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  1. Not to thread jack but what should you look for then
  2. I missed out if it goes through somebody hit me up and ill buy one. Mine died a couple weeks ago
  3. Wow this thread is old. I didn't see the date on the original post.
  4. Can you show me a pic of the harness plug on one of those please. I'm thinking of getting one of these truck but want to know if my alt will work with it.
  5. Red is for starting Yellow is supposedly for car audio, lighting, winch etc. Blue is deep cycle marine
  6. *When shes on her period* They don't shut down the whole amusement park just because the roller coaster 's broke. Thats how your sister likes it too. What do you mean you don't swallow? The girl I had over last night did. Never start any sentence with "Your fucking mother..."
  7. It looks awesome steve. I like the second pic the best. That paint is sick out in the sun
  8. Mine was an eighty amp Not much more than what you got. The ones that had power windows and locks came with a 95 amp.
  9. 1998 Ford ranger stock alt w/o power windows or locks Kicker SX1250.1 Birthsheet said 1470ish watts rms Two kicker L5 15's xstatic batcap 800 in the back Big 3 in 1/0 1 run of 1/0 from front battery to the batcap Batcap grounded to the frame
  10. Sounds good you can use the batt as a distro block
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