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  1. So going to be building a ar pistol here soon ..Any bad thing on going with 416r stainless steel barell?
  2. That's cool of you Steve. . Your always helping out the bass community when you can man.
  3. Damn this box is super legit man i like it.
  4. Damn dude this is super bad ass i like it.. Any vids of this in action?
  5. Dude post some pics..I used to have a escalade 08 and my buddie still owns his too a 06 and a 08..Great trucks,,,somtimes i wish i didnt trade it in
  6. Well it didnt help that you ran insufficient wire size so that might be a issue.Why not mount the amp on the back seat?
  7. We side with the responsible law abiding cyclist..Not the jackass im gonna go 140 on a packed freeway cyclist..
  8. Took me about 3 hours from start to finish but damn this build is legit man.Cant wait for more updates.Makes me want to get a SUV
  9. What would you use to seal it on the outside.. It's not going to stick out much mayhe 4 inches if that. Just trying to see what I can use to seal it
  10. Bump.. Anyone help a brother out?
  11. So im planning on having my aero port sticking out of my box not much just a bit .What do you guys use inorder for it to stay in place?Glue or somthing ?
  12. Ohhh shit so much sex in there .. any vids of this thing rolling
  13. Mine did okay being mounted on my back seats when id fold my seats down.And if his box was properly braced and no flex from the box then he could get away with mounting it on the box.But doesn't look like it ...and shit for 200 what the hell do you expect man..Cheap amp .Does the power. not the best power..but it does it
  14. Building 4th order soon..I hope i dont see this either lol
  15. Meh looks like your having issues since you mounted it to the box and its vibrating itself to shit...Did have my first amp shit out on me from a bad capacitor..Then the new CAB that i had ran me good for the 8 months that i had it until i switched to a bigger amp ..Currently in my buddies rig and hes liking it