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  1. The string idea should have come to me, thanks. I can't wait for the weekend so I can fail at this with a full right up + pics.
  2. I have ability, I just need to see if there is room. How do I measure for a belt? do I need an extra idler pully?
  3. That sounds like a great idea. Would this work an any vehicle? I'll bet I could get a good alt from a pick and pull for next to nothing.
  4. in school we had to qualify at 1,000m but I was talking "real world". On the range there is no stress, conditions are usually pretty good and no one is trying to kill you. The only time some one is going to fire a shot up to a mile is either in a mountanous or flat area. In a city the conditions dictate the shot, not the range of the weapon. And even with the .50 1,000y is far. fuckin wind, baro pressure etc comes into play. And I don't take offense, I just didn't explain my self. That and I didn't see the vid. That shit is blocked at work. Why the BS flag?
  5. same here, I picked up a motorcycle lift thay was on sale and the first time I used it it was great, the second time it earned a spot at the curb. Save a little and get a quallity tool you can rely on.
  6. Dish soap FTW! The reason people don't use it on their cars is because it removes wax. This and a tooth brush will get it off.
  7. 1,000 yards is a long damn way! The farthest I have ever reached out and touched something was from around 700m. Even with the Barrett .50 it was a tricky shot. I have seen people do it, but damn.
  8. We got a bunch of those for our M9's a few years back and the "cool factor" was high, but they DO NOT add to your accuracy. Good old fashioned practice is all you need. That or maybe some instruction. My biggest problem with them was actualy trying to use the lazer on a point target. You don't realize how much your pistil moves untill there is a lazer on the target. I mean you are trying to hold it steady and are on the target too long trying to steady it which never happened. The lazer bounces all over the place. With a pistol, speed is just as important as accuracy and the lazer grip gave me neither. Hope this helps. oh yeah, my vote is nay.
  9. that Kenwood KFC 5.25 2way is a pair right? ttt for some great prices!
  10. I'll tell you what, sell his shit and thank him for getting rid of those fried subs. Sucks about the box and drill though. What's the tag going to be on the subs?
  11. The more work I see on this site the less inclined I am to post any work I am going to do!lol These guys are just bad ass.
  12. This site has everything! My next system is going to be bad ass! I am going to get the Jasper Jig on payday!
  13. I guess I have time to introduce my self. I am from New Mexico (yes there is a new one) and have been in the Army for close to 11 years. I found this site some how a few months ago and finaly registered. I have always been a "bass head" and have had some pretty funny systems. I am stationed at Ft Bragg (again) and just bought a house in Sanford, NC. I haven't had much time these past few years to work on anything signifacant (lots-o-shit happening around the world) but that is about to change. I get to take a little brake from the fun stuff and will have some time on my hands. Now I just need the funds!lol My current "equipment isn't much. I put 2 Alpine cheap-o 10"s in the wifes car with an Alpine MRVT320. It was a quick install to stop the nagging.lol I have a Directed 1500d and a 15" Type R I got on the cheap brand new(real fuckin cheap, but not stolen). Now I have to figure out where to put the 15".
  14. Have I seen you in a car forum before? I think I remember that sub. Good luck on the sale...ttt
  15. x3, I have a bunch of Dewalt (like 8 different 18v tools) and they are tough. The bitch is the batts are like $90.00 but they last forever if you know how to maintain them; don't over charge them or leave them in the charger etc.
  16. Seeing bad ass builds like this makes the wife nervous! All she can say is "I hope you don't want to do all that right now". I lie and tell her she has nothing to worry about. Great work man.
  17. I had X-copy years ago, but you needed to go to their site to activate it and it has been down for a few years. I use dvd shrink now and I think download.com has it for free.
  18. Nice, I have a couple I scored on a trade. I won't see them until I get my house hold goods (Army, just moved/ am moving), but when I do in a couple of weeks I may put one or two up for a great deal.
  19. you can also get 4/0 for $4.60 a foot. Not friggin bad, dig around the sight a little. Not much there, but with the price of copper being so retarded this is a must see. And no, I don't work for them, I was effing around and found it.
  20. I'm not sure if it is like speaker wire, but I'm sure it can be separated without fuckin' it up if it is. I still think it's one hell of a deal.
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