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  1. If I didn't see it for myself like others . I would of thought it was a lie. Very nice score on some 6.5 speakers . Love the wife and kid in the mix of things Fam like gets the Win. Your always doing it big anyways. Good people good times.
  2. This may sound dumb. But this hobby isn't for the lazy and have to have it today type thing. I am still in wow your redoing this build. But I also get it. Will be checking back. Looking sick so far. Looking strong.
  3. My bad. Damn dog so good looking I thought he was a she. Them Blue eyes get me. Good looking dog Mr. Meade . Always makes my day when you reply to my post good or bad, big fan right here. Yeah I can be a bone head.
  4. Them blue eye's on baby get me every time. I think she knows the hell you got her out of. I spy one happy pup. Thumps up to you and family. He
  5. Dude , you have a wind tunnel, very sick build. Been eye balling this build since the beginning .
  6. I have 2 have none of this with mine. ^ lol you trolled and I was dumb enough to fall for it.
  7. Lol he going to cry in the car. That was funny. I have no problem with you dude. Most all your post are funny man. My bad it stuck me wrong at the time. Sad thing I'm still crying in the car lol.
  8. No funny found. I see where it could be funny and all. Just wasn't feeling it, this day. I'm going to go cry now. Peace
  9. New Build

    Man that box is clean. Nice system.