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  1. Ah man I got a buddy that could use a sub, my cars are all set, but I'd pass it on and throw in one of my boneyard amps! Tucson, AZ
  2. Name: BMW 335i (2011) Date Added: ÚTE_ADDED% Owner: bumonskateboard6 Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  3. Fuse for the wire you use not the amp you use, check the rating of the wire you use. By not fusing you're not risking blowing an amp as much as you're risking burning down your car. I also took a quick look at your build and you're going to want to fuse after the front battery and fuse before the rear battery. Along with that I'd suggest fuses over circuit breakers, simply because a lot of the circuit breakers out there are cheaply made, cheap fuses > cheap circuit breaker.
  4. Congrats man a good looking unit!! Wait until you get the itch for a full coach RV, everything has a starting point haha
  5. Nice looking truck man! Those lariats are great! Price was a shock though, I guess I haven't looked at trucks in a while and they're $50k now
  6. Thank you! Thanks man, the wiring is Knukonceptz 4 gauge OFC, it's about a 20 inch run and is likely overkill, but good stuff! Thanks! Small, but good enough...for now doors and stock subs might get some upgrades Thank you! I'm starting to love this one, thing is ridiculous compared to my Acura Tl speed-wise!
  7. Stock battery ground in the trunk is convenient Running along stock wiring FTW That feeling when everything works on the first try Sub box bolted in place. Didn't get pictures but essentially I poked small holes in the carpet and ran metal strapping across the back of the carpet for rigidity/strength then rubber gasket/washer/nut inside the box. Full CF sub cause if I'm only doing 1 sub might as well be pretty Installed floor out Installed floor in
  8. Picked up a new (to me) car last month and couldn't make it a month with just a stock stereo. I didn't want to cut up the car since it's so new, and I didn't want to throw a ton of weight in the trunk or lose the ability to use the trunk for storage. Cleanness was also the name of the game for this install, it's not crazy clean, but good enough for me Solution I came up with: DC LVL 3 12" with full carbon fiber package (for looks only, I know) Hertz HDP1 Amplifier Custom harness built for a LOC Knukonceptz RCA/power/speaker wire Fiberglass box roughly 1 cubic foot First some pics of the car from a trip up a mountain that I did with some bikes 2011 BMW 335i Sedan with BMW's performance edition package (bumps HP and Torque by roughly 30 each through a computer tune) Now onto the Install: Finding a place to put the amp Harness and LOC into stock amp "Industrial strength" velcro, it seriously is ridiculously strong for velcro Amp positioned good enough without having to cut stuff and I still have access to everything Running wires 16 ton hydraulic crimp is on there forever Fuse holder
  9. I haven't seen you post in Forever X2 And Tucson here OP I still lurk around here from time to time and post randomly, just haven't had much time to post now that I'm not a full time student anymore. I'll have a small build log coming up in the next 2 weeks or so on my new car...then who knows what is in store for the Acura in the future since I still own it, maybe something big
  10. I'm down in Tucson, there's a couple of us around AZ hiding out
  11. I don't know if you have any extra ring terminals/wire, but have you thought about doing a video on a test where you cut through a terminal that was crimped with the hydraulic crimper? I've seen photos where those crimpers basically fuse the strands and the terminal into a solid piece of copper. Looks awesome and clean on the build btw!
  12. Did you pay him through paypal via a bank transfer from your account or through a credit/debit card? You can always call your bank and explain to them what happened, I've found dealing with my bank to be way easier than dealing with paypal when I had a scammer send me fake products once.
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