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  1. All PMs replied to. Still looking...
  2. Looking for another XS d3100 or xp3000. Used is cool long as it still has a good resting voltage. Post or PM me what you got. Thanks in advance!
  3. 1. Product: PS3 80gb w/ 1 controller & all cables 2. Specs: 80gb, 2 USB ports, Blu-Ray 3. Description/Condition: I'm selling my 80gb PS3 w/ 1 DualShock 3 Controller. It has all the cables & is in PERFECT condition. I've only had it about 8 months & just don't have time to play like I'd like. Its been well taken care of & adult owned from a pet & smoke free home. 4. Price: SOLD 150.00 + actual shipping: 5. Pictures:
  4. Looking to buy a good condition/ mint Crescendo BC3500d Amp. PM me any offers & details & we'll go from there. If you contact me, be willing to sale & not wishy-washy. Also, be responsive. Dont offer something & never respond again. I dont low ball & I start at a reasonable offer. I WILL NOT pay $20.00 less than I can get a brand new one for lol. Believe me, I wouldnt say these things if they havent been done to me already lol. Now, Let me know what ya got !!!
  5. A local buddy of mine has a 3 month old, mint bc2000 for 335 shipped.
  6. Yea. I still need 2 more pairs. I was hoping I could help someone out who wanted to part w/ theirs & save a couple bucks too. I'll give this a few more days. If no bites I'll just hit up Toolmaker.
  7. Those Planet Audios aren't gettin it. I would do a 3.5k on each minimum or a preferably a 9k for the pair.
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