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  1. The first show at NAPA back in May was huge! Expect this one to be even bigger!
  2. 2 more days until the show! Hoping the Cavy is ready. Would hate to miss a competition we are hosting!
  3. May 14th. NAPA DC 2222 E Doulas Des Moines, Ia Aug 6th same place is another. May 15th Waterloo is another. As mentioned, check out mwspl.com for more
  4. Will be doing the S.L.A.M. class at this event. Carshow class!
  5. Less than a month until this show! Sounds like it should be a good sized one! Last year's NAPA show had a lot of Local entries, looking forward to the same this year! Sounds like quite a few National competitors at this one as well! Free lunch at the NAPA shows as well! First 25 Competitors to register at the Event will receive a door prize! Special pricing that day on Car Audio related Tools and Product!
  6. There is an actual base under the glass with the center cut out for the glass. The sides are attached to this. Port work is about finished so should have the sub installed some time this week.
  7. 1997 Cavalier 2 door 18" SSA Xcon 155amp HO Napa Power Supreme alt 1 run 2/0 Phillips Industries wire Hifonics Brutus 2608d (for now) Alpine CDA-9886 Cadence mids/Phoneix Gold tweeters RF Punch 150HD mid/high amp 8 ft^3 tuned to 34.5hz
  8. Getting ready for a new build. Willing to listen to some tips for sure! Especially if they are going to help me beat you!
  9. Scored a 131.5 in MWSpl's Xtreme 3 class. Mic placed 13" outside of passenger side window.
  10. http://www.highcurrentspl.com/biography.html Looks like a guy with a term lab that does shows with no hosting cost. Seems to be a couple of events coming up, wonder if anyone is going to check them out.
  11. I have seen it happen a time or two...but I have been in a thread where people could have bashed me, but instead they were very helpful and worked with me on a build one time. I overlooked something and instead of being jerks about it, they pointed out why I was wrong over and over again until I saw it! I see the helpful, non asshole posts more than the negative ones.
  12. You probably should have called the District Manager or HR manager on this one. Now it may be a bit too late seeing as you threatened him...but may be something to keep in mind at the next job. Unless I have documentation, repeated documentation for failure to carry out job responsibilities and support from my HR manager or DM, there is little chance I could just demote someone.
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