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  1. Well lol umm. Ok so I went ahead and purchased the tesla style radio for the honda , at first i was ready to send it back fkn thing didnt cone with instructions lol . But did some research and found a video. And now it's all coming together . The only thing i lost was the seat heater there is no button for that option. And it's all plug and play.
  2. silver tweeter ring or black? silver black im digging the silver kinda matches with the db tweets and the center of the fosgates
  3. added some brackets to both the door and panel to help with the weight panel brackets rest on top of door brackets and the screwed
  4. each door has 2 pps4-8s and 2 pps4-6 3/4s and 2 diamond audio MSPRO1ST and 1 DBdrive tweeter up in factory location
  5. took a break from 4th order and started on the front doors , for some reason i cant find the pics from the beginning of the door build. so here is what i have and where i am at with the front
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