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  1. I used a ten speed rim. The ratio is pretty sick and it spun damn fast. I didn't put the dmm on it but it worked untill I gave the alt awa a few weeks later. I didn't McGuyver this on my own, I saw an old man using the same basic idea to power an 8 track in his shed. It works man.
  2. Get an old bike wheel and an alternator. Rig the wheel like a wind mill. Fix the alt so the pully lines up with the wheel. Make a "fan belt" and connect the wheel to tha alt. Place in windy spot and make sure it spins. If it does you just simulated the conditions under you hood. Stop it from spinning for a second, connect your battery "+ to +, - to -". And let it go for a while. I have done this to power a radio for shits and giggles. If the Alt isn't internally regulated then of course you will need the correct regulator. No shit this will charge your battery without much effort.
  3. Dude, if they are the correct length for the diamater and the box was built for the prots, then get ready to bump. There will be a huge difference if everything is built right.
  4. I sold him a DMM and he payed right away. Man of his word right here. Pleasure to deal with.
  5. I payed him one day and had the sub the next, it was just as described. I would buy from him again.
  6. Fish, from what I am seeing, all I need is some pvc or sanotube. Sub in one end and nothing on the other? How do I figure out how long to cut the tube?
  7. I still can't figure it out. Buggin' the shit out of me!
  8. so how do I figure the length for an Alpine type E 10"? Once I figure this out, I'll bet you I end up building 50 of them for my Army bro's.
  9. So the end of the tube is open? If that is so I will build one tomorrow.
  10. I am eventually going to build something like this for my garage, and run it from my reciever. That's why I said I didn't know how to build a cross over. I want to do one for the car, but I am short on space. I do have a Sundown E8 but that is going in a center console in my pickup.
  11. If I wasn't so damn stupid, I would have time to build one, but I have two others to finish before I dive in.
  12. Man, if practicallity ever entered any of our heads this site would not exist and we would all be drooling over our High-FI 8 track players!lol
  13. I recently put together a 478 for my kids. I scored a Prescot for zero dollars as well as 4gb of ram. Cost me about $150.00 (case and a mobo I picked up years ago and never used). It can run pretty fast if you fuck with it. Looks cool man. You should cut a window out of the side and install some LED's.
  14. that el-pipo looks pretty damned easy to do. If I could figure out how the hell to build my own cross over I would give it a try. I may be able to use a sub amp from parts express... hmm.
  15. are there any settings I need to change? All of these computers were on the net in the old house, and the wife got with costomer service about hers, but they won't help with the router.
  16. I tried that. I set the dns deal to auto detect, I did all kinds of crap and it doesn't work. We have 4 computers in the house and only one on the net. Talk about frustrating.
  17. I recently moved into my new house and am having issues getting all but one computer on the internet. I can see and log into my network, but no internet. Any ideas/advise.
  18. which direction? I could go for a ride on the bike and swoop some up if it's not too far from the house.
  19. $125.00 shipped. That is half price, and I never even plugged it in. I am trying to raise funds for a head unit. Gotta get rid of the cassette player in the truck.
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