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  1. I always wondered if I would want that headache. Then I realized, fuck those vatos.lol
  2. People can be nutty. I've been clicking on the SMD tab for a while now and I've never seen what those bags of dicks are gargling about. Shit, Steve gives tons of shit away! To people he is never likely going to see in person. Asking NOTHING in return but for you to enjoy it. People sure can come up with some whoppers...
  3. Oakland Athletics Best world series in a very long time. To the World Champion Cubs!
  4. Huge leap right here. Watch out for fire hazard knock offs. I can't wait to use them in my house and truck...
  5. Bro, that would be awesome. Can't wait to see how they do. I can never decide what to do untill I do it and this sounds interesting. What are the dimensions?
  6. Great tools. I have been filling my boxes with snap on for about 10 years and I don't regret spending any of the money.
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