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  1. This is a question for my brother as he isnt on a forum and i have no clue what to look for in this case. im sure some of you guys can help and maybe recommend me another forum as well for more indepth research. anyways Vehicle: 2008 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali AWD Goals: Slight lift, 2-6", highly driveable as this is a daily driver. Level. Holds its towing and hauling capacity as it is used to haul a car trailer sometimes for some distance. Not cheap but not the best. hes looking around 2-3k installed it sounds like. it has flairs and will be getting new rims and tires probably after this is done. What are some decent brands, places to buy from, shops in the iowa/illinois area along I-80, and things to watch for or that need to be included. it is all the time AWD so do cv axles or pinion angle need to be adjusted at a 4-6" lift? just any general help here would be great and maybe some pics from people who have this truck and how it drives, handles, ease of install, etc Thank you If you need more details please ask
  2. ive wanted to get into mining but have no clue where to start. can someone help me out? running a ryzen 7 system with a rx480 8gb overclocked gpu. system sits idle alot so why not make use of it? can anyone help me out on where to start? like a site, a setup, a group?
  3. so what would you recommend? id like something thats lit at the minimum, mechanical seems to be the only way to go, not sure which key though, the ornata that i posted is a hybrid, not sure how exactly. but its mechamembrane. and media keys are a must. forgot to mention that. i just wish i could find one like this g19 that has the screen but there is just no support there. and besybuy is my preffered place of purchase just cause of warranty. id like to stay under $100 as its a gift to my brother but i will still use it. give me links if you can. if i did razer i considered grabbing the metal keycaps for the wasd keys aswell since those tend to be worn and shiny on most of our keyboards.
  4. Been a long time since ive been on here. but since the ryzen build we have been playing alot of bf1 and some other stuff, well im starting to notice our logitech g19 that has membrane keys i believe is starting to stick and just doesnt respond. i love this keyboard for the screen that displays all the stuff i could want from afterburner such as ram usage, vram usage, clock speeds, temps and core usage. id love to go to mechanical but im not sure what im after to be honest. first things first, is there any other keyboards out there that have a screen like this that can display these stats? if not is there an app you can get on a phone or tablet that is able to display these? i just like to see how these things are sitting at any point and this is wonderful for that. ok the next point, how are razer keyboards? we have everything else razer, i love the software, the feel, and it would be nice to have like all the controls in one program rather than a spread of multiple. hence why i chose to run corsair on a majority of the components and only have the one programs for alot of that the keyboards ive considered so far, all from best buy just incase they break Corsair k55 Razer blackwidow ultimate 2016 Razer Ornata Chroma if anyone has used these and has feedback please let me know. also recommend something else if its that much better than these, no more than $100 please.
  5. so far im still liking waht i see. its not quite what it was hyped up to be and OCing isnt what most were expecting but thats fine by me. the lesser cores may be better for that. while this is a gaming build it may or may not also end up as my rendering station with a progpu add in later on down the road. so the cores are worth it to me in this case. plus its a new socket and wont change every few months which is one gripe i have about intel. there is a new chip and damn near new socket every year with next to no improvements. its just a marketing scheme. not that this wasnt but its definitely an upgrade to me and im an amd fan anyways. if i had the money sure id go intel and nvidia but i dont so this works well for me. corsair did drop the ball on this though. the am4 bracket for their coolers is still a week or more out. kinda pisses me off that these chips were not offered with a cooler seeing as it was a new platform. but its ok. gives me time to work out kinks with the current system before we sell it off. speaking of. i did a price sheet and what is in it i ended up with a rough value of $855 do you think i am insane if i asked $825 or 800 and would let them talk me down to like 700? still a good rig but just a touch outdated. alot of new internals though and still performs well.
  6. well after a slight shipping mishap. it seems the cpu, nvme m.2 ssd and the mb will all be here tomorrow at the end of the day. mb was a week easrly on relase tso thas awesome!. this thing should perform better than what i have now so im really looking forward to it. @audiofanaticz gonna upgrade the turd that was the better version of my 8350? haha. not that ur rig is bad at all but just an idea for something new.
  7. So me and my brother have been closely watching the new AMD Ryzen chips. well we pulled the trigger and are starting the build for it. chips and MB on order but it looks like it will be very promising. hopefully we arent let down but either way it will be a boost to our current system. ill post here as we go since we have some parts already. old computer will be sold for im hoping around $750 to help fund this. along with an alienware m14x laptop. CURRENT SYSTEM CPU: AMD FX-8350 8 core PSU: Corsair AX860i (Swapping for a EVGA 500w) GPU: Sapphire Nitro+ RX-480 8gb VRAM (Swapping to a XFX RX-460 2gb VRAM) MB: ASRock 970 extreme3 r2.0 RAM: Corsair Vengence LP 16GB 1866 DDR3 Cooling: Corsair H80i GT Case: Xigmatek Asgard HDD: Seagate 500gb 7200rpm SSD1: Adata sx900 64gb SSD2: Samsung 850 EVO 250gb Optical: LG DVD R read/burn Fans: mix of corsair and xigmatek 120mm 3 in 2 out and a pci slot blower pulling out OS: Win 10 Pro 64bit NEW BUILD! CPU: AMD Ryzen 1700X 8 Core GPU: Sapphire Nitro+ RX-480 8gb VRAM PSU: Corsair AX860i MB: ASRock X370 Killer SLI/ac (yes built in wifi router it seems) RAM: Corsair Vengence LED DDR4 3000 16GB Cooling: Corsair H115i Case: NZXT S340 Red/Black SSD1: Samsung 960 EVO NVMe as boot and storage SSD2: Samsung 850 EVO as storage Fans: 2 140mm fans on front as intake thru rad, Corsair 120mm and 140mm Air Quiet Series as exhaust, Red LED OS: Win 10 pro 64bit Other: Red LED strip for case lighting, Vibraflex on the case already to kill some rattles and stiffen a few places. lemme know any tips u guys might have or if anyone else is planning on a ryzen build -Cody C.
  8. Well the computer i was having problems with i just got word from the shop that the MOBO is done for... i have a few options. save it and do a new board- asrock 970 extreme3 for $250 total save it and upgrade the board to asrock 970 extreme4 i think it is. ill find out for sure tho. that would be $300 total even tho the board is only $10 more... ill find out on that. part out what i can and save it for a new build based on the AMD Ryzen Chip. if i part it out can someone give me ideas on pricing for FX8350 black edition Corsair H80i gt xigmatek asgard mid tower case corsair vengence lp ddr3 1866 16gb ram idk if id be better off selling it as is after wiping it or piece by piece. just looking for some help here guys. this is not what i wanted to hear at all. thank you.
  9. ended up taking it to the shop. got to the point this morning where it wouldnt boot at all. looks like a fresh install is due. i had win 10. well it wanted to only boot to win 7 and it couldnt find my drives. i took it to the shop and they told it me it was a problem child when i looked it back up. good thing diagnostics were free. thats the hard part now. ill just let them do it and save myself the headache. they had good reviews and this is a new place that isnt my normal repair shop. so i hope all works out. thanks for trying to help guys. seems like it only got worse by sitting there tho. never did get the network issue fixed.
  10. ill try that next. i didnt know what option was going to be best. my final idea is a restore and do everything clean since folders are so messed up and so many copies. drivers probably got deleted or corrupted somewhere but who knows where. if i do a repair which option do u think is best? just repair the problem or a rollback?
  11. the boots are all good now. its the LAN im havinbg a problem with. done everyhting but cany get a connection to establish
  12. so ive been getting more and more into the tech side of things lately. well i made some changed and now have some problems that didnt happen right away. heres what i did the last few days -redid the wiring inside and moved some fans around -changed sata mode to achi instead of ide -enabled samsung rapid mode -disabled samsung rapid mode because it kept causing a bsod -modified dram timings and other small bios settings issue- today at boot it went right into a recovery loop. fixed that, somehow it changed the boot device. so i fixed that. once that loaded it crashed for smasung raper error. ok got it stable enough to disbale that and reboot. bsod aagin for memory management. reset the RAM timings to stock. finally loaded and everyhting. no LAN connection... it is giving a Ethernet cable unplugged error. cable should be good. i was playing bf1 and bf4 for a few hours last night till about 2am and this is all going on at 8am. so what could it be? i just restored bios to defualt settings and making only the smallest changes like boost speeds and achi mode and boot devices. think the lan issue could be driver? bad cable? fried port? what? i just need some help guys. this is starting to be a real pain... i wanna learn tho. system specs- mobo- asrock 970 extreme3 cpu- amd fx8350 8 core gpu- sapphire rx 480 8gb (Am i killing the performance of this having it in a 4x pcie slot?) psu- corsair ax860i cooling- corsair h80i gt ram- corsair venegence lp 16gb dual channel 1866mhz 2 x8gb boot- samsung 850 evo split to boot and storage storage 1- adata sx600 ssd 64gb storage 2- seagate 500gb hdd 7200rpm network- netgear ac1200 r6220 router, cat6 cable, isp provided modem
  13. What kinda stuff needs to stay on c drive? Drivers? Program files? I'm seeing that there might be an unmovable file at the end of the partition so I am trying to work around this now. I got to the point I can change it but I can't modify that drive with how he set it up.
  14. 16 gb 1866 ddr3 few questions then what needs to stay on c drive? how do i delete the partition? i use ccleaner to delete old files and crap, is that one of the better ones to use for cleanups?
  15. heres my issue. when the drives were added and redone alot of crap got moved onto the SSD that i didnt want there. im starting to wonder if it woulf be best just to do a fresh install of windows 10 and get all new drivers and crap as there are mountains of old files and drivers scattered between 3 drives. here is where i am now. im screwed on using the rest of the ssd for games because it is not big enough. the small sd i can put alot of the crap on but still doesnt help me as he formatted the C drive into to big of one. i dont feel that the c drive needs so much room. give it like 100GB as that should be more than enough for any new updates and crap. the other files im not sure what to do with. back up, uninstall, wipe, then reinstall for games and stuff on the drive i want? i have close to 200GB of just game data so thats the issue at this point. my brother is talking about getting another SSD and then we may do the whole wipe and reinstall thing but for now im kinda lost. also, what do you guys think my bottle neck is at this point? is it the MOBO, CPU, GPU? RAM? its just pissing my off that im not able to run these games in ultra at decent fps when i see lesser systems able to run it.
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