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  1. Ok. My two that I've chosen are the LG 43uh6030 And the Samsung un40ku6290fxza Think I should get a soundbar or are they a waste? If so recommend one that's $150 or less.
  2. So who has the better smart features? Lg or Samsung. I was drawn to vizio with the Chromecast. Seemed nice.
  3. Looked, can't afford OLED or hdr. Are either of those required? As of now I was eyeing the vizio with 240hz refresh. Chrome cast built in. 48" 4k at best buy. E series.
  4. Would I be better off buying a 1080 OLED display if I can find one? Should I be looking for hdr? 60,120,240 hz refresh? I'm cheap tho. Like $500 max, should I look for a soundbar or anything to add on?
  5. Me and my gf could both use a new TV. So for black Friday if I can get one I was looking at 4k. I know at $3-500 it's not gonna be great but what features should I be looking for in one? I'd prefer a smart TV. Is HDR worth it yet or not? Chromecast? Is LED the new standard? Was looking at Sony, lg, Samsung, or vizio only. Best buy. Thabks for any help guys. Also. What is a reasonable size for a bedroom now that will eventually be moved to a living room? I'm looking 40-55" now.
  6. I'll see if he will post on here but I doubt someone that competes purely in SQ is going to accept a dirty signal. If there is it is so minimal that it won't be picked up. I'll just let him talk if he come in.
  7. Was told to post this here by keep_hope_alive. If you don't know who he look him up.
  8. Power IC off right? A friend I work with had one and it was clean on a good scope atleast all the way up. He has a killer SQ system so I doubt he'd settle for any distortion in the lines.
  9. I'd assume it only cuts at a 90° angle? I have a design for a box but I'd need the edges cut at an angle to match it all up. If you can accept files I'll get one made and sent to you for a little speaker box idea I have. I can cut the angles once I get it if it's not able to cut them. Very lucky to have this. Hope to see some bad ass projects. I like
  10. So Chevy "probably" has protos out and Mr Mead having 5 built subs are the same thing. Got it.... great point. Another keyboard hero trying to put your nose in something it doesn't belong. I don't know who you are and at no time do I remember calling you into the question I asked. But thanks for making me laugh.... Hahaha!dude just learn to read. If u r on a computer look at the wonderful red or blue tags under his name. I wouldn't be an ass To him if u r smart. Read what Steve said. The site is not up so it is not updated, therefore no sales to public yet, therefore no public info. Reading >>>>>> you.
  11. Goodluck to everyone! Could definitely use it in my new to me vehicle I'll hopefully have in march.
  12. Picked up his Corsair H80i liquid cooler system from him. He was quick to respond, quick to ship, very helpful, and very reasonable on price. Definitely would do business with again and recommend to others.
  13. Looks bad ass. Could you give me a run down of the active balancing and all that? I know how to hook up caps and all but Idk about that stuff. I'm sure some others are wondering too.
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