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  1. Man that box is clean. Nice system.
  2. So dope. Freaking love it. Yeah them girls are nice. Be one I'd love to hear . Then when I listen to my own I'd be sick.
  3. Yeah Boy. Ordered mine last night. Can't wait to get it. Also hoping I get a free T-shirt. Mechman Alternators FTW...
  4. Man ole man doing a really clean job on them doors. Can't wait to see what's to come. As said took some balls to cut this ride. But the way he is going it's going to be sweet.
  5. Tell you what that's a good looking dog. Also thumbs up to you and your family taking him end.
  6. Sick . WoW a 6 order with 4 21's . Will be watching and waiting on updates. Oh and them b2 Amps too. Nice Job by the way.
  7. Not thread jacking this thread about weather. I painted (stained ) a 6 foot fence yesterday today I feel like a piece of cooked toast . It's gets HOT . Got to go back at hear in a minute . Also something to be able to cut up and have at it is awesome !!! . My new to me Jeep I can't do that until down the road. Wasn't bashing you. I'll deal with the heat and you deal with the rust.
  8. I do like all them 15's !!! not going to lie. A lot of good things going for this ride. But have to say when I see the salt damage it makes me feel glad I don't ride on snow salted roads in the winter. I also have bought something out of I want it now got to have this , this deal want last long. Not saying you did bad. But the rust makes me feel glad to live in the dirty south. We do get snow and salted roads but no where near what happens up north. I be looking keep posting and working. You and your dad did good on the back quarters . I can see you making this much more killer, I'd like to have something on the level myself. Do Work...
  9. Between the two at hand , I'd go Rockford because there amps for me have always given me clean clear powerful sound. Also, just think out loud, wonder how the ppi 900.4 would do in power range. Say this because I've seen people use them and seem to like them. This is just going off what you listed. But yeah I added the thought of the ppi 900.4. in the mix. Oh sound like your going to be loud one way or the other. Peace
  10. I do have to say those pods came out super clean and yeah they sound clean. Makes me want to do my A 's. Space has been a problem with my newest build . Like how the A//C is going blow on the amp. Nice build.
  11. Lol meant blue is your turn on out. It should help because it has a delay.
  12. Green to deck turn on. Blue is your turn out. How your saying is wrong
  13. Good seeing some updates. But after hearing your building four rides I understand being a little lazy. Well really doesn't sound like your lazy. Glad you found the water damage dude, that sir sucks. But looks like you got her fixed back. The whole loading wall damn man. Sick console , love all the mids and highs going end the beast , makes me so jealous ha ha.
  14. What's that under the deck by the volt meter. LOL a knob after all. Also I am not busting your balls. But it caught my eyes as funny. Keep on jamming man that's what it is all about good times.