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  1. I'll see if he will post on here but I doubt someone that competes purely in SQ is going to accept a dirty signal. If there is it is so minimal that it won't be picked up. I'll just let him talk if he come in.
  2. Was told to post this here by keep_hope_alive. If you don't know who he look him up.
  3. Power IC off right? A friend I work with had one and it was clean on a good scope atleast all the way up. He has a killer SQ system so I doubt he'd settle for any distortion in the lines.
  4. I'd assume it only cuts at a 90° angle? I have a design for a box but I'd need the edges cut at an angle to match it all up. If you can accept files I'll get one made and sent to you for a little speaker box idea I have. I can cut the angles once I get it if it's not able to cut them. Very lucky to have this. Hope to see some bad ass projects. I like
  5. Sonic is not authorized to sell from what I remember. That's why. They cracked down on them to stop carrying their product.
  6. Depending on how much the motor has changed just get them from a scrap yard off a late 90s Dakota. Has the 318 v8 magnum if the mounts and stuff are the same. Never had to do it but that's my thoughts
  7. Take one of the screws with I to a hardware store. Most have a nut and size guide u can match it to and get however many u need.
  8. Goodluck to everyone! Could definitely use it in my new to me vehicle I'll hopefully have in march.
  9. Picked up his Corsair H80i liquid cooler system from him. He was quick to respond, quick to ship, very helpful, and very reasonable on price. Definitely would do business with again and recommend to others.
  10. I'm on mobile so that might be why I don't see that but damn. I've got a small order this time around but it's all cosmetic stuff for the most part. So it's only like a $40 order
  11. so how do we actually use them? im not seeing an option to and my email says to check sonicbux as the credit type. is there a minimum or something? my email didnt say anything about a minimum either.
  12. Could you do a handle on them? I know its probably not a concern but dealing with the 36v and 48v forks ay work I hate grabbing the plastic area. Always use the handles or hold back farther on the wire just incase so I dont get shocked. Love the connections though. Much better than the jaws.
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