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  1. First looking for a 21" death penaly basket. Also looking for a digital designs style oversized smooth finish carbon fiber dust cap.
  2. Trade for amp? Its a planet audio vx 2200. 2253 at 13 volts at 1 ohm. PM me
  3. Had two solo x 12's in my Ford ranger a few years back. Powered off of a memphis 4kw. Loud as hell and kept making the seal around my back window tear and leak. This was before I learned about all of the non mainstream brands. I would never pay what they are asking for those subs these days.
  4. Please post prices or send in pm so I know what I would be looking at
  5. How Much for the stetsom. Shoot me a pm
  6. Pm me a price shipped to 71742
  7. Looking for an amp that will do 2.4-3kwrms or close at 1 ohm. Let me know what you got. Trying to keep the budget down so as much as I'd like to have it stuff like sundown, digital designs, etc. is probably outta my price range.
  8. I tried the e-dead. It took 4 or 5 layers to really be as good as the damplifier pro.
  9. Looking to buy an alt for my 06 trailblazer. Let me know what you got.
  10. Got two AQ 1200's. If you're interested
  11. Can you show me a pic of the harness plug on one of those please. I'm thinking of getting one of these truck but want to know if my alt will work with it.
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