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  1. Congrats man a good looking unit!! Wait until you get the itch for a full coach RV, everything has a starting point haha
  2. Nice looking truck man! Those lariats are great! Price was a shock though, I guess I haven't looked at trucks in a while and they're $50k now
  3. I don't know if you have any extra ring terminals/wire, but have you thought about doing a video on a test where you cut through a terminal that was crimped with the hydraulic crimper? I've seen photos where those crimpers basically fuse the strands and the terminal into a solid piece of copper. Looks awesome and clean on the build btw!
  4. I've heard at the million sub mark they give out a gold play button, hadn't heard of the silver one, but sick congrats!!!
  5. They are along the line of grados, for the price range these are just a little more crisp and clear than the grados since they are planar magnetic, I was comparing these to the GS1000i before I bought them. The grados still sound great though
  6. It's an interesting device, I'm usually a first day adopter of Apple's tech but I sat this one out since I'd like to see a little spec bump on it. None the less congrats, and hope you enjoy it, it looks great!
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