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  1. Bashing? Who else do they ask? They asked, he took it as an attack and went berzerk. He was talking about them like some foreign country who hates America. These are AMERICANS. One of my first NCOS is buried in San Juan, killed in the initial IED wave in Iraq. There are countless combat veterans on that island. Stop the politics, get to the truth. He didn't hire the right people and instead of admitting that, finding qualified people and working on the problem trying to solve today's issue and figure out how to prevent such inaction in the future, he actually called everyone on Puerto Rico LAZY. How does anyone reconcile that? How does the debt incurred while not having any real say so in their local governments finances equal wagging a finger in shame at them for asking for assistance? Instead of fighting with a mayor in a city that was under water he needs to light a fire under his FEMA folks asses and stop with the 3 year old's urge to answer every fucking criticism. He isn't being helpful. It looks like he's having a little break from reality. I wonder if he is using ambien to sleep! Using it too long can help you step back from planet earth a bit.
  2. I am obsessive about ear pro now that I hear what sounds like a chord being played very high up on a synthesizer.lol Mostly caused by ignorance and laziness (been around big booms and almost always had at least peltors on (double up when necessary), my ringing is nonestop but low level for the most part. Makes me need the tv on in order to get to sleep.
  3. “Such poor leadership ability by the Mayor of San Juan, and others in Puerto Rico, who are not able to get their workers to help,” Trump said in a series of tweets. "They want everything to be done for them when it should be a community effort. 10,000 Federal workers now on Island doing a fantastic job.” http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/09/30/trump-fires-back-at-puerto-rico-mayor-accuses-her-poor-leadership.html I'm no social justice warrior, I am a veteran, who has friends buried in San Juan who were killed in combat. Puerto Rico is AMERICAN. That's all we need to know, just like Florida, Texas, Louisiana, North Carolina and any number of states that get federal aid during a disaster. I don't toss race around, most time it's a personality issue rather than out right prejudice. But man, not a comforting word. Only political rhetoric when we need leadership.
  4. I don't think there is "yet" an all inclusive breakdown. I've been reading up on everything before the huricace so the bias is less noticible. 2017 debt "including pensions" Florida 124.9 billion Texas 369.2 billion Puerto Rico 123 billion Of couse population differences and the fact that Puerto Rico has no representation in the house and Senate make the numbers a little out of the realm of accurate comparison but the President seems to think it's OK to punish AMERICANS over the local governments inability to bring money onto the island. Side note, the president just found out PR is an island, surrounded by water, big water, ocean water...
  5. Is the president's current strategy of putin down Puerto Ricans working with his voters? Does calling out the mayor of San Juan sound productive? They are AMERICANS! He brought up their debt as he was talking relief. Where was the money talk when Texas and Florida needed money? Both states owe more money than Puerto Rico but Trump had no issues declaring a state of emergency without lambasting their financial issues. Did Trump know Puerto Rico is an American teratory? Is he covering his shitty tweets with this "debt crusade" to cover for no knowing millions of Americans are on that island? He said it himself, he loves debt...
  6. Took my 10/22 out the other day. It has a TRS25 and a discontinued ATI folder (squirrel back packer for hunting out of the trees in NC) and was ringing steel at 225y. The public range in Albuquerque is fuckin awesome. Its out doors, simple enough rules and the guys who work there are pretty cool. Was going to take my Savage model 10 7mm rem mag and stretch it's legs but my shoulders tell me what to shoot.lol
  7. Why did he even bring it up? He wasn't implicated in ANYTHING publicly. Was he approached by an investigator? Did he think he needed to make it public in an attempt to soften public sentiment? It doesn't make sense for someone to just spill this sort of thing. I don't want our president to be prosecuted. NO ONE does, but it looks like his namesake is determined to ruin some credibility. I can't imagine a scenario where this is a revelation that clears anything up.
  8. Junior doubled down. He must want daddy out of a job. They just can't be that stupid. Don't these guys have lawyers? I just don't see that meeting, from his own words, how he wasn't trying to get info from someone he was told was a foreign agent and is passed that the talks were really about adoption treaties. He went there to get damaging info from a foreign government. Info his dad ASKED for in public on camera. I don't think there was a big collusion between Putin and trump. Not yet. Investagators rarely leak the deep dirt. They normally save the bombs for court...
  9. Conspiracy is serious. He must be trying to get his dad in trouble. Remember the Obammaites argument for everything? Bush, this, Bush that, Bush blah blah. Obama never in his 8 years did a single fucking thing wrong. It was all Bush. Now Trumpites are bullshitting with "BUT CLINTON, OBAMA, ANYTHING OTHER THAN THE TRUTH". There is a problem with JR having a clearance and access to ANYTHING related to national security because he admitted to something that warrants an immediate suspension and review at the very least. Their security manager must be living on Xanax...
  10. Dude, it's hard to keep a conversation going when FORMER PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE and LOSER keeps being used as permission for Trump to do what ever he wants. I make it clear, I hold them ALL accountable and if she comes out as a Russian pawn I'll be all over it. But since she isn't the US government and Trump is then we should stay on target. Asside from the overwhelming evidence Clinton lost, and isn't effecting US policy, at a minimum three people need their clearences revoked. I saw people hung by their butts for leaving a Secret hard drive on top of the safe in a room that is in a room in a room. All with 24 your manning and 4 layers of security. That was a he'll worthy offense. People lose a clearance if the forget to disclose a ticket. These fuckers are playing with national security and the flat out LIED on their SF86. Forget how much you love the person you voted for. As stupid as loving or being loyal to a person and not your country may sound, when it's the other guy, when you are blindly loyal to a corperation, which political parties are, then you give them your voice and more importantly you integrity...
  11. Fox news put this out. He is going on Hannity to talk about it, You think he is pissed that his dad treated his mom like a whore and is getting back at him? The two Donalds didn't talk for a year over some bad blood. Either way, seems like it was going to break so he got out ahead of it. I'll bet there are recordings of all these meetings that didn't happen and someone with a Russian accent is talking to the press with proof.
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