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  1. 1971 Cutty. Due to Ed not being around . Your not using this amp right?. Well I freaking dig elemental designs. I’ll be glad to give you 3.50fity . Yeah This will sale, nice amp and awesome shape by the way. ‘Playing keep that bad boy. Never know you might change your mine down the road. And be like me regretting. Had a power 1000 and a power 650. I hate myself letting them go. And yeah paid big money. Loved them. Oh Rockfordfogate 90’s joints.
  2. Just saying because I liked what I seen and how you did it and took your time do so. And used materials I wish I could afford. Really good job. Very clean thumbs up to you.
  3. Take screw with you to, Lowe’s or home Depot, even farmer freight or a hardware store. It’s worked for me a many times in a pinch. It worth a try to me. Amazon Is another place to look. I have a xtant 1001d nice clean power, Hope this helps.
  4. Ok second skin, I spy peal and seal. Lol. Not bashing seal and peal but. I mean I spy roof tape seal. I spy something anyways like tar leaking out.
  5. Yeah , your right. There’s way worse things than a sound valuation ticket. I get your point. Guess what I meant was the wife would give me so much grief, that she would want me to pull my system out. And that would be my worse nightmare. Sorry if I trolled your post Walled sonic Just giving you a thumps up and came out looking stupid.
  6. Man this build is so dope. You do good work and pay close attention to deal in your work. Oh and my worse nightmare happened to you a freaking noise valuation ticket.
  7. Thanks man, I’m back on. The password they gave me is a good one. Lol at me took me forever for it to work. Thanks bro. Oh I don’t have Facebook. I’d differentiatly friend quest you. You are One good dude, you got my respect.. Sorry how stupid I may sound. 

    1. audiofanaticz


      Dont be dissing my password creation expertise, I even had to delete a few because it was about twice as long!! LOL 

    2. 2loud4uboyz
  8. You sir are one smart Son Of A Gun. Oh I have a question for you. Flipping the amp , will that help the amp broad from flexing on wall mounting ? I like the way you think bro. Sounding like I am kissing butt, nah man. You've put in work on this build. I am a shammed I didn't vote for your system in SOTM. I will next time. I was in a big funk and just hit a name I seen around that put in work like you. Yeah I talk to much lol. This is over the dang top.
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