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  1. What upgrades could I get in a recone for a dc lvl 4 m1 12? I have 2 lvl4 15s now and want to downsize, so I'm taking my old blown 12s and fixing them. I have a dc 3.5k for power
  2. Building a box for 2 sa8s off a sundown saz1200. Will 1 4"aero be enough port? Gonna do 1.6 cubes @35hz
  3. I'm looking at reconing my old m1 12s, is the xl upgrade worth it if just 1000-1200 per sub? Trying to decide whether recone or just sale them
  4. I ordered 2 lvl 4 15s, I read where they take 3.25 cubes each. I have 9.6 cubes to work with. I sent off for a design and was told I didn't have enough room for 2 15s. Any suggestions on enclosure size and tuning?
  5. 2 dc audio level 4 12's with all level 5 softparts, d2's, $170 shipped each
  6. 2 dc audio level 4 12's with level 5 softparts, $400 shipped.
  7. i have 2 dc audio level 4 12's with all level 5 softparts that I am going to list, have them on other forum for sale now. PM me for info. $400 shipped for both
  8. pm'd u, I got 3 brand new xs 3100's
  9. 97EXPO

    WTB 4ch amp

    budget? I got a brand new dc audio 175.4 I bought from dc dealer( corona_jeff) 2 weeks ago, havent even taken out of plastic yet. $400 shipped
  10. i got one i bought from corona_jeff, $550 shipped, he used it for 2 weeks
  11. dc audio 3.5k, $550 shipped, was used for 2 weeks
  12. thanks, i probably just go ahead and pay for one and hopefully it does get in stock next week. Orionstang, pm me some pics
  13. Im looking for a dc audio 175.4 in good condition/new. They will be back in stock in couple weeks, but if I can find a used/almost new I will buy that. thanks
  14. dont know why link dont work. If i put that link in address bar it works. Anyway its what u posted except its 2 pair
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