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  1. Why did he even bring it up? He wasn't implicated in ANYTHING publicly. Was he approached by an investigator? Did he think he needed to make it public in an attempt to soften public sentiment? It doesn't make sense for someone to just spill this sort of thing. I don't want our president to be prosecuted. NO ONE does, but it looks like his namesake is determined to ruin some credibility. I can't imagine a scenario where this is a revelation that clears anything up.
  2. Junior doubled down. He must want daddy out of a job. They just can't be that stupid. Don't these guys have lawyers? I just don't see that meeting, from his own words, how he wasn't trying to get info from someone he was told was a foreign agent and is passed that the talks were really about adoption treaties. He went there to get damaging info from a foreign government. Info his dad ASKED for in public on camera. I don't think there was a big collusion between Putin and trump. Not yet. Investagators rarely leak the deep dirt. They normally save the bombs for court...
  3. Conspiracy is serious. He must be trying to get his dad in trouble. Remember the Obammaites argument for everything? Bush, this, Bush that, Bush blah blah. Obama never in his 8 years did a single fucking thing wrong. It was all Bush. Now Trumpites are bullshitting with "BUT CLINTON, OBAMA, ANYTHING OTHER THAN THE TRUTH". There is a problem with JR having a clearance and access to ANYTHING related to national security because he admitted to something that warrants an immediate suspension and review at the very least. Their security manager must be living on Xanax...
  4. Dude, it's hard to keep a conversation going when FORMER PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE and LOSER keeps being used as permission for Trump to do what ever he wants. I make it clear, I hold them ALL accountable and if she comes out as a Russian pawn I'll be all over it. But since she isn't the US government and Trump is then we should stay on target. Asside from the overwhelming evidence Clinton lost, and isn't effecting US policy, at a minimum three people need their clearences revoked. I saw people hung by their butts for leaving a Secret hard drive on top of the safe in a room that is in a room in a room. All with 24 your manning and 4 layers of security. That was a he'll worthy offense. People lose a clearance if the forget to disclose a ticket. These fuckers are playing with national security and the flat out LIED on their SF86. Forget how much you love the person you voted for. As stupid as loving or being loyal to a person and not your country may sound, when it's the other guy, when you are blindly loyal to a corperation, which political parties are, then you give them your voice and more importantly you integrity...
  5. Fox news put this out. He is going on Hannity to talk about it, You think he is pissed that his dad treated his mom like a whore and is getting back at him? The two Donalds didn't talk for a year over some bad blood. Either way, seems like it was going to break so he got out ahead of it. I'll bet there are recordings of all these meetings that didn't happen and someone with a Russian accent is talking to the press with proof.
  6. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/07/11/donald-trump-jr-releases-alleged-email-chain-regarding-russian-meeting.html He has to be trolling. Its hard to believe he would just admit to trying to get dirt on Hillary from the Russian Government. Has to be trolling, or that young man needs a fucking helmet...
  7. Great idea using dowels to fill a screw hole!
  8. Hearing safe on SBS VEPR sold me. Silencer co came to a shop where I worked when it came out. We put it on a vepr that was cut As short as possible and it was fuckin quiet (relative). Ran it on my 930JM pro and same situation. I must have fired 100 rounds through it that day and was instantly hard. It's big, but it is effective. I got a line on an auto seer for an AR. Just gotta decide if I need my dually anymore.lol
  9. I have the supressor bug. Been eyeing a Salvo. Or maybe something new for AKs. I ordered a Kestrel then cancelled after 9 months and no shipping date in sight. I've seen people make the mistake of ordering the can, getting the SN and dropping the form 4. Then when the company either over sold or just sucks you have to deal with a big fuckin headache.
  10. Some people get their ideas directly from their ass. I love every Vortex optic I've ever used. Turkish guns, for the most part are a bargain. The TP9 is no exception. If anyone is interested, a Taurus M9 clone mag works with a little convincing and I scored a handful of 32 rounders. It's fun to shoot and as realiable as they come.
  11. I got a first run of the original tan gun and its awesome. It was an incentive/gift at a shop where I worked for w while. I want the new whiz bang version with a threaded barrel! Or just a threaded barrel.lol
  12. Well, when you swear to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic, you stop worrying about the "who" and "how" and ask "why". Thank god for people who won't let political idealogs convince them the "King" deserves loyalty. It's the country not the person. It's not the Hanity version where the leaker are bad. Where somehow telling the US about their leaders indescressions is worse then the emporors fuck up in the first place. It sucks I know, but so far, the current POTUS either needs to grow up and govern leaving the need for people to like him and run things or come up with a reason to quit. Any takers he'll find a medical reason to quit?
  13. I was more talking about Israel. It gets deep and rediculous. This guy thinks he is going to impress people who really know what's going on. His own intell people were told to make slides with one sentence bullet points, lots of charts and pictures. Out of his league is an understatement. He needs to hire people loyal to the Constitution and Country to surround him. Not people who pledge loyalty to a man or political party. Basic leadership 101. I was in a leadership briefing (new leaders, newly promoted, newly nominated etc) with the 1st Corp Commander LTG Hill and a point that stuck with me was "good and smart leaders keep people close to them that will protect them from THEMSELVES. He wants people who will lie for him and make him look somewhat serious or just a parade of people to deny his incompetence. I believe in the constitution. I don't believe cooperations aka "political parties" care about anything other than money and perceived power. I thought our Conservatives were American FIRST. Now it seems they are too ego driven to admit a mistake. It's the sort of thing that let Obama se a second term, Bush, Clinton... ...Smart and loyal people were duped into pledging loyalty to a party out of a childish fear of a different countries political system. Somehow an entire political party represented the poor "psh, yeah" and the other the rich. Somewhere in between religious ass hats got involved "think multi billion doller mega churches" and convinced good people to forget their teachings and get on board the "politics before conscience" train. Now, otherwise good people think they give their cock away when they admit they made a mistake...
  14. It seems our fearless leader is a bit of a bragger. Shocking I know. Our partners are HOLDING BACK intell because Trump can't shut up. I said during the election on here somewhere that if he just shut the fuck up he would zip through. But he can't and seems won't. He says"look what I know" to anyone who'll listen and he's making us less safe. When he told the murderer in the Philippines we had subs in the water and where I was convinced he needs to check that big damn EGO. We can't have England withholding intell out of fear the bragger in chief will blabb it to Russia or Iran or some shit. He is pissed over leakes keeping the public informed. Most of the people working there are real conservatives and they are trying to keep the country together. When their boss does something scary, stupid, dangerous or just to keep the public informed, like he said he was going to do. When the president is the BIGGEST leaker of actual classified material, the sort of "eyes only" briefing he would get if he were interest in governing. He skips daily briefings designed to keep he world view as complete as possible. These briefings happen at every major headquarters and they are never enough. He is lazy to the detriment of the Union and since he doesn't get the intent of the intell or its significance he just flaps his lips to show people how important he is now. Not knowing that sometimes years of work goes into the colection, grooming sources, infiltration and maintaining a cover. The president can, at will, declassify anything he wants. As long as it was sourced or collected through a US entity it's only American lives he puts at risk. When he puts our partners at risk they STOP sharing things we may need to hear. We don't need his ego out roaming twitter or even worse, state meatings with a head full of impossible to gather intell... Any buyers remorse yet?
  15. How come no more SOTM?

    The contests were awesome but there is so much more to this place. You can learn EVERYTHING you want about car audio...