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  1. Ive always had a soft spot for the honda...looks great unk! Cant wait till I can come get a demo of it again
  2. That van is brutal...leaves my head all kinds of fucked everytime I've heard it
  3. Looks awesome! Ill take a couple for my doors...looks like I need to make a reno trip when there done
  4. I'd be hiding a body that's for damn sure. Completely unacceptable and unnecessary. Nothing like showing the younger members of society that cops are "safe"
  5. Was wondering when this was gonna happen...lex keeps getting better and better. I loved the mechman alt I had before the massive mechanical failure
  6. Good stuff, I love sonic Electronix...ordered so much equipment through them and never been dissapointed. Awesome giving away a couple to some members unk..just another thing that makes this the best site
  7. The one time I was to lazy to wash my truck I took it to a place in woodland, this chick that looks like the batman aurora guy gets in to clean the windshield and goes to peel it off, I lost my shit, got a free car wash and im assuming a apology in some language I didn't know existed. Same sticker from my first show like 4 years ago lol....don't fuck with the sticker
  8. That's awesome! It pisses me off so much for some reason when I go to the movies are something and I have a one on my windshield in a Punjabi language. Only thing I want on my windshield are some chicks footprints and the termlab sticker
  9. It varies between 4-12" longer depending on which gen the suburban is. Excursions were made from 00-05 with 2 different gas engine options and a switch from the 7.3l to the 6.0l diesel in 03
  10. A quick google check can show you that the excursion is longer than the suburban
  11. Excursion hands down, didn't get the name of king of suv's for no reason
  12. Jump on it now before it gets worse! I have 2 bulging discs, 2 ruptured disc a cyst inbetween my vertebrae's and completely pinched off nerves. Its been going on 2 years now and constant pain every day and it could have been avoided if I got it fixed (im sure lifting the atm machine didn't help my back either). Just some advice, I havnt been able to compete in over a year, hell I can't even lift a amp into my truck. Hope you feel better man, back pain is awful
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