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  1. The contradicting statements coming from the white house and state department can't be accidental. The contradictions between the president and his advisors are so stark it must be on purpose. Weather intended or not, the US looks extremely week right now because the new administration is telling everyone everything. No one knows if its policy or campaign jibber jabber, but Trump looks like a bafoon in way over his head and his "people" look like vultures getting what they can and fucking everything up on purpose.
  2. People being burnt out is what he wants. When nothing surprises anyone anymore he can grab what ever is left and no one will want to hear it. We have to keep engaged. Make the whole experiment woth the effort and stop the cleptocracy before we are a third world country with zero allies.
  3. Trump just made a good pick for National security advisor. This is what I'm talking about! H.R. McMaster is one of the smartest people I've ever met. Read up on him and grab any book or paper you can find where he contributed. I hope trump is done paying back favors and gets to the business of hiring smart people to come up with ideas...
  4. I just read this article and I agree with the idea that lower orbit space travel should be a private enterprise. The military charters fleets of civilian aircraft to move countless soldiers around the world. This makes better budget sense than maintaining PAX specific aircraft. It's nice to see some smart reform that can create a booming and lucrative industry that the US is really in a position to dominate for the foreseeable future. Manufacturing, raw material production. An entire logistical industry catering to to space travel and everything associated with making it happen and keeping it running. Trump has a good idea there. Let's keep this up...
  5. So one supporter still clinging to the "make America great again" hat. Trump did in a month what Obama worked on for years. He is looking like an ineffectual puppet who just realized his role. Does anyone still think he was a good idea from the Conservatives perspective? My man is spending millions keeping his wife in NY and living it up in Florida on the weekends, taking pictures with rich assholes and NOT doing any work. Does anyone think any laws have been broken buy either the POTUS or his people with his knowledge? I'm not talking about the glaringly ilegal infomercial for his kids brand, but his dealings with russia and Comey all of a sudden "not discussing such matters" even though he was a chatty Cathy with every little detail of the Clinton probe. Anyone think the allegations that his campaign was in contact with the Russian government are true? Anyone who voted for him going to walk back their support? Are they just as blind, deaf and dumb as Obamas crusaders?
  6. Who watched his "press conference"? What the fuck? Trump vacations every weekend in Florida. He is holding a campaign rally there this weekend. A CAMPAIGN RALLY A MONTH INTO HIS PRESIDENCY! Surely you folks who voted for him have to be scratching your heads right now. He hasn't done ANYTHING and wants to campaign on it. It's a grab, like the rest of his administration. He can raise money from the stupid, quit or get fired and KEEP the PAC cash for himself. He saw the reactions to his flat out lies and mumblings and probably figures he may as ell get what he can...
  7. It surprised me how many people are hanging onto his "great again" talk even though his head may be in a different place.
  8. Lol, wish I could have bitched when W and Obozo were new. Untill his supporters demand accountability he's thinking everyone who voted for him wants everything he can dream up. Shit, he may even be right. But they all still point at clinton when the question of their loyalty to their guy comes up. If people didn't bitch we would look like some third world shit hole where the leader dictates who's right and who's wrong. Like trump is doing as we speak...
  9. Trump hasn't told any truth yet. Lies to push his agenda are hurting everyone. Our president is going to keep the lies going (he was head birther and pussies out when he runs for prudent due to completely making his proof up). He promised to have the names of the REAL hackers in a few days. That was weeks ago an now he acknowledges it was Russia, somtimes, and props up Putin next to OUR leaders as if here is a comparson. Freudian? Do Trump and his thugs have an plans to help the United States of America? Unless he stops with making shit up out of thin air only to cite his "sources" that are none existent and quits tweeting at the trolls Ike a 13 year old the world is going to pass us by and look to another world actor to keep things sane..
  10. We will never know how she would have done. Our president's name is Trump. He's the one who wants to put out lie after lie.
  11. The president said murder rates are at a 45 year high. It's lower than it was 45 years ago. Violent crime is also down. I remember Republicans being more strait forward (as side from W) and apearing to push for honesty and transparency. Why does he get a pass even though all he does is lie? Can anyone give an example of so many lies being put out in such a short period of time? With proof?
  12. Fox news is being critical of a Republican President. That has to appeal to some of his blind followers' sensibilities.
  13. So now the Republicans are apoligists. Russian apoligists who are looking for reasons to pretend Trump was a good idea. So far they were wrong. If you aren't a friend or vocal supporter you are the enemy. Even things like the 1st amendment seem to be negotiable with the GOP. For the life of me I can't understand how our conservitives gave up on the country in favor of a strong man with no clue what governance is. Do Republicans like being told what to do all of a sudden? Did the definition of conservatism change over the last year and a half to add "afraid of Russia addll of a sudden"?
  14. How does our ambassador to the UN SLAM russia then Trump equates Putin to the rest of us in an apologetic response to that hack bill oriley? Are Republicans now wanting a fascist strong man like Putin? Trump is pouring lie after lie out of the Oval Office and doubling down on everything even though it's nonesense. Trump is completely circumventing the experts. He is inept in his military thinking and strategies, LOVES a murderous dictator and doesn't understand checks and balances. None of his qualities suggest a conservative mind. Will conservitives get their balls and integrity back and denounce this bafoon?
  15. Nah, someone brought up barrack and his none existent abuse of the pen. I lined out MY measure of excess is all. And since I have a problem with almost EVERY use of said pen I am super critical. Obama had no business circumventing congress on immigration and you see how that panned out. These things need to be debated on the floor of congress. The president needs someone else to grade there work before they turn it in. It's not different this time just because YOUR guy has the throne. I didn't have a voice when Obama was elected. I had plenty of problems with everything he did but open decent in the military is not only frowned upon but it's ILEGAL. Obama spilt his milk so crying now would sound like everyone who blamed everything on Bush. The task at hand is holding the new guy accountable. Who cares what letter he has at the end of his title. An "R" doesn't mean conservative anymore. Too many people think they are getting a real Republican and they are excusing everything they hated about Obama at the same time. Blind loyalty is dumb. Backing a guy because they are part of your gang is dumb. Backing a fucking political party, no matter how hard they are about to fuck us is dumb. The Democrats learned the hard way, I hope the republicans come around quicker and hold his feet to the fire when it comes to being an actual Republican with the NATION'S best interests in mind and not those of the people who like him...