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  1. At least pence is a Republican and Ryan gets the seat he lost a few years ago. But God damn, I hate the idea that two people forgot to tell him they were foreign agents. Flynn just registered as a foreign agent, Manafort will soon have to I'm sure and he RAN the campeign. Comey fucked up. He has to just come clean but he's just like the rest of them.
  2. Now is the time to pay attention. I watched the hearing (nope, nothing better to and saw some interesting phrasing and word play. I think if these hearings were had before the election it could have cause riots. It would have looked like Obama was openly swaying the election. Now, if Rep Nunez is correct, a firebomb is coming. He has what he says is incidentally collected personal communications from Trump that were found in another investigation into Russian money londering outfits that were listened in on in Trump tower through FISC warrants. If he's blowing smoke he is fooked. But he is headed o Washington to show he folks in cage and he says it's "bad". I Don take these guys word as truth, but he has something. Shit, it cold squash this whole mess...
  3. It looks like Comey fucked up. He admitted he and the rest of the world thought hillary was a sure thing. This means something. He was airing all the "nothing to see here" emails so the new President wouldn't be bogged down with an investigation. November 21 2016 must have been a day of full on panic. He now had an investigation, a REAL investigation looking into an elected presidents ties to foreign agencies and a possible collusion. I think he bet on the wrong horse and is going to have some really interesting shit to say about former and current Trump administration officials. He has had people looking into this for some time. I think Trump needs to fire these assholes and start damage controll if he wants an easy life...
  4. Now for a wood pump and stock for some Wolverine nostalgia every so
  5. More and more he sounds unstable. I wish he wouldn't answer every criticism with lies and mad assumptions. No way EVERYONE who voted for him loves the purchase. So far he has tried to destroy our way of life. Now his cronies are taking every dollar they can before this big child blows it for real and they have to go back to the quiet long con...
  6. Now that Trump made himself and anyone who defends his lip flapping look like absolute fools, will anyone admit the mistake they made hiring a conspiricy theorist? Still waiting on Obamas secret Kenyan birth, Trump had PROOF.LOL How about proof that millions of people (he said 3 to 5 million) who voted illegally? In the race his crazy ass won no less! He said "next week" and its been a month and a half. Does he get a pass from the trumpetts? Are they redefining the term American Conservative? Are the republicans going to be the party of lies? If so, things fucking changed in the last 15 years or so...
  7. Collection meathods are always evolving. Since the dawn of electronic communications our government has been exploiting "holes". How do you think they know who hacked, who talked, who shook hands etc?
  8. Maybe he was pulling attention away from the fact that the repeal and replace bill only changes what they call things and doesn't fix the ACA. It's even called the American Health Care Act. Fuckers use "American and Patriot" when it's going to fuck you...
  9. I am in a strange place here. I want to say "wouldn't surprise me" because the government can be a crooked fucker sometimes. If the hacking of the DNC by the Russians was tied to this ambassador "spy" and he was hanging around trumps house when he was in town it's not unreasonable to think an intellegence agency would want to hear what he was doing in a current presidential candidates private residence or the building that houses the residence. FISC (called FISA in some circles) warrants are not initiated or executed by the executive branch. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, compounded by the Patriot act made having hard proof to collect intell on AMERICANS a thing of the past. If POTUS has proof, if he can prove Obama ordered this "surveillance" the the Justice department, not Twitter, would be the place to lodge a grievance. If he just leaked the FISA warrant he leaked classified info. Being President does give him avanues to address any improper action taken by the Obama admin. Does he want to get fired? Is that why he stopped being fiscally conservative the second he grabbed the pen? Like I said, I don't put it past Obama to try and get dirt for killary, but he was a constitutional lawyer so if he did he did it legally or at least made it look as though it were above board. I don't discount the importance of finding out who Russia was colluding with, and it looks like, if there were a tap on his phone , they found nothing or charges would have sprung up so why would he make this known? Makes him look like a crazy person...
  10. The contradicting statements coming from the white house and state department can't be accidental. The contradictions between the president and his advisors are so stark it must be on purpose. Weather intended or not, the US looks extremely week right now because the new administration is telling everyone everything. No one knows if its policy or campaign jibber jabber, but Trump looks like a bafoon in way over his head and his "people" look like vultures getting what they can and fucking everything up on purpose.
  11. People being burnt out is what he wants. When nothing surprises anyone anymore he can grab what ever is left and no one will want to hear it. We have to keep engaged. Make the whole experiment woth the effort and stop the cleptocracy before we are a third world country with zero allies.
  12. Trump just made a good pick for National security advisor. This is what I'm talking about! H.R. McMaster is one of the smartest people I've ever met. Read up on him and grab any book or paper you can find where he contributed. I hope trump is done paying back favors and gets to the business of hiring smart people to come up with ideas...
  13. I just read this article and I agree with the idea that lower orbit space travel should be a private enterprise. The military charters fleets of civilian aircraft to move countless soldiers around the world. This makes better budget sense than maintaining PAX specific aircraft. It's nice to see some smart reform that can create a booming and lucrative industry that the US is really in a position to dominate for the foreseeable future. Manufacturing, raw material production. An entire logistical industry catering to to space travel and everything associated with making it happen and keeping it running. Trump has a good idea there. Let's keep this up...
  14. So one supporter still clinging to the "make America great again" hat. Trump did in a month what Obama worked on for years. He is looking like an ineffectual puppet who just realized his role. Does anyone still think he was a good idea from the Conservatives perspective? My man is spending millions keeping his wife in NY and living it up in Florida on the weekends, taking pictures with rich assholes and NOT doing any work. Does anyone think any laws have been broken buy either the POTUS or his people with his knowledge? I'm not talking about the glaringly ilegal infomercial for his kids brand, but his dealings with russia and Comey all of a sudden "not discussing such matters" even though he was a chatty Cathy with every little detail of the Clinton probe. Anyone think the allegations that his campaign was in contact with the Russian government are true? Anyone who voted for him going to walk back their support? Are they just as blind, deaf and dumb as Obamas crusaders?