the wood.
  2. Why would you get rid of the Visonik? Going from that to Pyramid amps is like going from a Mustang to an Escort. Drew
  3. Is that 4" pvc? I had a box like your first one and it slammed, I would have just left them in that box. Drew
  4. Bad ass bro, now lets get some window flex. How does it sound, looks like you need some second skin pretty bad. Drew
  5. Get to work!!!! By half wall you mean trunk setup just sealed off of like PioneerSaturns build? Drew
  6. Nice vid bro!! And out of all those systems you heard, which one was the loudest? Not to be a dick because everyone gotta starts somewhere but your system will actually shit on everyone of of them when it's all said and done. I can't wait to see the reaction vid and judging on it with those set ups it will be a good one. Drew Drew
  7. Yea the only thing I would factor in is impedance rise and voltage drop but allot of people don't do that anyways. Thanks for clearing that up, nice vid too . Drew
  8. How are you getting 30K watts out of 8-2500s? Even if each amp put out 3500 that's still only 28,000 watts. The only way I see 30,000 is with mids and highs amps added in. Oh yea, the nicest build here for sure although it's kind of expected from the founder. Tits. Drew
  9. That is one of the most stand up things I have ever seen. Definitely one of the reason why I keep coming back to this forum because there are guy's like this here that are more than willing to help a fellow bass head out, no matter what. Drew
  10. No need to build another box you just need to turn it around silly :tease: . If you did rebuild a little more port couldn't help. Seriously just turn it around it will be a night/day difference. Drew
  11. So the new box is done? How does it sound and what's the numbers looking like? Drew
  12. Glad to see you on here Phade, heard it at Seffner in that throw together box and it was dropping pretty hard. Can't wait to hear it at full potential. Drew
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