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  1. You sir are one smart Son Of A Gun. Oh I have a question for you. Flipping the amp , will that help the amp broad from flexing on wall mounting ? I like the way you think bro. Sounding like I am kissing butt, nah man. You've put in work on this build. I am a shammed I didn't vote for your system in SOTM. I will next time. I was in a big funk and just hit a name I seen around that put in work like you. Yeah I talk to much lol. This is over the dang top.
  2. Oh snap when I saw the passenger door window sound deaden and I went huh ? then I saw the other and went oh lol. I also love them Batterys and those alts. Somebody going to get loud. Will be checking back good start.
  3. When it rain it pours huh ? . Thankful my daughter is alive. But my truck of 19 year was my baby was totaled by a 18 wheeler running her off the road and kept trucking. A total lost . Back to zero .Guess I'm posting because I'm a big cry baby. 

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      Thanks man. I'm in a big catch 22. Being upset and happy my kid came out alive. If she where bigger she would be dead. Happy about her coming out safe. But sad as hell my Truck a total lost. It was in mint condition. Oil change ever 3 thousand miles and everything else, paint was like new too. Just did a ton of fiberglass .Sucks .Oh not a feel sorry thing. It a air out thing. I'm not looking for a hand out . Just need to say that.

    3. deathcards


      that sucks i would cry if i lost my yukon i almost cried when the transmission went out second owner apparently the first one didn't take care of it

    4. 2loud4uboyz
  4. Congrats to you sir , it was a well deserved win for you. Man when I seen all the IA gear goodness you won. I got so jealous. But put myself in check fast because that's not how I roll. So I then realized that you been putting it in the past few years on the Hoe dropping big dimes. Well done. Plus I do like how you got right on it with the newer ride. Sweet.
  5. If I didn't see it for myself like others . I would of thought it was a lie. Very nice score on some 6.5 speakers . Love the wife and kid in the mix of things Fam like gets the Win. Your always doing it big anyways. Good people good times.
  6. This may sound dumb. But this hobby isn't for the lazy and have to have it today type thing. I am still in wow your redoing this build. But I also get it. Will be checking back. Looking sick so far. Looking strong.
  7. My bad. Damn dog so good looking I thought he was a she. Them Blue eyes get me. Good looking dog Mr. Meade . Always makes my day when you reply to my post good or bad, big fan right here. Yeah I can be a bone head.
  8. Them blue eye's on baby get me every time. I think she knows the hell you got her out of. I spy one happy pup. Thumps up to you and family. He