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  1. old? I will be 32 on the 13th and I am still kickin!You are as old as you feel, or lie to your self about.
  2. I could use about 20' or so. Did you pick it up?
  3. I wish I could order about 12' of it. I have no need for 50 miles for 50 bucks!lol
  4. lear, snuggtop, canopy west. Look up brand names.
  5. Would you ship something like that to NC?
  6. What interface? SATA, PATA/IDE? For a desk top or lap top.
  7. What dick head could possibly have a bad thing to say about SMD? This is the most focused forum I have ever been on. The level of expertise is unmatched. Sorry to go off topic, but damn, why would they?
  8. Now to figure out how to get one of these in a Hyundai Elantra and keep the back seat!
  9. I had a pretty easy time. The last couple of times I was deployed. NC does pretty goog.
  10. So no new hats or shirts? That new logo would be tits! If you do a new line I want a discount for coming up with it!lol
  11. I have two laptops just collecting dust! Where are the nerds when you need them!
  12. It is the best solution for keeping you batteries fresh while in storage, I just don't need it. I know someone does.
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