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  1. Still looks damn good..i like the new batterys that are in.Looks good
  2. So im going to be getting a acura Rsx.Anyone done a build with this car...and if so where did you run your power wire for the vehicle? Pics would help too if you got them
  3. You could always use a fog machine run it inside the vehicle and see where the fog is coming out .That could point you to your leaks
  4. Prime Day

    i cant find anything that i want
  5. 5ch amp - resistance across channels (sub channel)

    Nope none at all.had a buddiy with 2 10s at a 2 ohm load no issue, I would say to mount your amp so it gets cool good air to it
  6. Is he better than before now?looks like it 😁😁
  7. XS S545 as only batt?

    Good stuff..No issues with it cracking over?
  8. So going to be building a ar pistol here soon ..Any bad thing on going with 416r stainless steel barell?
  9. That's cool of you Steve. . Your always helping out the bass community when you can man.
  10. Box help 2X old p3d412's

    Damn this box is super legit man i like it.
  11. Damn dude this is super bad ass i like it.. Any vids of this in action?
  12. Dude post some pics..I used to have a escalade 08 and my buddie still owns his too a 06 and a 08..Great trucks,,,somtimes i wish i didnt trade it in
  13. amp placement ideas

    Well it didnt help that you ran insufficient wire size so that might be a issue.Why not mount the amp on the back seat?