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  1. I can tell this system will knock the dust out your brain. Looks really clean and loud. And I see your cat likes to get in the way on the computer too, my cat does the same thing. Man what a nice build.
  2. I love the doors and how you did them. But gezz they look heavy. But i really like them, the mid bass is going to be tight and loud. Door are going to scream to into tomorrow just how I like it.
  3. This "wall " so remines me of some old school sickness . Your laying down one clean strong build. Man ole man I freaking dig it, . I have a wall in my ride myself . But truthfully I think I get 10 mpg and it my daily driver. I got bit bad years ago from the bug Car Audio and have never really recovered . Oh what I need is JY or in the line of , but can't afford them . But One day I will.
  4. This is why I don't live up north ,with the rest of my family. Hate the weather, snow on snow on snow ect. , I love snow , but I only need it to snow one time a year lol. The big plus, People forget how to drive and don't pay attention just like this video shows. The light was RED clear as it was day. What a big dummy. Plus the kicker is salt, rust out your car truck to no tomorrow. Unless you wash it or have something to stop it like under coat or something.
  5. Really nice wood and installer skills, super clean build. Really clean work.
  6. Wow , just so much goodness going down I only can imagine how good this sounds. The back of the unit’s with the etched labeling is over the top. Talk about a some serious upgrade. The running of the wiring is top notch. Beautiful setup.
  7. Just saying because I liked what I seen and how you did it and took your time do so. And used materials I wish I could afford. Really good job. Very clean thumbs up to you.
  8. Ok second skin, I spy peal and seal. Lol. Not bashing seal and peal but. I mean I spy roof tape seal. I spy something anyways like tar leaking out.
  9. Thanks man, I’m back on. The password they gave me is a good one. Lol at me took me forever for it to work. Thanks bro. Oh I don’t have Facebook. I’d differentiatly friend quest you. You are One good dude, you got my respect.. Sorry how stupid I may sound. 

    1. audiofanaticz


      Dont be dissing my password creation expertise, I even had to delete a few because it was about twice as long!! LOL 

    2. 2loud4uboyz
  10. When it rain it pours huh ? . Thankful my daughter is alive. But my truck of 19 year was my baby was totaled by a 18 wheeler running her off the road and kept trucking. A total lost . Back to zero .Guess I'm posting because I'm a big cry baby. 

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    2. 2loud4uboyz


      Thanks man. I'm in a big catch 22. Being upset and happy my kid came out alive. If she where bigger she would be dead. Happy about her coming out safe. But sad as hell my Truck a total lost. It was in mint condition. Oil change ever 3 thousand miles and everything else, paint was like new too. Just did a ton of fiberglass .Sucks .Oh not a feel sorry thing. It a air out thing. I'm not looking for a hand out . Just need to say that.

    3. deathcards


      that sucks i would cry if i lost my yukon i almost cried when the transmission went out second owner apparently the first one didn't take care of it

    4. 2loud4uboyz
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