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  1. I always wondered if I would want that headache. Then I realized, fuck those vatos.lol
  2. People can be nutty. I've been clicking on the SMD tab for a while now and I've never seen what those bags of dicks are gargling about. Shit, Steve gives tons of shit away! To people he is never likely going to see in person. Asking NOTHING in return but for you to enjoy it. People sure can come up with some whoppers...
  3. Oakland Athletics Best world series in a very long time. To the World Champion Cubs!
  4. Huge leap right here. Watch out for fire hazard knock offs. I can't wait to use them in my house and truck...
  5. Bro, that would be awesome. Can't wait to see how they do. I can never decide what to do untill I do it and this sounds interesting. What are the dimensions?
  6. Great tools. I have been filling my boxes with snap on for about 10 years and I don't regret spending any of the money.
  7. Hmm, makes me want to take a closer look under the back seat of my 00 super duty. I am putting 2 sa8v2 between the front seats in a box I made for a car I sold.lol It's temporary to see how I like the bass coming from there. I may take a shot at something like this in the near future...
  8. I saw the video on youtube. I can't wait to see people do some big builds with those things!
  9. Wit it. Been in and out (lol) a few times recently and its always a bad day. Quick recovery...
  10. I do the same with gun builds. I keep saying I want to film myself building an AK but the camera is always the last thing on my mind.lol
  11. I am a solo gig for the most part and once I get going I forget all about pictures but I'll try to remember this time. It's a big ass roof man.lol
  12. Going after the roof soon on mine. Looks pretty easy to get the headliner down...
  13. I just looked under the carpet of my 2000 f350 super duty dually and it has some solid factory deadener. I'm going to have the seats out tomorrow and figured I would deaden it all while I was under there. Is there any advantage to going overy the factory thick as hell putty looking stuff with damp pro?
  14. I have a feal in we are gonna see more of them out there. Shit, I would love to have a couple...
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