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  1. It was as boring as all the rest. Until the professional cop car burners showed up.
  2. Does anyone remember Trump saying he won't go on vacation? It was a campaign promise...
  3. I prefer head blasted. I do my own duracoat and it makes the prep work a breeze. Manganese phosphate is another finish I like for the same purpose
  4. How easy is it to set up the helix? Does it have provisions for an RTA?
  5. Like him more than Booker. Unless he has a bombshell he is acting like Ted Cruz. Here starts the 2020 race. Booker is going to be the next Clinton...
  6. He isn't afraid to take people on. He doesn't seem to be an actor so I respect him. Some of what I've seen could be seen as party line nonesense but the guy has a solid record...
  7. The irony here. Trump was the face of the fight to prove Obama wasn't qualified to be President. That genius was (or wasnt?) a birther. I have bows on wasn't because his people are downplaying the Donalds role in the whole stupid ordeal. Now that the fuggin FBI, CIA, DIA and that mook Clapper presented him with proof something is and was going on its "I'll be the best job creator God ever created". He did say "putin won't do it again". Admitting the Russian role live on TV. Does it give any of you pause that in two weeks he made his followers look like blindly loyal fools on that matter? Obama and even Bill Clintons political slaves shit on every scrap of evidence proving they were charlatans. The two of them get credit for things that have nothing to do with them like jobs etc. Is Trump going to just get a pass? If so, his loyalists are worse then our last few presidents bands of apoligistic morons...
  8. So, invite press to ask questions. Yell at press for asking questions. Trump invited CNN, then yelled at them for their reporting. Why invite them? To deflect the attention away from something. Trump is really trying to peg his problems on the press. I could understand if there were trove of misquoted Trumpisms of proof of a conspiracy between that reporter and, say, Russia. He called him there to openly chastise a man. A man Trump invited in good faith... That conference was worse than a Baldwin scetch. He was a rambling man for sure...
  9. Trump just admitted it was russia who did the hacking. Not two weeks ago he said he had PROOF russia had nothing to do with it. He never came through with his tweet to have a press conference lining out who actually cracked into both, but only leaked one sides sewer. This is an admittance from the man himself. That makes him a liar at least. Where was this proof he tweeted about? Why no big twitter war with Putin? This is the"phone call about out Putin" scenerio the NEOCONSERVATIVES were so worried about 4, 8, 12 years ago. Trump, so far bitched out like a liberal...
  10. Never said I wanted a war, but avoiding the topic, the topic of espionage on the highest level, because you are afraid of a war is not only a lefty way of mind but chickenshit. The Lefty pussies in the media are avoiding the question because they are afraid. Don't tell me the right is pussing out now...
  11. Brother, Bush took us to war with less intelligence
  12. I get it. I just can't take the hypocrisy from the so-called conservitives. Fuck the party bullshit. There is merit in these accusations. You know what happens to a little piss ant when a hostile entity has dirt on them. Imagine a narcissistic like Trump who has no fucking impulse controll being blackmailed? The sky is the limit...
  13. Now, Trump has never NOT reacted instantly to any perceived attack. Be it from a hack talk show host or a world leader. My man got this brief more than a week ago. Why did he not instantly slam it on twitter? He knew too many people had intimate knowledge to think it would stay under wraps...
  14. More like it. The MI6 cat who was hired by THE REPUBLICAN PARTY to dig up dirt did just that. The man's record is pretty solid. Information has no loyalty. Information has no soul. Information is just words. What you do with the information lines up your loyalties. The Republican party were out to smash trump. They wanted dirt and they got it. Now that he leads their party they are pretending our intell assets are feable. N8, you of all people knows there is no way the whole comunity including Comey would bring this up with no fact base.
  15. At least the Golden one uses twitter. This way his lies are indisputable I guess. But will it matter? Trumpetts are EXACTLY like the Obozos. This fool will do no wrong in their eyes...