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  1. SO quesstion how would you wire up a lithium to say the AGM that your starting battery? Wont that cause issues with the charging of the AGM?"
  2. Orion XTR 2500.1D Amp Dyno Test

    This amp is awesome i bought this back in august and it just amazes me on how much power it makes.I swapped out from a skar rp 2000 to this one and it was a major improvment . Hasn't given me any issues other than breaking shit in my car lol
  3. Still looks damn good..i like the new batterys that are in.Looks good
  4. So im going to be getting a acura Rsx.Anyone done a build with this car...and if so where did you run your power wire for the vehicle? Pics would help too if you got them
  5. You could always use a fog machine run it inside the vehicle and see where the fog is coming out .That could point you to your leaks
  6. Prime Day

    i cant find anything that i want
  7. 5ch amp - resistance across channels (sub channel)

    Nope none at all.had a buddiy with 2 10s at a 2 ohm load no issue, I would say to mount your amp so it gets cool good air to it
  8. Is he better than before now?looks like it 😁😁
  9. XS S545 as only batt?

    Good stuff..No issues with it cracking over?
  10. So going to be building a ar pistol here soon ..Any bad thing on going with 416r stainless steel barell?
  11. That's cool of you Steve. . Your always helping out the bass community when you can man.