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  1. Damn this is good shit..And here im worried about my trunk splitting in my car from the bass
  2. I like the red ..Makes the truck stand out more
  3. In my honda before i deadned the trunk lid i had them facing foward towards the cabin.Once i deadened the trunk and faced them towards the trunk it was way louder But i have my box facing at a angle towards the passanger side and its louder that way.Always try different angles in the trunk and see whats louder
  4. So brian what was the purpose of splitting up the port like that in 3 sections.For more bracing?
  5. I love it. It's simple but does so much in it
  6. Man the price of that unit is so cheap u could have bought two (jk) that does look beastly from what the specs are showing
  7. Dude I am loving this build. Makes me wanna get a escalade again lol
  8. Hmm on a side note I can't wait for that psyph Morrison album. BUT this is legit man. I was just gonna drill holes in my new box because I didn't want the hassle of having to unscrew the nuts to take out the speaker termianls. But this is awesome man. How much force do you need to pull off the magnets.would say if u have something in the trunk can it pull it off?