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  1. Locks and latches done broke off the tonnuea cover . Driver side mirror all tapped up . Broke off .
  2. Lol yeah alot has happend since 2013. I gave up on the ranger a few years ,then i had got an itch and went all out . I never got it metered. I want to tho . A few local shops telling me sounds like 159 160. On Some songs its really hard to swallow . . There was a compitition in Modesto a few weeks back once i got there i guess u can say i got intimidated and backed out . I I shoulda stayed i was the only pick up truck there with a blo through
  3. Amps cut off after about 40 min. Or so of playing. I turn amp off for a little bit then amp starts playing again. But now amp is on , blue light is lit up i can hear bass very very low from the subs. Very faint bass. Amp os not hot . Any suggestions. BTW I have 3 run of zero from fron to back
  4. Filling in the screw holes and roundin off the edges gettin it ready ro bed liner it Port
  5. [i ÷=r h⁴ttp://i772.photobucket.com/albums/yy2/cmorran40/GOT%20OHMS%20CIVIC/20180715_134248_zpss4xbxury.jpg
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