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  1. Spx5.25" - 2.36" mounting depth.Spx6.5" - 2.64" mounting depth. Hope that helps bud. Nice! Just shallow enough to fit in my doors.
  2. Ya I'm looking for the post I found from Jacob. I think those were the specs he was running on the one they built. Thanks for the advice, I'll post the info if I can find it.
  3. I have a 2013 accord coupe and wanted to do a 4th order with my 2 8's. I wanted to try out the new x12 but don't think I have enough room in the trunk. So I found a post when I searched that suggested .5 sealed and 1 ported with like 50hz tune. Has anyone played around with 4th orders and the sa8v2s? Any help would be appreciated. I will be running saz1200 at 1ohm. Goal is best sounding and response I can get.
  4. Me too, trying to pick up a saz4500 and some batts first. Then I'll cramp 6 of them in the back of my truck and see how it does.
  5. I have 4 running off a sax-1200d. I'm guessing they are seeing right around 350-400 a piece. I have the amp running at 0.5 ohm load. I can't wait to double up the power when I get some extra cash.
  6. They really sound damn good on any music. I really like how the sundown subs sound. I eventually want to try the zv3s and the nsv3. I don't do competitions so I'm not to worried about numbers just how it sounds. I'm not sure if these can take 1200rms a piece daily but I'm sure they would sound great with 700-850ish as long as you built the right sized enclosure.
  7. Thanks for checking it out. I'm gonna put some more power to them for a bit then most likely move on to some z12's or nsv3 12's when they come out. I'll try to get some pics of the somewhat finished build in the next couple days. I'll probably try and trade my door panels or get some more from the junk yard to change things up a bit. Everything really does sound pretty damn good in person though for having all my setting set flat right now.
  8. I wanted to play around with these 8's so I grabbed 4 of them. I have them running on a sax-1200d. I know they can take a lot more power but I don't have a bigger amp right now. I also did a distance test on my doors running on a sundown 200.4. It's been a long time since I posted any videos on here so bare with me. distance test http:// tried doing a t shirt trick on 1200watts.... Don't think it did to bad. It's definitely not anything super exciting but figured I would show what the 8's could do without putting 800rms a piece to them. Next will be a bigger amp to see what these things can really do.
  9. Mine did the same thing in my s10. I just unplugged it and tucked the wire into the headliner. Problem solved.
  10. What makes the other processors better ? I guess I was under the impression the 360.3 was one of the best out there. I'm not familiar with any processors except the audio control dqxs I used to have. Do the others do something that the 360 doesn't? Are they just made with better internals? Please explain since you have the experience over me. I put my processor and cd player purchase on hold and bought 4 sa8v2's. I appreciate the help because if one of those others are better then I will get that.
  11. Rolex man you should check out busse if you do any hiking or camping and want the best for hard use. They are a little pricey but it will last longer then you will be alive. They only carry a few models at a time but you can get older models brand new or used in the FS section of busse combat knife on blade forums.com. Definatley the best all around steel of there IMO. Scrap yards are great too and much cheaper.
  12. I like Busse, swamp rat, and scrap yard knives. Busse is one of if not the most bullet proof knives in the world by far. Only brand of knife I will ever take with me if I need 200% reliability. They don't make folders though so spyderco, benchmade, sebenza are all quality folders. I'll carry kershaw or gerbers as throw always not saying they are bad just cheaper so it's not a big deal if I lose it.
  13. Great seller, great communication, would do business with him again anytime.
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