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  1. Bulky and gimmiky. I can handle a bullpup but once you suppress one you'll do what I did and trade it off. My Tavor was fucking awesome but choked me with a gemtech halo on the end of it. An SBR is more practical to me. Plus, I'm over5.56 for the most part.
  2. Yup, but for people who don't dabble in NFA chit it's good news. To be honest, never knew anyone who was busted for shouldering a pistol because most folks I shoot with went the extra step.
  3. It comes down to lawyers, words, definitions of words. Not long ago there was an argument going on about weather a "machine gun barrel on a semi auto weapon" made a machine gun. Since the ATF decided (for parts kits, fucking anti-American NRA) that a machine gun is a machine gun and the barrels had to be chopped up on ANY parts kit coming into the country. Since the position of the "pistol brace" on your body can't change the definition of a term then a brace is a brace and a pistol is a pistol.
  4. I always wondered if I would want that headache. Then I realized, fuck those
  5. People can be nutty. I've been clicking on the SMD tab for a while now and I've never seen what those bags of dicks are gargling about. Shit, Steve gives tons of shit away! To people he is never likely going to see in person. Asking NOTHING in return but for you to enjoy it. People sure can come up with some whoppers...
  6. New letter from the ATF coming tomorrow regarding the shouldering of pistol braces. The ATF is now of the mind that you do NOT make an SBR simply by placing the pistol brace on you shoulder as you fire it.
  7. LT, that's great news! Most people never see their chit again or just don't know where the gun ended up.
  8. Extreme? I love it. Never been called that. Most people deal with bullshit gut fealings. Most people think their gut is right. Most people are stupid. I base my ideas off history and personal experiences. The last time there was a "chemical" attack the GOP tucked their tails when obama wanted to attack. Now it's a good idea? How? Why would anyone want a dumb dumb walking contridiction making these decisions? Days before Cybil launched this attack he was against intervention. Because babies died? Because the way they died wasn't christian? So now the WAY innocent people die matters? Never mind the million dead already, this is Trump pretended to be a nationalist, nationalists voted for him, he intervenes in a conflict where our sovereignty is NOT in jeopardy, millions of real conservatives jump ship. If getting to the facts is extreme then so be it. I am not loyal to ANY club/political party. I am an American who cares, and I call out bullshit...
  9. He is a politician (some of you are blind to that fact) and is nuts at the same time. Big baby trying to change the subject. He's been wrong so far. Trump hasn't told the truth about anything yet so the motivation is likely bull shit. I am not convinced there were Chem weapons.j Why did the first responders and "clean up folk" not use any CPOG? Not even gloves in those "pictures and vids". If the chemical weapons turn out to be unverifiable then, well, will trumpetts call him on it or will it be more excuses like THEY had something to lose. Obama never got this much help from excuse makers. Blows my mind how Conservatives and so called nationalists are into this intervention
  10. These countries we're involved in are TOTALLY different from each other. I deployed to two of them multiple times and the conflicts were nothing like each other. Its not the same and it wasn't necessary. Trump needs a distraction from his utter failure so far so he pulled a trick out of the old bullshitter bag.
  11. He just attacked a sovereign nation without congress. Legal, but the same thing the so called conservitives bitched about with Libia. Trump just started helping ISIS. That fucker is out of his league and I hope someone who knows something is calling the shots. Putin has air bases in Syria. Fighting FOR Assad. Now we're bombing Assad. CLOSE TO WAR WITH RUSSIA.
  12. Once I figured out how to shoot small framed hand guns I was able to really look at them properly. Magazine extensions defeat the purpose for me with a sub compact and smaller hand gun for concealed carry.
  13. I used an on line gear calculator to come up with 411 gears on my 51 to go with 5.60 biased ply tires. I don't remember which one it was but I remember there being quiet a few out there. The car does better than stock now on the highway and since it's the stock 216ci and no race car I don't notice a real difference in take off. New gears and breaks are a must when going to that size in my opinion. I would even want to look into transmission upgrades like shift points and torque converter. I say that but I'm sure I'd find a way to cut a corner or
  14. At least pence is a Republican and Ryan gets the seat he lost a few years ago. But God damn, I hate the idea that two people forgot to tell him they were foreign agents. Flynn just registered as a foreign agent, Manafort will soon have to I'm sure and he RAN the campeign. Comey fucked up. He has to just come clean but he's just like the rest of them.
  15. Now is the time to pay attention. I watched the hearing (nope, nothing better to and saw some interesting phrasing and word play. I think if these hearings were had before the election it could have cause riots. It would have looked like Obama was openly swaying the election. Now, if Rep Nunez is correct, a firebomb is coming. He has what he says is incidentally collected personal communications from Trump that were found in another investigation into Russian money londering outfits that were listened in on in Trump tower through FISC warrants. If he's blowing smoke he is fooked. But he is headed o Washington to show he folks in cage and he says it's "bad". I Don take these guys word as truth, but he has something. Shit, it cold squash this whole mess...